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Liberty War. Not Race War.

Following is information from the Angelic Realm about today's chaos. Some people will disagree. I'm here for one main reason: deliver Angel Messages to the public without filters. That's my soul job. What you choose to do with knowledge is up to you. Individual Free Will.

Angels say last 30 yrs: "Those who disagree with us do not know us. They're disconnected from their soul. Your job: speak to those who DO know us."


"From Covid Quarantines to the cure that crippled the globe. All based on false information.

"From protesting police brutality to looting and damaging property owned by people who were NOT responsibile for police brutality. All based on false information.

"From fearing the health of your neighbor to fearing your own health, livelihood, activities, liberties and freedoms. All based on false information.

"Here's our message. We are the highest level of Angels helping humanity today. God is also helping you. Archangel Michael and his Army are not helping individuals. They are fighting Evil in its most primordial form. Above Earth. Anyone proclaiming to help you through Archangel Michael - they are lying. He's busy.

"Now. Here's our main message.

"Human souls on this planet are experiencing a Liberty War. A fight for your soul liberty and freedom against an Evil most people cannot imagine. Only your soul will remember. An Evil much bigger than Bible, Koran or Torah describes. It's not a race war. Race wars are small potatoes. Race war you hear about? Another battlefield of Liberty War. You're fighting for your soul freedom. Against a power that wants to control you on Earth and Heaven. A power difficult for most humans to comprehend.

"This Evil has been looking for reasons to restrict everything about your daily life. For eons. Your soul doesn't remember all the times this Evil has tested you. We do. We remember everything.

"This lifetime. Evil found your Achilles Heel with Covid. They discovered your weaknesses. You care about your neighbors, friends, family. You showed them you will sacrifice your own life, accomplishments and freedoms for sake of "whole of humanity." You've done this before. We will talk about that another day & time.

"Now, they continue manipulating and controlling your behavior. So far, Evil is winning. You isolated in your homes. You stopped attending church or religious/spiritual meetings. You sacrificed your income, jobs, livelihood, simple life pleasures, freedoms, liberties and soul desires.

"You stopped some crucial soul-powered, heart-necessary social activities. Hugging people. Feeling connected with others physically. Celebrating others' successes (graduations, weddings, etc.). Celebrating the lives of others: funeral services. Being physically "there" for your loved ones at hospitals while they received treatments. Showing your compassion and your heart. Helping them feel safe. Being around people you care about: very important for your heart-soul and those you love. For sake of "The Whole of Humanity."

"You even sacrificed your dreams and what you built in this life: your business, career, reputation or income. Your physical body. Your home and shelter. Your close relations with others. All for sake of "The Whole of Humanity."

"Newsflash. You're not here to save humanity. Each individual soul on this planet can save themselves. Each one of you is your own "superman." Individualism is your foundation on Earth. Not globalism. Globalism and sacrificing for others - only a very few souls on Earth are meant for that. Majority of you: practice individualism. Individualism is not selfish nor self-centered. Individualism is part of your soul makeup on Earth. You're not a victim. You're a victor. Remember.

"As a soul on Earth, you're here to enjoy life, create and manifest on this physical dimension, what your soul desires. You gave that up. Based on false information.

"Is it important to give back, when you create things and have the resources? Absolutely. At same time that you're suffering or need things? No.

"When enough leaders joined the "Covid Circus," you turned off your intuition and gave your Soul Power to leaders who want to control you, your soul desires and what you built on Earth.

"You survived Covid Circus. Now they bring looting and rioting chaos as another test. Fight back.

"Riots and chaos. Another attempt to throw you off balance. Protect what you created on this planet. Protect the life you built. Protect what your soul created. Through your mind, body and blood, sweat and tears.

"Race War? Every race, gender and creed has experienced hardships on Earth. No Earth soul is immune last 50,000 years. That is the truth. Race war they speak about? A bold-faced lie. Do not buy it.

"What we see. Humanity taking very small issues and making them big ones. While disregarding big issues that affect more of you. Global protests against police brutality and racial tension: those are not the real issues affecting your liberties today. You progressed past that.

"Bigger issue: small groups controlling individualism of the masses. Needs of the few outweighing the needs of the many. Restricting your uniqueness, individualism, freedoms and rights to live life from your soul. Earth is an action planet. Moving your soul desires into this dimension through action. With rights and liberty come personal responsibility. Being responsible for yourself and your life. Some souls forget that. They expect others to be responsible for them. Unless you are a child, elderly or handicapped, act with personal responsibility. Take soul responsibility for your soul liberty. This is part of the Liberty War.

"Return to your soul base. Remember who you are. Remember you're strong, worthy and worked hard for what you have in life. Remember the effort it took to plant you on Earth again.

"Evil has been looking for every angle to stifle and destroy you as a soul. They're doing it in Heaven too. Push back.

"While you suffer on Earth, we also suffer in Heaven. This Liberty War is not confined to the Earth dimension. We've been fighting this War for eons. Fighting for Soul Liberty. Our battle started manifesting on Earth, and visible to Earth souls, hundreds of years ago. Most of you just "saw" or "sensed" it last 10-20 years. We revealed this War to many Earth souls. Years ago.

"Why? Because you need to stand up and fight. We cannot fight this Liberty War alone. We need you to remember who you are, why you are here, muscle your courage, and act. "God helps those who also help themselves." We will give power and strength to those willing to act and protect what they created. And what others created.

"Every looter and rioter: they represent Evil. Believe what you want. Free Will. We are high level Angels. You know us. We are saying, quite bluntly: every person looting and rioting. Every person who stole, murdered and attacked others these last 7 days. They represent the Evil we are talking about.

"You are so unique and loved. Every one of you. All of your lives matter to us. No matter skin color nor your individual struggles.

"Reach into your soul, recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize what you value. Do your part, using your special unique gifts, to fight for your Soul Liberty and what you value most about your Earth life. You don't need to play a big role. Keep it simple. Do what you can. While protecting, respecting, honoring what you built.

"Do not stretch yourself too thin. Do not sacrifice what you built for the "fight". You have sacrificed enough. Take calculated risks. Protect you created. Defend it. Know what you're fighting for. Show the world your soul. Use your soul strength. Use your individualism and your uniqueness. Soul journeys on Earth are unique, individual journeys.

"We will not fight this War alone. We cannot fight this Liberty War without your help. We need you. You need us. Defend what is right. Or risk losing it forever. You're fighting for your soul and everything good inside you. Do not risk your goodness and accomplishments. Think outside the box.

"We're not going to sugarcoat what is happening. We need you. Pay attention. Be ready to display your soul courage. This is a once-in-a-lifetime fight. Make no mistake. Many of you know that. You've ridden in this rodeo before. This time, change the outcome. For Good. Forever. That's your soul purpose."


Angelic Realm angry since May 28, 2020. Daily, they say: "this is why you're here. Tell people what we're saying. When we say it. Who cares who disagrees. Speak to the souls who know us best. They need to hear us. That's your soul job."

So there you have it.

The Sedona Spirit Psychic (since 2009)

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