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How to Ruin Your Soul Destiny

Can you change your Soul Destiny direction? Absolutely. Free Will gives you that power.

Is it possible to fail your soul contracts &/or spiritual tests? Yes.

What happens when you fail your soul contracts &/or tests? Many answers. Here's the simplest one:

Like suicide souls, you leave this life knowing you wasted valuable resources, time and effort. All the work & effort you and your Angels-Spirit Guides spent before moving into a physical body, all that pre-planning, all your decades on the planet: wasted. You chose to waste it all.

How does your soul feel when it wastes time on Earth? It feels empty and incomplete. You either want a do-over immediately or your soul sits in "Pergatory" for a long while. You choose. Like suicide souls (those who suicide), you leave this life incomplete and quickly discover how EASY it was to fix your Earth life and move into your soul plan.

Clients use my services to prevent wasted "soul" time on Earth. They want to know: "what's my soul plan and how do I fulfill it? What am I doing that aligns with my Soul Path? What am I not doing?" Clients rarely ask "How can I ruin my Soul Destiny?" Although that question is just as important as the other one.

With all that said, here are ways you can Ruin Your Soul Destiny (Soul Plan) on Earth.

  1. Be Afraid. Succumb to all fears. Legitimate or not.

  2. Don't take any risks.

  3. Believe "I'm not worth it. I'm worth nothing."

  4. When choosing, choose what makes you unhappy - often.

  5. When your actions prove unsuccessful, keep doing them.

  6. When you fail, blame everyone else.

  7. Forget God exists.

  8. Forget your soul exists. Forget you have a Soul Plan (Destiny).

  9. Live life through your mind. Let your brain lead you 99%.

  10. Neglect your body and heart.

  11. Think Small.

  12. Live in the past.

  13. Believe in nothing.

  14. Don't trust anyone nor any belief that says "You're connected to God and Angels." That's just nonsense.

  15. Instead of appreciating every second of life, fear it or hate it.

  16. Overthink everything until you're exhausted and need a nap.

  17. Whatever makes you feel good, do opposite.

  18. Spin your wheels. Indecision beats possible rejection or failure.

  19. Settle for low-lying fruit. Forget shooting for the moon or stars. That takes too much effort.

  20. Follow the Herd over your gut or intuition.

  21. Concentrate on your weaknesses and faults. Not your strengths.

  22. Distract yourself often. With frivolous, non-productive activities.

  23. Constantly feel like a victim and blame everyone else for your struggles.

  24. Hate Money. Wealth & Wealthy people.

  25. Believe everyone else deserves more or better than you do.

  26. If you believe in God, believe He is against you.

  27. Before you learn how to "sit still", meditate, pray &/or and listen to your gut, spend $10,000 on workshops or seminars that remind you of your mistakes & faults.

  28. Do not meditate, pray or relax. Stay in constant state of panic, fear and anxiety.

  29. Believe the future "just happens". Don't make plans or create goals. Take no responsibility nor action toward your future.

  30. When people do nice things for you, get mad at them or refuse to thank or appreciate them.

  31. Don't worry about creating wealth, money or being self-sufficient. That's the old paradigm.

If you follow just 5 of those steps, you will successfully ruin your Soul Destiny & Soul Plan. Or move off your Destiny-Plan path, at the very least.

We're all given Free Will to choose what we do with our lives. If you choose to ruin your Destiny, that's a Free Will choice. Following some of these steps will bring you much success with that!

Whether you make 2021 one of your best or worst years, that's up to you. Whichever you choose, I wish you much success!

The Sedona Spirit - Robin Amanda

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