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Do you often hear people say "You'll keep repeating that pattern until you get the lesson"? Or when faced with a challenge, someone says to you: "learn the lesson this is teaching you."

Here's the deal. Life can be challenging enough without others adding more stress to it. When someone recognizes that you're struggling, empathy helps you more than judgment.

It's OK for someone to say "wonder what that lesson is for you?" And help you discover "the lesson". However, simply responding with "learn the lesson" doesn't help.

When people respond to your challenges with "learn the lesson", the subliminal message is "you're not good enough." Most of us are guilty of self-doubt or feeling inadequate. Why compound it?

Since 1990s, thousands of self-help books became best-sellers. Why? We felt inadequate, insecure or felt "something is missing." What was that "something"? Our intuition and soul connection. Our inner self-empowerment and confidence. We moved closer to our inner soul connection now. And that's great!

When you're faced with a challenge or many challenges at once, this usually happens: you feel inadequate or ill-equipped to deal with it. Self-doubt mixed with self-sabotage can happen. You wonder: "what's this teaching me? Is it a signal to walk away? A signal to jump over it? A signal to bust through it? A signal to let go? What??"

It's at this point that many clients contact me. They wonder: "What am I not doing? What am I NOT paying attention to? What's the best course of action?" Instead of being reminded by others "get the lesson", they wonder "what's the lesson?" Their answer: "My Spirit Guides, Angels and Lost Loved Ones can help me." And they're right. Sometimes our Angels, Spirit Guides or Lost Loved Ones know us more - inside and out - than the people around us. Sometimes.

Part of our "Earth lesson": choosing the right people around you who DO know you inside and out - on Earth. Building a group (inner circle) of honest cheerleaders around you. People who know you enough to know what to say when you're battling challenges. People who listen to you; uplift you; make you laugh; make you think; make you feel whole and empowered - while you're conquering life's "lessons".

Earth Lesson #1: Build an inner circle of "Earth Angels." Whom you can rely on AND they can rely on you too. Life can be difficult. Choose people who help "lighten your load." Choose people whom you can help "lighten their load."

Overall lesson is below, no matter the circumstance you face. This is channeled information from High Level Angels - for the general public:

"You are good enough. You're more than 'good enough'! Life is meant to be good. Move toward the good in life. Your life isn't meant to be a constant string of lessons and challenges. That is HELL! You don't live in Hell. You live on Earth. Earth is a wondrous place of limitless possibilities and beauty. You choose whether to see that or not. Balance the bad with good. Seek good.

"During grief or trauma, cut yourself some slack. You're in a "lesson". Roll with it. Ask for support. Don't overdo it.

"When you're not in a grief or trauma state? Choose good, uplifting experiences. No matter the challenge, mix in some good stuff. Good, fun, play, laughter - will elevate your energy; raise your vibration; boost your physical immune system. Having fun, enjoying good in life: best way to boost your mood and overall life experience.

"Your perceptions and fears color your life experiences. Stretch your abilities to prove you're amazing to YOU. Strengthen your self-confidence and feel accomplished. Move toward experiences that remind you how wonderful you are. Experiences that remind you how wonderful life is. Because it is. Life is beautiful. Move toward its beauty. Move toward the beauty in you."

Namaste -

Robin Amanda - The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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