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We love nature and art because they're honest and real.

We love our dogs, cats, horses, other pets because they're honest and true.

We enjoy hearing from our Angels and Lost Loved Ones because they're honest and true.

We admire people who speak their mind or live a simple, honest life. Honesty is important to us!

If you had a psychic session with me, you're aware how honest your Angels, Spirit Guides and Lost Loved Ones are. Sometimes they gently give you information; sometimes their information is more direct. They know who you are. They know your soul. You know they have your best interests at heart; they want to help you. Most clients can physically feel the love from their Spirit Guides or Angels during a session. Your Angels-Spirit Guides-Loved Ones love you. As purely and solidly as your favorite dog, cat or horse.

Speaking honestly from the heart and soul is how nature, art, our pets and Angels convey their messages to us.

The Native Indian phrase "truth as protection" means "be honest and The Spirits will support you". When we are honest with others and ourselves, we have very few regrets.

Honesty is one of the most valuable traits we possess. And a valuable trait in our friends and family members. Being honest means being your Authentic Self.

What happens when we are not honest with someone? Part of our inner light dims. Our integrity slips. Our soul detaches for a second. We are not being authentic. If we continue hiding from honesty, or choose not to be honest with someone consistently, we walk around off-balanced, fearful, disconnected from our soul energy.

Speaking your mind, being honest with yourself and others, is very important to your Soul Evolution and soul-heart expression. It also helps the other person understand you better or reminds them to correct their behavior!

Last week, a friend and I were talking politics. Volatile topic, yes. But we're close friends and often enjoy sparring. Our friendship is more important than politics. We vote differently but share common views. For the first time ever, he repeatedly asked me questions then wouldn't let me answer - talking over me. I gently corrected him twice but he kept doing it!

I finally rose from my chair and said "I'm tired. Don't want to talk anymore." His reaction: "No! I messed up! What did I do wrong? Don't be mad. Tell me what I did. I don't want you mad at me." I sat back down and told him. He listened, understood, and apologized. We talked politics (politely) for another hour. When leaving for home, I thanked him for listening. He thanked me for speaking up. "Sometimes my mind works so fast, I want to get my points in. I'm sorry. If I do that again, tell me in your "loud" voice!" Our bond grew tighter, stronger.

Honesty is the best policy. Even when you don't want to hurt someone's feelings; or you don't want to feel hurt by their reactions. Honesty builds relationships; strengthens our bond with other people. While keeping our inner soul and heart energies in tact. If your honesty collides with another person's, creating conflict: take a deep breath, give yourself a break, give the other person a break. Sometimes honesty can shock you or the other person. Let it all sink in before "jumping ship" with that person. Be gentle with yourself and that other person.

Many ways to express your honesty with others: gently, or with humor, or "spit it out" directly/unfiltered. Some people have no filter and "spit it out" without softening the blow. If that happens to you and it feels offensive, simply ask them "you didn't mean to say it that way, did you?" or "you don't mean to sound so cruel, do you?" or "That sounds a little harsh. Can you rephrase it?" They will. And you'll learn more about them; they'll learn more about you.

If you feel uncomfortable speaking your truth with someone, but you know it's necessary, express it with humor or gently phrase it. As you long as you express it. Honesty is your real voice; the real Authentic You.

You probably heard the terms "Fake News", "fake facts", "fake outrage," "fake attacks." Why is "fake" so prominent in our society? Because we crave true authenticity and honesty. As souls on this planet, we crave those traits like we crave ice cream or chocolate. We don't want to be fooled. We don't want to be led astray, off our Sacred Path. We want truth and honesty. We seek it in ourselves and we seek it in others.

When you practice honesty with yourself; and with friends, colleagues, family, spouses or romantic mates - your soul is free to feel happy, content, balanced. Your bonds with other people strengthen. Your intuition strengthens; it has no filter nor barrier to cross.

Honesty makes it easier to spot fakes, frauds, people with ill intentions or hidden agendas. When you "walk your talk" (honesty), you attract more honest people in your life. Making it easier to see dishonest people.

If being your honest Authentic Self around someone does not strengthen your bond, that person is not meant for your "inner circle." Give that person a few tries. If you still sense conflict, walk away. Honesty removes "fakes". Today's world has plenty of "virtual reality". Seek reality through truth.

We seek out nature, art, dogs/cats, Angels, Loved Ones, friends, close family members - to fill our "honesty" quotient/bucket.

Honesty clears and cleans our soul.

As you walk this planet, you're meant to be "YOU", no one else. You're as individual and unique as your thumbprint. Don't hide your uniqueness, awareness or feelings. Speak your truth. The truth that lives in your mind, heart and soul. You're the only person walking this planet with that combination of personality, physical and mental traits, DNA, quirkiness, talents, awareness, heart and soul. Let people see you. Let people see the real you. Stay connected to your soul and heart energies. Be honest with people. Be honest with yourself. Use your truth as protection. "Just do you." Let others "do them." Everything falls into place easier that way.

Hope this helps you walk your Sacred Path with ease, confidence and few regrets. Have a great weekend!


---Robin, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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