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Manifest Mojo

When asking for more (abundance or happiness) you must believe in those concepts. Believe they're attainable & excellent "white light" pursuits for you. Believe those concepts exist and you deserve them.

If you want prosperity or abundance - while believing poverty, austerity, limited earth resources are more common & spiritually better - your quest for prosperity, abundance, happiness, or wealth will fail. No matter how often you manifest or how much you want it.

Physics & science teach us "positive & negative forces are equal energies". Spirit Realm-Heaven-God teaches us the same. Want positive expansion and experiences in your life? Believe in the positive.

If you accept and truly believe the notion that you're meant to soar & succeed, you accept your Spirit Guides & Angels' advice better, easier. You feel excited. Your Spirit Guides & Angels feel your excitement. When your Spirit Guides & Angels feel excited, they help you faster and easier. You and your Spirit Guides-Angels become a real team! Moving toward joint goals: your happiness, success, and ease of motion on Earth.

The main goal of your Spirit Guides-Angels and your individual soul: help you expand, live life fully, feel self-empowered, accomplished, happy and ease your life on this planet. When you believe those concepts are meant for you - you align with your Spirit Guides-Angels and soul's energies! Your life becomes a team effort instead of a lonely uphill struggle. When we feel happy, positive, self-confident - our Spirit Guides-Angels and individual soul do too. Excitement is contagious.

If you were not meant to succeed in every way - you wouldn't have Spirit Guides & Angels helping you achieve your goals and desires: heart, mind, body, soul.

Think of your Spirit Guide-Angel team as a group of people who love you and want what is best for you. Think of them as your loving grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad or friends who encourage you, help you, love you, want you happy.

Happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance: States of mind that only occur when you truly believe you deserve it.

Shame or guilt stifles our success at achieving happiness, peace, abundance, prosperity, self-empowerment. Shame or guilt do exist; part of human condition. However. When manifesting or wanting more positive, expansive experiences in your life - filter out shame and guilt. Put negative emotions on a shelf when manifesting or dreaming about the wonderful, expansive life you desire. Believe in good. Believe in your infinite possibilities. Believe in prosperity and abundance. Believe you deserve it.

Namaste --

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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