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Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing. Fall 2018

This post follows previous "Faith" Blog message. We cannot have faith without feeling grateful. Life's abundance, balance and prosperity lives all around us. All we have to do: look for it; seek it out. Find things or remember things that bring you joy, make you smile, uplift your heart. That's the purpose of practicing Gratitude.

When we feel down or sullen, a quick fix is practicing Gratitude. Remembering things we're grateful for; things we have; things we've done that gave us a robust feeling of self-empowerment, independence, self-worth.

Sometimes when we're down, moving our thoughts toward positives can be the hardest thing to do. Start small.

Our life reflects our thoughts and feelings. Don't pretend to be positive when you don't feel it. That practice will work against you every time. You're not being your authentic self if you continually "fake it until you make it." Work at truly feeling positive and uplifted. You can't fake what you don't feel.

Practicing Gratitude every morning for 5-10 minutes is a great start toward self-empowerment, renewed Faith, renewed self-worth, happiness and balance.

Start small. First, think of things or experiences that make you smile, warm your heart, feel peaceful or grounded. If you're new to "Gratitude" practice, start with just 3 things every morning. For 3-6 days. Then expand your "Gratitude List" to 4-10 things. Before you get out of bed every morning, recite or remember those things. Make it a standard practice.

Gratitude is the bedrock of Faith. Faith is the bedrock of your spiritual enlightenment, soul empowerment and your connection to your soul, God and "all that it is"; all that is possible.

Tallest Zip Line in Kauai. 1200 ft above rainforest.

Remember times when you felt afraid but did something anyway. How did it turn out? Was it a wondrous, marvelous outcome that seemed miraculous? Remember that.

Remember the risk you took. Remember the fear you felt before and during. Remember the positive outcome. That memory will restore your Faith in yourself. That special moment gifts you with gratitude and self-worth now. If you overcame fear and succeeded then, you can succeed at anything you're afraid of. You can succeed at anything you put your mind to, focus on.

Expressing gratitude retrains your brain to focus on truly positive things in your life (things, pets, animals, experiences, people). Expressing gratitude connects your heart to your mind. When you connect your heart and mind every day, you begin attracting what your heart enjoys. True power of Attraction: true physics rule. Feel it. Think it. Become it...or bring it to you.

Robin Zip-lining King Kong. Scared to death! Had a blast. Wanted to do it again.

Your life reflects your thoughts and feelings. Expressing gratitude, connecting your heart and mind - is the fuel for your soul. It's a simple "mind trick" that works if you work it - daily. It's free and freeing!

Faith is the breath of your soul. Gratitude is your soul's fuel. Gratitude also helps your Spirit Guides & Angels know what to bring you when you need it!

Express gratitude for things, events, animals, people, etc. And you'll get more of what you're grateful for. Most religious organizations practice gratitude as well. Spiritual leaders learned long ago (3000+ yrs ago): the best way to a full, purposeful, happy life: be grateful. It's simple physics (not psychic).

Thank you for reading this post. Hope it helps you strengthen your resolve; empowers your life; brings you immense happiness and balance. Most good things in life are free.

This was a message from The Angelic Realm. They say "no charge!" Yes, Angels are funny. Some are outright hilarious! After working with them for more than 30 years, you learn they love to laugh - even more than we do.

--- The Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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