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Life's Mysteries

2024 is a Number 8 year in Numerology. It represents the balance between our metaphysical and physical worlds. A perfect year of diving into metaphysical mysteries while you're walking Earth's physical dimension.

Some people claim we're moving into the 5th Dimension. My take? Your soul transcends all dimensions. You can move into whatever dimension(s) that your soul, heart, mind and body desires. If you know how to, or practice it. When I channel for clients, I move into several different dimensions. While sitting across from a client with my eyes closed.

When you're faced with medical or health issues, you probably stay in the 3rd or 4th dimension. The "physical body" dimensions. However, you can move into the 5th or 7th dimensions to heal your body - if you know how to get there - on a soul level. I do this. It's what has cured my cancers and other body imbalances. It just takes practice and patience.

Your dream state provides abundant energy for your soul to travel to many dimensions. Sometimes you can do this while napping or meditating as well.

In the 1970s, my Dad taught us three kids about the power of the mind, life’s mystical mysteries, herbal and vitamin remedies, religious dogmas and how to earn money. We watched the TV show "In Search Of" with Leonard Nimoy together. He'd explain things during commercial breaks. Remember commercial breaks?

My parents also witnessed UFO sightings while Dad was in the Army. They spoke about those experiences. "We weren't scared. We were curious and questioned. We followed one UFO down a dirt road near White Sands, New Mexico. Just to prove to ourselves that we could! And that we were seeing something strange. We were never scared. Fear is an illusion."

Dad often said "The Invisible World is more powerful than this Earth world." He taught us kids how to "train our brain" to walk on hot coals and suspend our Earth consciousness. We did that! In our backyard using BBQ pit coals. None of our feet burned! Mom watched and helped us with Creative Visualization. She was excellent with that. Whenever we got a vaccine from the doctor - from age 5 to age 16 - she'd paint a picture of our most favorite thing. The shots didn't hurt!

Each month when our National Geographic magazine arrived in the mail, Dad sat us down with the magazine and explained things. He often explained the "powers of the mind." How to straddle different dimensions. He used his "magic" with money and gambling. He was a High-Stakes Poker Player in Las Vegas - with his good friends for more than 10 straight years. He told us his "secret" to winning.

"Life is energy. Money is energy. Energy fluctuates. It never sits still. Sometimes it swings your way, sometimes it doesn't. When the dealer gets hot, walk away. Do something different. Change your mental and emotional state. Return to the table when the dealer gets cold. Energy and Life is like the weather. Don't like it? Sit and wait. It will change."

Dad owned several businesses, real estate properties, and a strip mall. He hosted a High Stakes Poker Game at one of his shops every Monday night. Everyone in Houston knew him, including the cops and our Catholic Monsignor. Houston, Texas seemed like a very small town back in the 1960s-1980s.

Our Monsignor often visited Dad at his shop. They spoke about things that the catechism doesn't teach. Then Dad would come home and relay the information to us - with a heavy warning. "Don't tell your friends what I tell you. We will get excommunicated. And your Mom will divorce me! She converted to Catholic to marry me. If I shame your mother, all Hell will break loose." He meant it! Our Mom was a vibrant red-head.

What did he tell us? What did our Monsignor say?

From 1972-1979, at age 5 through 10, we learned that Rome hid huge secrets to humanity below its cathedrals and buildings. In catacombs where mere mortals cannot tread. We learned there is more than one Ark of The Covenant. The Arks hold supernatural powers, like metaphysical nuclear energy. Most wars begin to capture these Arks that are often moved all over the world all the time. the Nations with the Arks hold the power of Earth.

We learned that the original Catholic leaders, and pre-Bible oracles, all believed in reincarnation, ancient aliens and mystics. And that this world isn't all "there is." We learned almost dimension exists on this 3rd dimensional Earth. The higher the dimension, the more transparent it is. So we can't "see" these dimensions with our mind or physical eyes. Our souls "see" them. And you can train your brain to "see" them. The trick to that: believe and know they exist. "Seek and ye shall find," Dad would say.

He also taught us that fear and self-doubt impede and block our heart and soul energies. Laughter is the best way to elevate your soul energy. And spirits, souls, Angels exist all around us. While the supernatural is more powerful than our natural Earth, we still have to earn our life through physical means: hard work, determination, focus.

Back in the '70s and '80s, society didn't talk about these things. While Dad expanded our consciousness, Mom taught us how to be "human". Bake, cook, play, laugh, joke, be kind to everyone, be athletic and parts of a team, and make good grades. Our family motto "The family that laughs together, stays together."

By 1988, when my older brother and younger sister were shot and killed at one of our shops, both Mark and Kara visited me that day. Before and after it happened. I talked to my brother's soul as it hung from the ceiling in a stark hospital ICU room. The shooter destroyed his brain. Mark waited for me to arrive at the hospital before his heart stopped. Kara , was immediately DOA. She visited me a few minutes after her death. That night, after we returned home from the hospital, shocked, stunned and bereft, Mark and Kara visited us again - on the front porch. Dad and I knew instantly it was them. It took Mom a while to understand and know it too.

Before opening my psychic practice, I asked a Catholic priest if my work was OK. He said "Yes. If you know and sense that it is not you speaking. The minute your consciousness interferes with a client session, stop the session. If that happens repeatedly, go on vacation for 1-2 weeks. Don't work with clients when you cannot connect."

Of all the things I've done this lifetime, my Dad was proudest when I opened my psychic practice in Sedona. Mom wasn't pleased. But Dad was. He and I would talk about the business side and the spiritual side. "Keep your energy up and clean," he'd say. "It's the only way to do it well."

In some ways, I wonder if Mom felt like the 5th wheel around Dad and I. She heard everything Dad would teach us kids in the 1970s. Sometimes she rolled her eyes "Your Dad talks crazy sometimes." Sometimes she laughed with pleasure. Most times, she thought Dad's teachings were too complex for our young brains. I miss my parents. They were amazing together.

I believe Dad's teachings helped Mark and Kara visit us - so soon after their Earth body-deaths. After hundreds of messages from Mark and Kara - during that first year - Mom finally warmed up to the idea it was them. She was a huge skeptic. Because she wanted to believe it was them - so much! And didn't want to fool herself into believing something that wasn't true. This is why I love skeptics. I was raised with one! My Mother. Although part of my gifts come from her family side.

There is so much more to this Earth life than most people know or understand. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Here's a fun fact. Did you know the FBI investigated me as a Domestic Terrorist back in Sept-Oct 2022? Yep. A small town psychic with a tiny practice who loves America. About 30 minutes into our meeting at my Sedona office, the Flagstaff FBI Agent said "This is ridiculous. Someone on Twitter didn't like your opinion. Took us over 3 weeks to discover who you were: the "psychic patriot." You hid your tracks well. But you're absolutely not a threat to our nation." Since then, I got cleared by them. Sometimes I post political opinions on Social Media. I'm a constitutionalist - not Red or Blue - I'm red, white and blue. Still can't believe little-bitty me got flagged by the FBI. Truth is stranger than fiction, for sure.

My main political opinion: Our US Constitution is the most spiritual document ruling any nation before - or after - us. Although some Sumerian eras were awesome. We often believe the Greeks' philosophies helped form our nation. They got their info from Sumerians mixed with a few Atlanteans and ETs. Another fun fact.

There's so much more to your soul than you know. And many other mysteries of the World I'd like to reveal this year.

One take-away from this blog post, if you believe the Israel-Hamas war is about land for the Palestinians, it is not. If you believe Iraqi, Afghan and other wars were about oil or money. No. They're all about the Arks' metaphysical mysterious, strong power, and controlling human history - controlling us as souls. Hiding our strength. Control.

Wars happen for one main reason: Who will control that region or the World. Whether the control includes land, knowledge, or rewriting history. Ukraine war? That's about money laundering. Draining US taxpayers' funds to mere nibs. Deflating our dollar, raising inflation, stripping our resources: all to squeeze and control us. We forget that DC politicians work for us, and we pay their salaries. They're not celebrities nor our wealthy parents. Every dollar they spend, comes from us.

Spiritually speaking, we can change all the bad stuff happening in our world. Each of us has the power to stop the craziness. The power lies in your soul. Your soul power is the most sought-after commodity on the planet.

When you learn what you're capable of, you'll wonder why you ever doubted yourself. There's a difference between ego and soul power. Maybe I'll blog about that soon.

You can achieve so much in this life. Achievement is part of everyone's soul plan. Without achieving or succeeding, your soul doesn't get

exercise. We live on a physical planet with metaphysical components. Use both to achieve the life you desire.

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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