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Individualism vs Mob

Crises bring out the best and worst in people. Have you encountered fearful mobs lately? Either at the grocery store - or on Social Media? I have.

On social media, Mob Mentality fluorishes. "If you're not afraid, you're not paying attention." Or "You're not compassionate."

Mobs started the toilet paper craze. Mobs hoard supplies.

Mobs are created by fear and they rule by fear. Unfortunately, they've forgotten: "What you fear, you create." Or maybe they know this and use it to create more chaos? Who knows.

I read daily Corona Virus updates and medical journals locally and across the world. I don't buy the media hype. They don't mention the bright side. Bright side: 85-90% Americans tested for c-virus get a negative result. And it's an accurate test. That's the medical statistic media and government won't tell you.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you did NOT get this virus? 80-90% of you will NOT get it. If you do, get plenty of rest and warm liquids. It runs its course in a few days. Like regular flu.

Fear is contagious. And deadly. I've mentioned that before. Keep your immune system strong. Fear depletes your immune system. Fear empowers mobs. It's their fuel. Some "experts" in healthcare feed the fear. They don't have answers. They give estimates. They spread fear. Fear depletes your immune system. Fear imprisons you. Fear is the enemy of your soul, heart and body. Fear creates more fear.

You can step away from Mob Mentality and its fear contagion. Step into your individuality. Listen to your personal intuition. Follow your gut and heart.

This virus is a test. It's a test of your individual ability to balance, stay centered, amidst fear. It's a test of your inner power: "Change the outcome by changing your energy about it. Move toward wholeness, joy and hope. Create your tomorrow - today."

The less we fear, the quicker this crisis will stop. No one truly knows why it started, how it started and how it will end. What we do know: we can change our reaction to it. Butterfly effect: what one person does or feels, affects the whole.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover your thoughts create your reality? That's the test! Why not practice it now? Raise your vibration. Laugh. Love. Rest. Practice self-care. Allow inner peace to surface. Quiet your mind a few minutes per day. Listen to your gut. Follow it. Make sure you have plenty of food and other essentials. Swat the fear. Through your actions, beliefs and perception.

When you clear the fear, your intuition speaks louder. When it speaks, listen and follow. Every person's intuition or gut, will say something different than the next person. This test is about your individuality. Not the collective.

Enjoy your down-time. Enjoy some peace and quiet. If you don't feed the "fear beast", it will eventually go away. Do something that makes you smile. Step outside, get some sunshine, smell the air. Visit with people you like. Watch uplifting or funny movies. Watching news feeds the "fear beast".

This is a test. It's only a test. How much do you believe in YOU? How much power are you giving to yourself? How much do you trust your personal intuition? How much power are you giving to others: government, media, fearful mobs?

Clear the Fear. Listen to your soul, intuition and heart. Joining fear-based mobs makes you weaker, blind to reality, deaf to your personal intuition (soul voice) and wastes your Earth energy and time.

Mobs feel more powerful in numbers. They need you to follow them to succeed. They thrive on fear. They rule by fear and emotion; not rational thought. Set yourself apart. Reclaim your individuality.

Enjoy life how you want. If you cannot enjoy it right now, due to quarantines or lockdowns, write down things you want to do when the lockdowns go away. Watch movies or videos that take you "where you want to be right now."

What you fear, you create. Clear the Fear. Embrace your individuality. Separate from mob-mentality. Focus on the positives. Count your blessings. This "crisis" will pass. You play a unique role in this. Your role? Embrace your individuality. Your positive energy can change the world around you. Your high vibration can eliminate "the spread."

What's happening in our world right now is bigger than a virus. It's bigger than federal and local governments. It's bigger than media tells you. It's even bigger than the collective "divine consciousness" people are speaking about. Your intuition says that. Your intuition is right.

What is it? A unique opportunity for you - on conscious and super-conscious levels - to change the reality you see and hear. You have the power to transform and transcend over the media madness and fears. You have the power to control your daily life. You always have. Now you're remembering. Trust yourself.

Sending you light, love, sanity, truth and Angel messages.

--Your Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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