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Mass Shootings

We all want to be heard, seen, recognized and acknowledged. It's a human need: like the need for shelter, food and water. Those are physical needs. We also have emotional needs: to be heard, seen, recognized, acknowledged.

Mass Shooters seek notoriety, recognition and fame. They have an inner need to be heard, seen, recognized and acknowledged. They don't care how their needs affect other people's lives; or their own lives, emotional well-being and spiritual essence (soul).

Mass Shooters' needs to be recognized in society is stronger than their concept of "right from wrong". That character trait is considered sociopathic &/or psychotic by the American Psychological Association.

Want to know answers from the Spirit Realm? Their messages about Mass Shootings is below. Their ultimate guidance/message: "Mass shootings are another example & reminder that Evil exists. Protect yourself and others. New phase of human evolution: interdependence, hero energy and helping each other through tragic times. Surround yourself with good people."

All mass shooters plan their massacres in advance. They want to send a message and ensure people hear it. That message (or messages) mimics a suicide note. Mass shooters are mental, emotional, and spiritual bereft, empty and off-balanced. Whatever their "message" or manifesto provides no real clue why they committed such a horrendous crime. There is no rationale nor reasoning in the mind of a mass shooter.

Today's media, and people in general, seek out answers after a Mass Shooting - or any shooting. Why did this happen? Why did that person commit such an atrocity? Who or what can we blame?

Truth: there is no one and nothing to blame but the shooter. Reading the shooter's manifesto (most mass shooters create one), social media posts, journals and writings, talking with people who know him/her - give clues but not the entire puzzle/answer. Why? The shooter was either sociopathic, psychotic, full of evil or all of the above. That's the answer.

As compassionate, rational and understanding as we are: our compassionate hearts and rational minds simply cannot comprehend, understand or add "light" to a mass shooting and the shooter. The mind, heart, soul of the shooter is simply incomprehensible, unjustifiable and evil. And that's how we must see it.

The Spirit Realm views mass shootings and mass killings (massacres) as the most tragic, soul-wrenching, incomprehensible acts by humans on this planet. Whenever a mass shooting or massacre occurs, I ask the Spirit Realm: what's the message here?

Their answers:

"It's never political-driven unless carried out by a government or political leader (eg Hitler, Mao, Stalin). Today's American media gets it wrong all the time. Blaming the wrong target. The target is the shooter. And only the shooter. The reason you cannot fathom, comprehend or understand the mind, heart, soul of a mass shooter is simple. Good people cannot understand bad people. Bad people exist. Evil exists. You cannot prevent bad or evil. You can only acknowledge that bad and evil exist. And live your life in a positive, good, caring, compassionate way.

"Do not have compassion for mass shooters, government massacres, murderers. That creates inner soul and heart conflict and damage - for any individual who twists in a pretzel to feel compassion for evil and bad. Pay no attention to the shooter. Don't give them any time and energy. Let us (Spirit Realm-Heaven-God) take care of those people and mend them. It's not society's or individual good people's job. It's our job.

"Concentrate on the victims, survivors and their families. Help them heal. Shine your Light on them. Share your goodness with them. Concentrate on the goodness in the world and hearts of others.

"Do not acknowledge nor give notoriety to the shooter. The shooter is undeserving of compassion, notoriety, fame, media attention. Shooters cross a line, a point of no return, and cannot recover nor be rehabilitated. Don't even try. They crossed a line. Their punishment occurs in the Spirit Realm; not on Earth. Know this truth.

"Mass shootings and massacres create PTSD for everyone in society; erasing all sense of safety and security. That's the depth of evil living inside a shooter. Victims, survivors and their family members will live in fear longer than society will.

"After mass shootings, do something that makes you feel good and reveals the beauty of the world you live in. Concentrate on love, Light and beauty. Not the evil. There is more goodness, Light and beauty in your world than evil and bad.

"Mass Shootings are a reminder to everyone: take situational awareness classes. Know how to physically protect yourself and others around you. Take personal and societal responsibility for your life and lives of others. Human consciousness has moved into a new phase: heroic energy. That's the pattern. It's not political. It's spiritual and emotional. Honor your life. Respect life. Honor others. Respect others. Remember your life is precious.

"These are the answers for everyone living on the planet at this time. When a mass shooting occurs, forget the shooter. Know the shootings are NOT political-based. Focus on the victims, survivors and families. And focus on your own healing. There is no justification or reasoning found in Evil. Evil exists. Protect yourself and others."

Hopefully this post helps you process Mass Shootings - emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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