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My Beliefs

After a phone session this week, the client asked me "what do you believe? What are your beliefs about parallel universes, multi-verses, God, religion, spirituality, why we're on this planet, different dimensions, quantum physics, etc.? How do you communicate with these entities, Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and our soul information? Is it all real? Or not?"

Well. That's quite a list! And excellent questions. You may wonder the same.

When I channel for clients, I place my beliefs, personality, emotions and thoughts on a shelf before the session begins. Whether the client is in my physical office or on the phone in Brazil or Australia - I practice complete detachment. People hire me to communicate with their individual soul, their soul blueprint, their unique Angels-Spirit Guides, their individual Lost Loved Ones. Detaching from my beliefs and "Earth form" is the only way to successfully assist them. Detaching allows a clear "channel" that produces authentic, unfiltered results. Client readings are about the CLIENT not me.

Your session is a private conversation between you, your soul, your "Spirit" Team and Lost Loved Ones who know you and want the best for you: happiness, joy, balance, confidence and empowerment. Your beliefs and life path is all that matters. Sticking my nose into your session adds too many voices in an already crowded conversation! I wouldn't be able to keep up! Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the pot.

When this particular client asked these questions after our session, I was excited to share my personal beliefs. I rarely express them. Most Blog Posts are "channeled" information. Including parts of Grief posts.

The ultimate answer to those questions: I believe in all of it. Everything is true and fits together. We choose which beliefs serve us best: which ones make our life easier, more fulfilling, more empowering, provide a sense of community; sense of accomplishment; happiness and joy.

If you believe in something that stresses you out, change the subject! Replace that belief with a new one that feels more balanced. Choose beliefs that bring you peace not turmoil. Your soul consciousness thrives in peace and balance. Let it thrive. We're lucky to live on Earth at this moment with so many beliefs to choose from.

Over the last few decades, I've witnessed some amazing and surprising things. Either through client sessions or personal experience. Our experiences color or mold our beliefs.

During client sessions, my "channel" has traveled through parallel universes; other dimensions not of this Earth; past, present and future of clients' soul lives or clients' past, present, future in this lifetime. All in one session. Time travel exists because I've experienced it through client sessions and my own personal experience.

When you have choices to "turn left, right, straight or U-turn", whatever your choice determines your next outcome: creating a new "universe" for you. In most instances, you can take a U-turn if the other directions did not work.

Extra-terrestrial entities (ETs) exist: whether from other planets or our Angels, Spirit Guides in "Heaven". Worm holes, string theory, quantum physics, multi-verses exist. And even more theories, concepts exist. Earth technology has advanced, however, we still have rudimentary instruments that cannot accurately measure or detect all the potential and presence of "The Great Universe".

Our brains mimic "the great universe." The brain multi-tasks (multi-dimensional): performing automatic tasks like breathing and pumping blood while we focus on a work project, think about our childs' next swim meet and simultaneously daydream about our past, present or future. Multi-dimensional: we operate in several dimensions while living on Earth!

Each of us is unique. Our beliefs, norms, life paths, soul energy - completely different from one person to another. We share some common bonds, no matter our differences: we all live on this planet; we want to be "the best me"; we face challenges; we strive for success, empowerment, happiness, companionship, "feel good" relationships. Whatever beliefs help you easily achieve all that: keep believing them. There is not one "BEST" belief.

I was raised and baptized Catholic. Also attended other churches, synagogues. Read the Bible, Torah and most of the Koran. When I feel lost or disconnected, I revert back to my childhood beliefs and attend Catholic Mass or visit a Catholic Church where I kneel and pray. Clients come to me from different cultures, religious affiliations, backgrounds. Every client is different. I enjoy the variety. While their beliefs may differ, they are all very good people who care about their family, spouses, friends, animals and society as a whole. They do no harm. They love others. They help others. They have pure spirits-souls that need an extra boost or guidance to simplify or ease their complicated lives. My Spirit Guides-Angels send me the best clients! All kind-hearted, pure souls. I'm very lucky.

Last point. What's missing in American culture and politics is God. Whether you believe in one God or several. Having faith in a supreme being or something (entity) bigger than you is necessary for every one living on this planet. We need to know right vs wrong; boundaries are important. We need reassurance that we're doing the best things. We need purity of spirit, direction, reassurance from a Higher Source. Whether that source is God, our Higher Self, Angels or entities from another planet.

One person recently said: "I believe in one God. I believe we're meant to be Angels on Earth. I practice that daily."

What a wonderful belief. Allowing Angelic energy to flow through you and onto others is the most amazing experience we feel on Earth. It connects us to our soul, others' souls, Heaven, other universes and makes our Sacred Path on Earth flow beautifully, perfectly, peacefully and joyfully. That's the ultimate goal for each of us. Elevates our frequency which enhances our Earth experience.

For the last few decades, I've been fortunate to feel that Angelic energy flow through me and onto others: whether during client sessions, personal visits from my Angels-Spirit Guides, or Lost Loved Ones while I grieve them or miss them. That feeling is magical. It connects me to "all that is." Each of us can feel that.

During this past Christmas, I missed everyone in "heaven" so much, they all showed up and stepped into my aura field, touching my heart and soul. Such warmth, love, compassion - when I needed it most.

I also believe our physical bodies and external signals forewarn us of trouble ahead, existing conflicts or reassure us. Some people may consider this "superstition." And they might be right! But it works for me. When my skin breaks out in a rash, it means I'm not fully protected, someone is spreading rumors or harming me without my knowledge. When I channel for answers and ask my Angels to "take care of it", the rash goes away and I'm protected again.

When a predator enters my life (someone not acting in your best interest), I find a roach in or near my house. I repeat the same successful pattern: Channel answers from my Angels then ask them to protect me from predators.

When I feel cold for no reason, it means "spirits" are around. Whether they're my Angels-Spirit Guides-Loved Ones or other entities just passing through.

Those are just a few "signals" I receive that remind me to "channel" answers and updates and ask my Angels for protection. Our Angels and Spirit Guides are always willing to help us. All we have to do is ask them. Just like psychic readings: You ask, they answer. Making your life easier, more balanced, joyful. My psychic channel-medium gifts are strong because I use them in my daily life since mid-70s! Practicing what you preach; walking your talk - very important trait that keeps you in balance with high integrity no matter what you do.

Hope you enjoyed these explanations about my beliefs. Wishing you the best of everything as you walk your Sacred Path on Earth.

--- Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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