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Fear: Your Biggest Threat

So the entire nation appears to be in "lockdown" mode. The motor of the world has stopped - temporarily. Due to an invisible threat: the c-virus. What does my intuition and Angels say? "The fear is bigger than the threat." How often do I get that message? Every day, almost every hour - since c-virus became a household name. Since January or February.

Fear is contagious. And deadly. More deadly than this virus.

Do you remember the last time you were truly afraid? When you felt you might die or get severely injured? This photo, taken in Hawaii 2011, was one of those moments for me.

Zip-lining 1200 feet above earth. I trembled and turned around when the zip-lift rushed toward me. My friend said "stop being afraid! You're going to make me nervous! I'm the one afraid of heights. Not you. You're making me nervous. Stop it!"

He held my hand, looked me straight in the eye and said "You can do this. I'm not afraid. You're the most fearless person I know. Stop it. Just fly." While he said that, the zip guide strapped me in. My mind and heart were so focused on my friend, I didn't notice. Once my friend let my hand go, I was flying. 1200 feet above Earth. It felt amazing. He was right! I think we took King Kong lift one more time after that. It was the last of the 6-8 zip line sequence.

The most recent moment of fear was in 2017. I drove a poorly-packed U-Haul truck from Arizona to Texas - just me and my dog Zoe. The 26-ft truck, plumb full of all my household belongings, kept dove-tailing and shaking. Up and down mountain ranges, curves and even driving 55 mph on straight highway. Couldn't control the truck. Called U-Haul several times. "Something is wrong with truck." It was my third cross-country U-Haul trip. Stopped in El Paso. Another moving company repacked the truck. No problems after that.

The person who re-focused my attention at the King Kong zipline 2011, helped me again in 2017 during that U-Haul trip.

Overall Message? We are all fearless. We just need the right people doing the right things to remind us we are.

Over half the global population is living in fear of this virus. They haven't read the China reports, South Korea reports, Italy reports. In full. I have. All reports, no matter what the media is saying, reveal "insufficient data." China has changed its c-virus reporting several different times since December. To fit whatever message they want to convey. South Korea using China-based "testing" that cannot fully be trusted. South Korean reports include this caveat. Italy's epidemic stems from their population demographic: biggest sector of their population is elderly and the chronically ill. Those most susceptible to any virus. None of the reports conclusively say "c-virus is cause of deaths." None of the reports conclusively say "people contracting c-virus." Doctors are assuming. Without significant and sufficient proof. The WHO is led by non-doctors. That's scary, isn't it?

In other words, the world has stopped based on inconsistent, insufficient data.

While I'm a psychic-channel with strong intuition, I test those gifts every day for last 20+ years. Read headlines, research those headlines, find and read direct sources of those headlines. I do tons of research. Like a scientist, I look for data that rejects my psychic sense. My psychic sense and intuition are well-tested.

"The Fear is bigger than the threat." I stake my reputation on it. My reputation is all I have. Willing to gamble it.

Some people are saying "this brings in a huge shift in human consciousness." That might be true for some people who are not yet awakened. For the fearful, it might be true. The actual shift in human consciousness happened last year - June through August. What we're experiencing now is a test to confirm your "shift." It isn't the shift itself.

What's the message behind this current chaos?

"You learned all the lessons already. This is your mid-term exam. Use what you know. Slow your mind. Listen to your intuition. Do not fear. Use your gifts. Practice courage. Don't follow the herd. Follow your intuition."

Fear is contagious. And deadly. It can create scenarios that don't exist. Fear causes panic. Panic causes destruction.

Media and government leaders propagate fear. Please turn off the news. They will speculate and percolate more fear. Chances are, your local authorities have your phone number to text any emergency instructions. 80% chance, there will be no "emergency" instructions next 7 days.

If I could stand in front of you right now, hold your hand and look you straight in the eye - at this very moment. I would say: "Slow your mind. So your intuition can be heard. Follow your instincts. Be courageous. You got this. I believe in you."

-- Your Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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