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Fear, PTSD & Your Soul Aura

While I'm a professional psychic-medium who channels Angels-Heaven-God-Spirit Realm, I'm also a survivor of violent crime: murder & physical domestic abuse. Making sense of it all: part of my gift to the world.

If you've experienced severe trauma, you automatically walk around with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The millisecond after trauma hits you, your soul aura cracks. Takes a long time for that crack to mend. PTSD is another word for "crack in your soul aura".

Your aura is what protects you and keeps you balanced, stable, moving through life with ease, connected to your spirit-soul, God, Heaven, Angels and all that is good.

Your soul aura is strong: tough as a diamond yet gentle as a breeze and soft as a feather. Your aura embodies your soul, heart, physical body. Like an impenetrable bubble of protection you carry with you at all times.

Only severe trauma that you personally experience causes a crack in your aura. Violent crime causes a crack. Severe betrayal or severe abandonment causes a crack. Severe head trauma causes a crack. Severe damage to some part of your body (fire, car crash, amputation) causes a soul aura crack.

Grief causes a tiny fissure in your soul aura, but not a crack. Heartbreak doesn't cause a crack in your soul aura. Your heart takes in that wound. Only severe trauma cracks your soul aura. Then you spend years mending it.

When your soul aura cracks, your stable spiritual essence (soul) wobbles. It cries for answers, fears the worst in the present and future, feels unsafe, unprotected and insecure. You walk this Earth "wobbly" not knowing which way is "up or down". Until you get help that makes you feel safe, grounded and reconnected to your spirit and "all that is good" again.

While our Angels, Spirit Guides, God, and Loved Ones want us feeling accomplished, happy, confident and balanced - they recognize the herculean effort required to mend a cracked soul aura. They know mending a crack takes time and good, positive, consistent healing practices.

Good, consistent, healing practices to mend an aura crack:

(1) Take care of your physical body. Plenty of healthy supplements (especially electrolytes). Exercise. Sleep.

(2) Take care of your heart. Only be around people who make you feel safe, good, nurtured. Don't add more drama to your life. Take it easy. Run away from drama or more trauma. Move toward peace, safety, security, goodness, fun.

(3) Use spiritual practices every day for the rest of your life. Even when you feel safe again. Sample spiritual practices: prayer, attending church, reading spiritual tomes like the Torah or Bible, talk to Your Angels & Spirit Guides, talk to your Lost Loved Ones if that applies.

(4) A good PTSD therapist can help. But their help only goes so far. Practice 1-3 above often and forever.

(5) Don't return to the "scene of the crime" where severe trauma happened.

This past weekend, I had an experience that triggered my PTSD. After 10+ years, thought my PTSD was gone, never to return again.

Experienced PTSD (walking around with an aura crack) from 1988-2006 - after the murders of my brother and sister. Used daily consistent, healing practices that the Angels recommended back in 1989 - to stabilize my wobbly aura all those years.

My sister Kara Denise Kelley-Voss. Her wedding day (Sept 1987) 1 year before her death.

My brother Mark Brandon Kelley w/his son. July 1988. 3 weeks before his death.

In 2009, I experienced physical domestic abuse. Returned to "Best Practices" for healing my aura crack (PTSD). Thought my aura was completely mended!

Got a shock this past weekend. Reconnected with someone who physically abused me 10+ years ago. He wanted to show me he's changed, stable, and happy. And face-to-face apologize for his behavior.

Protected myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Met him in public. Prepared a get-away plan if things got bad. Didn't share my heart or soul with him; very cautious. Wanted to hear his story & see his "aura". Hadn't seen him in 9-10 years.

When I first saw him after all these years: Double Trouble. He now looks like the man who killed my brother and sister in 1988. Felt unsafe and nervous the whole time we talked. My soul aura didn't crack again. It got a little wobbly and a thin fog veiled his face as we talked. PTSD fear from both traumas.

He didn't physically hurt me. He acted very weird though. Probably sensed my fear and anxiety. I wasn't completely myself. Feared for my safety at all times - physically, emotionally, spiritually. Triggered my PTSD. History of murders here. 1997 HBO documentary: click here (1 hr video).

Seeing him was wasted time and energy. Helped him. Did not help me. Complex emotions rose to the surface of my heart and soul - that he couldn't release. Only I could - later when I got home and felt safe again. Telling him he resembled my siblings' killer: no need to add more complexity to double-trouble. When I felt safe again, talked to my Angels, Spirit Guides, God and all my family in Heaven. Returned to my "best practices." Grounded & felt safe again.

Killer Jenkins. Taken 1988. He had red hair, strawberry blonde, pale white face. Similar coloring my sister & I have.


Leopards don't change their spots. He's still off-balance.

When PTSD hits you, don't return to scene of the crime. Ever. Unless the police require it immediately after the crime occurred.

Unnecessary to forgive people who commit violent crime against you. You don't need to forgive them or understand them. It's not your job. If you set yourself up to "forgive", you will fail. Why put yourself through that? You'll feel more conflicted.

The person who committed the violent crime may want your forgiveness, understanding and support- to absolve them of years or decades of guilt. To help them along. It is not your job to do that. Forgiving or understanding them will not help you heal. It only ties you to that person again. Why borrow trouble?

You can heal from severe trauma without forgiving them or seeing them again. When a person physically harms you or a Loved One, you don't need to give them any satisfaction or forgiveness. That will not heal your soul nor your heart. No matter what you've been told or heard - revisiting someone who caused you severe trauma is simply dumb. They crossed a line. No need to be "tied to them" in any way. Stay away from them. Practice your Healing Methods.

Fear, PTSD and Your Soul Aura.

You can mend your aura with time and consistent good practices. Bringing you a balanced, good and safe life.

PTSD triggers will pop up - in the strangest places at the strangest times. No matter how protected you feel; how hard you've worked at balance. Take a breath. Stay calm. Walk away if you can.

PTSD-related fear. Fear is the biggest component of PTSD. Feeling unsafe. Don't run to trouble. If there's a lesson you still need to learn, trouble will find you. Don't seek it out. Don't attract it. Don't deliberately return to "scene of crime" to test it. Nine times out of 10: likely to rekindle your fear state; will wobble your aura.

Stay away from people or places that caused your PTSD. You will slide back into minor PTSD - no matter how long ago the trauma happened. It will paralyze you: heart, mind, body, soul. Stay away from that. Not worth testing your aura strength. Whenever you feel unsafe, even just a little bit: have a get-away plan prepared in advance.

Once your aura cracks and PTSD enters, don't return to scene of crime. No matter how long it has been. Move forward into safe areas: safe people, safe surroundings and safe experiences. If you want to test your aura strength, test your courage in a different surrounding with different people than your trauma experience.

One of the many gifts our soul, Angels, Spirit Guides, and God give us: feeling of safety, security and balance. If you've ever had PTSD, focus on those 3 things every day. Move toward safety, security and balance. Sometimes those things require enough effort. Don't over-do it.

Practical Advice from The Spirit Realm-God-Angels-Heaven. Hope it helps you heal your PTSD "aura crack".

--- Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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