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Heart, Soul & Victim-Hood

Victim Mentality, substantiated or not, comes from the mind. It is fear-based and time-based. Victim-hood happens when you live in the past - or you're afraid of the future. Fear of Unknown. Unresolved Fear from The Past.

Victim-hood is an endless loop of blame, feeling stuck or powerless. When you follow that loop, you completely detach from your heart and soul. This causes depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

If you live in the "present moment", you will not feel victimized nor victim-hood. It's physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally impossible. When you live in the present moment, you're not attached to the past nor the future. You're completely present in "The Now."

Your heart lives in the present. The present moment is your heart's most fertile field. From there, you can create anything your soul desires. The combination of "living in the present" + using your heart energy = Your Earth Fuel.

Your soul lives in the present, future and past - simultaneously. It knows nothing about time. Your mind is the "clock". Sometimes your mind can get "stuck" in the past; or fear for your future. Your soul doesn't. Your heart doesn't.

Your soul remembers everything about your past. Your mind does not need to remember. Exception: If your heart is closed and unable to feel positive, something significant occurred in the past which you cannot remember. That "something" blocks your heart from feeling happiness, joy, love, gratitude. If that happens, accessing your soul and/or mind memories is extremely helpful. To unblock your heart so you can feel positive emotions again.

Victimhood Loop: This loop gives the mind uncontrollable power over your heart and soul. Causing you to detach from your heart and soul. That's a very dangerous place to live. It gives root to depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. Like weeds overtaking a beautiful garden. That beautiful garden is you and the life you desire.

The mind was not created to over-ride or overpower your heart or soul. It was created to help your soul and heart "navigate" life. Your soul sets your Earth journey. Your heart fuels it. Your mind gets you there. Your mind is the navigator; not the captain. Your soul is the captain of your "life" ship. Your heart is its fuel. Your mind is the GPS or "navigator."

In today's society, a huge thundercloud hovers above us. That cloud is victim-hood. It is loud with thunder, heavy with rain and its lightning shocks are potentially harmful. To our hearts and souls; individually and as a society.

This thundercloud disconnects us from reality, unity, true empowerment and spiritual enlightenment. It disconnects us from our soul, our essence, God, The Universe, Spirit Realm, Angelic Realm and our intuition. It disconnects us from peace, gratitude and life's wondrous miracles. It disconnects us from each other; causing dis-unity and chaos - not unity. This thundercloud separates us. It is full of fear. Fear of Unknown; Fear of Past Mistakes. Mistakes made by people or societies 100+ years before we were born.

Fear always separates us. Victimhood is based on fear. Our souls know no fear. Our hearts feel no fear; unless we are physically attacked. When under real physical attack, our minds "take the wheel"; pausing our heart energy. Our souls "record" it.

Spiritual Soul Truth: None of us are victims. We are victors. Our souls reign victorious. Our souls cannot be damaged beyond repair. Our souls are the strongest part of us. Our souls constantly evolve; becoming better and better every day. Our souls are connected to God, The Universe, Spirit Realm, Angelic Realm and all "good things possible."

Someone recently said "Faith and Fear cannot occupy the same space." With faith, there is no fear. Why? Faith is rooted in your soul. Fear is rooted in your mind. Soul Energy outweighs Mind Energy - always. Soul Physics 101. When you use your Soul energy, you connect to God and "all that is"; your mind takes a break. Your mind and soul cannot occupy the "same space" at the same time.

How to diffuse the current Thundercloud of Victimhood/Fear? Use your Faith. Faith in yourself. Faith in your soul. Faith in your "magic." Faith in God; a Higher Power. Access your Soul Energy. Live in The Light. It dispels darkness. Soul Physics 101. Shine Your Light. Darkness cannot live in Light. Fear cannot live in Light. Faith and Love live in The Light. Shine on.

(This is Psychic-Channeled Info from High-Level Angels today.)

Be The Light You Wish To See!

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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