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Heart & Soul

This time on Earth. Is the best time. To live from your heart and soul. Especially if you feel disconnected.

We're pumped with new information daily. News, social media, attitudes, politics, new policies, society changes. Most of it: depressing or false. Why? To disconnect you from your heart and soul - your life fuel.

Your heart and soul are unique to you - and only you. Your heart and soul are the engine and fuel of your life experiences. Where your true Inner Power and motivation lives. Your soul's journey and your heart's passions and joys.

What's true in life? Follow your heart. It's the door nearest to your soul. Your emotions, especially positive ones, drive your life. Your heart feels what your soul knows. Your heart feels what your soul feels.

Our hearts love feeling love: loving and being loved. Our souls love love. Our hearts and souls need authenticity, communion with others, love, happiness, truth, peace and joy. Genuine smiles. If something or someone makes you smile, that is good. If something or someone makes you sad, ask yourself "why". The first answer is the correct one.

Information overload. When your brain-mind takes control of your life, your soul and heart are silenced. You feel despair, confusion, angst and anger. Because you're disconnected from your heart and soul! Your Inner Power and life fuel live in your heart and your soul.

Heart and Soul. How many people have you met that live life with pure heart-soul? When you're around them, you feel. You feel good, safe, understood, accepted. You know they're paying attention to you. You instinctively know they care about you. You can feel, and almost taste, his/her heart energy flowing to you. How often does that happen to you? When you feel good around certain people, soak it in. Don't judge it. Just feel it. Feel good. Life is meant to be good.

Living life with your entire heart and soul. This applies to your personal life more than profession. Many people believe they need a career or job that uses, aligns with their Heart-Soul. If your personal life is full of wonderful relationships - absolutely move that energy into a career if you choose. Non-heart-soul careers and jobs are just as important.

Those who work a non-heart-soul job, use that job to build a lifestyle that helps themselves and people they love. They can turn work "off" when the day is over and focus on what's really important: living and loving others. Those who work TO LIVE have the most satisfying lives. Diversifying their interests and skill-sets. Stretching themselves personally, spiritually and professionally. Including giving back to the community with time - not money.

What's really important in life? Your personal relationships. Exercising your heart and soul muscles with people you care about. I learned this at age 24 when my brother and sister were killed (1988). I re-learned it after my parents died (2016-2017).

There comes a time in all our lives, when those we love and cherish will die. Appreciating and accepting them when they're alive - very important. Spending time with them, making good memories - very important. Knowing "how" to love them - so they accept and feel it - very important. How to do that? If it doesn't come easy, simply ask them. Or give them book "Five Love Languages" and see which languages fit them. If that person is less than 25 years old, asking them may not work. Use different techniques and see which makes them smile and face brighten. Use your intuition, heart and soul.

Heart and Soul. When you follow your heart, you're also following your soul. They're energetically connected. When you follow your heart, there's no guarantee that it won't break sometimes. Do it anyway. The more you use your heart muscle, the better it responds and reacts. The more you use your heart muscle, the more connected you become to your soul.

Each person is born with limits and sizes of heart-love and soul-love. We're each unique. A spiritual secret. Your soul-love is larger than your heart-love. Love with your whole heart anyway.

I've met many people over the years who live life with their full heart and soul. They use it and don't question it. The more we exercise those muscles, the stronger they get. Do they love everyone? Heck no. Their souls do. Their hearts choose "who" and "what" to love. Our hearts' choices define our life experiences. Choose wisely.

Living with your pure heart and strong soul isn't always easy. Sometimes you'll offend people. Because we're all unique. Those who get offended are not living their lives with their pure heart and souls. Keep doing you.

When we live our lives with Heart and Soul - nothing interferes. We're more courageous. We're more secure about who we are. We're confident; not cocky. We're inspired; not arrogant. We're fueled by self-love; not selfish love. We're fueled by God's love and acceptance. We fulfill our soul destinies. We live full personal lives. We smile and laugh more. We feel bonded with others. We feel strong and resilient. We trust in the process of life. We trust ourselves. We speak our truth. We overcome obstacles; they seem minor. We elevate our lives.

In essence, when you live life with Heart and Soul, you know your heart and soul are strong, resilient, adaptable and self-sustaining. Your heart and soul are connected to unlimited resources. Limitless. Anger, resentment, depression, anxiety easily disappear. You trust who you are - and your connection with "all that is" and God.

Heart, soul, integrity, authenticity and God seem to disappear in today's society. As a society, we search for heart and soul. Why? We're on information-overload. Information Age has huge negative side effects. Our hearts and souls can't keep up. We're not computers. We're sensient, sensitive beings with hearts and souls. We're designed to live life with heart and soul - not with our minds-brains.

Heart and soul live within you. Start within you. Find your happy. Feel safe and secure in the knowledge that happiness exists. Within you. Once you feel happiness, contentment, safety or peace within - you'll attract that around you. Be the role model you seek.

Using your heart and soul. Enhancing your personal relationships. The best antidote for anxiety, depression, anger, angst and other negative emotions. Better than any drug on the market today. Drug overdoses, children sex changes, high crime: all symptoms of heart-soul disconnect.

Start with you. Reconnect with your heart and soul. Not through your brain - or mental energy - through your relationships with others. Be the "best you" with people you care about. The simplest ways matter most. If they're smiling and you're smiling - mission accomplished! If you're crying and they're crying - mission accomplished! As long as tears are from relief, acceptance or joy.

Seeing the best in you - your heart and soul.

Robin Amanda, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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