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Manifesting Made Simple

Have you tried creating new things in your life and it doesn't seem to work? What you want and manifest doesn't happen? Use Moon Energy. Make your "wants" simple. Use Daily Affirmations to enhance it. Be patient & have faith "if it applies to you, it will happen. In it's rightful time."

New Moon Energy is a perfect time to manifest. Full Moons are "harvest time" when your manifesting usually produces results.

Manifesting & Meditating use the same energy & principles. If meditation is hard, chances are manifesting will also be hard. The keys to both: faith in yourself, your Spirit Guides-Angels and God; and make it simple.

(1) Know that your thoughts & emotion are heard-sensed by your Spirit Guides-Angels and God. Know that those positive entities listen to you and know your soul potential. Know that they want the best for you.

(2) Simple: Don't over-complicate your "want list" that you want manifested in physical reality.

Here are suggestions for manifesting that also apply to meditation. Main theme: keep it simple.

Sample "Want List". More money. Better relationship with a specific person. New relationship with a new person. New career. Promotion-raise in current career. Contemplating a physical move. Finish a project. Improved health. Spiritual Reconnect to your soul, Spirit Guides-Angels or your intuition.

(1) If any of those things apply to your "want list", first make sure the New Moon aligns with that energy.

For instance, today's Taurus Moon is about physical manifesting. Asking for spiritual reconnection today is not aligned with today's Moon energy. Go with the flow of the moon, not against it. Today, focus on items that apply to your physical world. Career, money, physical move, physical health, relationships.

(2) After you discover which energy aligns with New Moon (today is physical energy), make simple "wants." Then create affirmations connected to it.

Money: Want to make or have more money? Write it down and think simple. "I want to earn $$___ more by (this date)." or simply "I want more money in my bank account."

Affirmation for that: "I'm wealthy. I have the money to live the life I want."

With money, you can be specific about how much you want and by when. Timeline not as important as the energy-emotion you put behind it.

If you feel guilty about asking for money, or feel that you're practicing greed-consciousness (which is austerity consciousness) - don't ask for money yet. Wait until you get comfortable with prosperity.

Positive emotions must connect with your "want" in order to manifest it.

Building your prosperity consciousness: Say following once in morning and once at night: "Money is abundance. It's a reflection of my gifts to the world and how I want to live my life. I'm living an abundant life."

Money can be a complicated "want" that is hard to manifest for some people. Society often teaches us to refrain from connecting to money. You must decide if you'd rather live in poverty-austerity consciousness, worrying about paying bills, feeling sad you cannot take a trip or buy a car. Or live an abundant life where you're not worried about money anymore and can do things you enjoy. Your choice. Don't let society dictate your "wants". Open yourself up to Earth possibilities. We live a physical life that requires money. That's just a fact. How we respond to that: up to each of us as individuals.

Money can also mean investing: buying real estate, investing in stock market, etc. Investments = money. Set a specific "want". "I want to choose the best option for earning more money by ____ date." or "I want to put money somewhere that earns a ___% return." Let your Spirit Guides-Angels, God fill in the details.

Career or promotion: Want a new career or be promoted in your current career? Keeping it simple, just ask for that. Don't attach any conditions. Remember: your Spirit Guides-Angels and God hear you. They know you. You don't have to complicate your "want". Less is more. Ask: "I want a new career that brings abundance and self-worth." Or ask: "I want a promotion that makes me feel good." That's it! Simple.

Affirmation attached that: "I have a new career that brings financial abundance, stability, self-worth and it feels marvelous. I'm so happy!" Or "I received a promotion that fits me and my lifestyle perfectly. I'm very happy." Attach positive emotion to your affirmations.

Relationships. Want a more satisfying relationship with someone in your life? Choose a New Moon that relates to relationships. Simple Want: "I want to feel better (or communicate better) with ABC person." or "I want to mend fences with ABC person." Affirmation: "My relationship w/ABC person is smooth, open and satisfying. I feel good."

Want a romantic relationship to move forward? Simple want: "I want to know if ABC person is a good fit for me." or "I want my relationship w/ABC person to grow stronger, deeper, more satisfying." Affirmation: "My relationship w/ABC person is strong and satisfying." Or "___ and I are honest w/each other, trust each other and having fun."

Want a new relationship or romantic person? Simply state: "I want a new man/woman in my life that fits me and makes me smile & happy. Without challenges." Affirmation: "I'm romantically with a man/woman. His/her presence in my life brings me joy, peace, happiness. Love it! Thank you." __________________________________________

Simple Manifesting Steps:

(1) Create your "want list" before or during New Moons. Full Moons "harvest" your desires/wants. Attach good, positive emotion to your "want". If you don't feel good about your want, it won't happen. If you don't LOVE your want, it won't happen. If you're afraid of getting your "want", it won't happen.

(2) Choose "wants" that align with particular New Moon energies.

(3) State your "want" simply. Write it down. Let your Spirit guides-Angels and God take care of the details. They know us better than we know ourselves most times. They know our soul and heart. Let them handle the details.

(4) Create affirmation connected to your want. State your affirmation in morning and night. You can state it just once in am/pm; or 3x times am/pm. Your choice.

(5) BELIEVE you will get that "want." Believe and know that your Spirit Guides-Angels and God hear you and will bring your "want" to you in the best timing and the best type of "want".

(6) Be patient. Wait for result. Don't doubt yourself or your Spirit Helpers. Doubt is a negative energy that clouds you from attracting what you want.

(7) Have fun manifesting! Know that you can manifest easily. If it doesn't come easy, or isn't fun, stop doing it for a while. Get back to it when you feel better and more positive.

Most common mistake we make when manifesting: we attach too many conditions to it. Don't do that. Make it simple.

2nd most common mistake: We ask for things that aren't part of our path right now or not aligned w/our soul energy or destiny. Practicing your manifesting skills will teach you how to improve them to fit who you are. Practice makes perfect!

Happy Creating!

Namaste - The Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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