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This word & its concept are often heard in US politics. Real Truth: Liberty is a spiritual and emotional concept; not a political one.

Authors of The United States Declaration of Independence used the spiritual and emotional concept of Liberty when they established America as a nation separated from the bondage of British rule.

True liberty means freedom from bondage; freedom to do as you please while practicing personal responsibility. True liberty exists when you exercise your Free Will. Liberty means making your own decisions, owning those decisions, feeling excited about them, feeling and being free to choose your best life.

Liberty is what we all desire as human souls on this planet. Liberty lives in our soul. Liberty and liberation is how our soul naturally feels: free to act, live, make decisions, experience new things - good or bad.

As souls on this planet, when we "transition" back to The Spirit Realm-Heaven, we review our life. One of the top questions we ask ourselves and our Spirit Guides-Angels-God ask us: "Did you take responsibility for your Earth experience? Did you live the best life you desired? Did you love your life? Did you exercise your Free Will and feel empowered?" In other words, "did you use your soul liberty?"

When we see birds fly or dogs and horses run, we smile and our souls smile. Why? They reflect liberty that lives in our soul.

Liberty is part of our natural soul state. If we let it out. If we consciously choose to exercise it. Once we use it, we feel empowered, free, invigorated and alive. Liberty requires risk and responsibility. Liberty gives us freedom, empowerment and spiritual enlightenment. Liberty makes us happy and excited. It stretches our soul gifts to become the best we can be.

Remember your last day of school before summer started? You couldn't wait for that bell to ring, giving you 3 whole months of play, fun in the sun, being w/friends, beach, etc. Also chores, mowing lawns or other summer jobs & summer camp. New, exciting adventures & responsibilities. Who cared about chores: No school for 3 months! No teachers, no homework, no alarm at 5:30am, no bus rides. Remember that feeling? That's liberty.

Remember getting that first paycheck at your first real job. Remember how that felt? Calling friends or parents "I got Money! I got paid! Let's go celebrate!" Or "I can get my own place now. Let's shop for condos or apartments!" That amazing feeling? Liberty.

Adult liberty. Winning $10,000 at a slot machine. Or $30,000 inheritance. Money you can use any way you want. Travel, pay off credit card debt, shopping spree, new car. How would that feel? Invigorating, empowering, exciting- right? That's how liberty feels.

Exercising your liberty means releasing any bonds, beliefs or patterns that confine you. That also means releasing toxic or codependent relationships.

Your Angels, Lost Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, God and your individual soul want you to exercise your liberty and feel free while walking this planet. The more you use it, the better you feel.

Personal relationships. You can feel liberated, free while on this planet. It's in your soul makeup. You can feel liberated and free "to be you" in healthy romantic or non-romantic relationships. That's what your soul searches and strives for.

The soul damage caused by co-dependence, "gas lighting" or abuse is lack of liberty. When you can't practice your individual liberty or "be you" because another person makes you feel guilty, brings you down, controls you or your emotions, your career, your finances, your friendships - they're infringing on your soul's desire to feel liberty, to feel liberated. Choosing the right people in your inner circle is important. Whether spouse, friend, or family member. The right people in your life will respect and accept who you are. They won't restrict your freedom to choose.

If someone emotionally, physically, spiritually abuses or hurts you: that's toxic co-dependence and totally unhealthy. They're not allowing you to naturally feel safe, free. They're controlling you. Walk away from them.

When someone cannot or does not accept you for who you are, they're infringing on your soul liberty. They disrespect your soul and spiritual right to "be you." Express your concern to them and work together on a solution. Give them a chance to hear you and modify their behavior. If no solution exists, or they don't respect you enough to help create and maintain a solution, walk away. If that someone is your boss, gently approach them, express your observations without emotion, find a solution together, stick to it.

Your Angels, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones and God want you to feel free, empowered, good, excited about life every day. They want you to practice your soul liberty. They want you to soar like an eagle; not live in a ditch. If a relationship makes you feel the opposite of positive- constantly - let that person go.

Standing up for yourself and your life on this planet: that's true liberty - you're practicing your Inner Liberty. Taking personal responsibility for your life and life choices: that's practicing liberty. Personal responsibility is part of liberty. Liberty is part of your soul essence. Your soul essence wants good and happy things. Move toward good and happy. No one else can do that but you: you choose. That's liberty.

The most healthy and happy relationships: Interdependent relationships. Interdependent relationships can only exist when you're practicing your individual liberty. And you allow the other person to practice theirs. You "be you"; let the other person "be them." In Star Wars terms: "don't cross beams (light sabers)". Doing so creates co-dependence. Co-dependence is the antithesis of liberty, soul growth and heart-soul happiness.

Being a parent teaches us the importance of liberty, personal responsibility and Interdependent Relationships. Parenting teaches us the fine line between teaching-coaching-scolding and honoring-respecting that individual child to make his/her decisions once they "grow up."

Liberty is the antithesis of control. Liberty means freedom from bondage. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It means you fully accept your #1 responsibility on this planet: taking care of YOU and your life. When you take care of you, all else follows: better relationships, balance, happiness and peace. Flight attendants remind us of this. "If you have a small child, please secure the oxygen mask on you first then help your child."

Liberty is part of your soul essence. Your soul naturally exudes liberty. Part of its foundation and connection to The Spirit Realm-God-Universe and "all that is." It's a positive force and concept. Use it, recognize it and respect it often. Feeling free and liberated to make good and bad decisions: that's liberty. It's also part of everyone's Sacred Spiritual Path on Earth.

"Wishing you an Empowered Life full of Liberty and an easy pursuit of happiness." -- Channeled information from Your Spirit Guides, Angels & Lost Loved Ones.

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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