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JFK, Marilyn & Princess Di

All three died mysterious deaths. Marilyn's Suicide. JFK's Assassination. Princess Diana's Paparazzi murder.

What if the answer to their deaths is the complete opposite from what we know? It is.

I watch programs and read headlines to sharpen my psychic-medium gifts. Keep them honed and toned. Rarely wrong. Recently watched programs on JFK and Marilyn. Got "hits".

In high school in 1981, I did a Thesis on JFK's assassination. My parents loved JFK. So us kids loved JFK too. I'm a JFK baby. Born 9 months after his death, a biological by-product of my parents' grief. Dad taught us 3 kids to question everything. He had theories about JFK's death. He helped me find every book in our local and city libraries on JFK's death.

For 2 straight weeks, Dad and I combed through every books' pages, reading forensic reports, looking at gunshot diagrams, watched part of Zapruder film footage, physically practiced positions shown in books. We stayed up until midnight most days, fitting puzzle pieces together: How did JFK die?

Dad searched for information about JFK's neurological disorder, the Mob, RFK, and Marilyn connection. No books mentioned them. Most leaned toward CIA-FBI connection. I didn't buy that answer. "Use your intuition, Robin, it is good." Ultimately, nothing in those books rang my psychic-intuitive bells. In my Thesis, the conclusion was "insufficient evidence." I hadn't seen any conspiracy theory since then, that properly fit all the puzzle pieces.

In 1991, I met JFK, Jr. and his sister Caroline at a national crime victim conference. Wonderful, well-meaning, well-mannered people.

Yesterday, I watched an Amazon documentary called "JFK X: Solving the Crime of the Century." For the first time ever, my psychic-intuitive bells rang off the hook! Then JFK himself stopped at my house for a visit. "This is the reason President Trump couldn't release all my assassination files," JFK told me. "I faked my death. To protect my family from the Mob and shadow government who wanted me killed. I kept losing body function from my neurological disorder. I had to leave office "without a trace". If I stayed in office, the programs I wanted would never see the light of day. At least the Civil Rights Act went through. I forced LBJ to sign that. He was the biggest bigot, racist and misogynist I ever met."

Please watch that documentary. See if your intuition bells keep ringing off the hook, too.

Marilyn Monroe. She's one of my spirit guides. She was murdered by the Mob as a "screw you" to RFK and JFK. Our Fed agencies allowed it: to hide UFO information she knew from JFK. Marilyn had a very high IQ. She was well-read and a fantastic conversationalist - not just a pretty face. The Mob helped JFK win his 1960 Presidential election. When RFK went after the Mob, they got mad.

In 1963, the Mob and our FBI-CIA leaders were tight as ticks. Maybe they still are. They kept Marilyn's murder a secret. Did you know that Marilyn won a Golden Globe? Most people don't. That's the trophy she's holding in her photo. A happy day for her.

Princess Diana. What a beautiful person: inside and out. She died August 31, 1997. While we all watched CNN footage of the crime scene, the car, the tunnel, my psychic-intuition bells rang out: "She's not dead! She faked her death." When we all watched Diana's funeral, and how well-behaved her boys were, my intuition said the same thing. "She faked her death. She's not in that


When I visited Harrod's London in 1998, lighting a candle at her Memorial Altar there, my intuition said the same. "Thank God, she's with her boys now. Living whatever life she chooses. Prince Charles can be with Camilla. Diana can finally keep love too. She's raising her boys. Keep up the charade. Let her be happy."

JFK and Princess Diana faked their deaths. For their family and themselves. For happiness. To disconnect from the "rat race track" they ran on.

As my father would say, "The wealthy and connected live life differently. They have options we can't conceive. Even if we can conceive and desire those options, we don't have the means to carry them out. Unless you take risks, expand your consciousness and listen to your intuition."

Marilyn was collateral damage - for being too smart for her britches! Marilyn enjoyed talking about deep subjects: Shakespeare, Roman-Greek history, politics, poetry, the arts, aliens (UFOs), supernatural, metaphysical, emotional heart things, and the human psyche. She had a robust zest for life. She used her heart and soul, regardless her sorrowful upbringing.

Many people used her. So she used drugs to dull the pain. She kept using her heart. She's happy now. She loved her Earth life at age 17 through the next 13 years. When people kept betraying her, life got dull, boring, painful. She's an Angel-Spirit Guide to me and others.

She enjoys her job: reminding us to keep a Zest for life. It's meant to be enjoyed! Not suffered through. To live life fully - or suffer - is a life choice we all make. Each morning when we wake up. Good Marilyn Monroe Medicine for us all to remember.

--- Enjoy Your Life!! That's your Main Soul Mission!

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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