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Negative Words

We’re now conditioned to deflect “negative.” So the words “don’t”, “stop”, “bad” appear negative. Causing us to deflect any truth in the “negative” message.

Spiritual Truth

When we behave “badly”, someone saying ‘STOP’ or ‘DON’T’ redirects us toward our good, positive, balanced path again. Being redirected is a GOOD THING! Redirection using contrary words is GOOD! For our heart, soul, mind and body.

Actions have consequences. If you touch a hot stove and no one says "Don't do that!" the first time you try it, you will not know to be careful next time. You will not know that burning your fingers is wrong. You will not know the stove burnt your fingers. Until maybe the second or third time you try it.

Another example: You're 6 years old and eat only chocolate for 3 straight days and nothing else. No one was around to "redirect" you. You wake up on 3rd or 4th day feeling ill, with bad skin and irritable bowels. Until someone redirects you next time, you will not know that eating chocolate, and only chocolate, for 3 straight days caused your discomfort.

When someone redirects you, it is because they care about you. It is because they respect, admire, love or care about you. It is a sign of soul respect. Especially when they say it with gentleness, kindness; not with a disagreeable, nasty or violent tone.

Learning how to "redirect" ourselves and others, using a soft, gentle yet firm approach, is important for our Spiritual Enlightenment, Emotional Balance & Self-Empowerment. Many webinars, seminars, workshops, books and Life Coaches remind us of these things. We're social animals. Knowing the decent, classy way to be "social" is important to all of our "sides": spirit, heart, mind, body.

If we behave “badly” and no one says “Stop” or “Don’t”, we won’t know to correct a behavior that contradicts our heart and soul desires, destiny, balance and happiness.

When no one redirects us toward our best highest self - in a gentle, nurturing, loving way that we can accept - we walk our Sacred Life Path aimlessly with no boundaries, no compass, no chance for peace, balance and happiness.

Negative words or responses mentioned in a gentle, peaceful way (vs nasty or violent) help us redirect or take a step back and reflect. Deflecting negative harms us.

In the Spirit Realm, inside our souls and to our minds: negative and positive carry the same weight. Neither concept is opposite each other. Neither concept - good or bad, negative or positive - is more powerful than the other.

Earth is a bit more binary: requiring strong boundaries, math & physics to navigate it more easily and joyfully.

Earth's binary concepts such as Up-Down, Courage-Fear, Black-White, Dark-Light, Positive-Negative (as examples) are important concepts to accept during our Earth experiences. Happy-Sad. Give-Receive. Release-Create. We cannot choose one over the other. They are mutually inclusive.

We must accept the binaries (positive and negative) to fully enjoy our life on Earth in every possible way.

Accepting positive without accepting negative will lead to soul deprivation, soul destiny failure, depression, suicide, addictions, loneliness, unsubstantiated fears, isolation. Ancient Proverb: "A Blind Man does not know Darkness because he has never seen Light."

Choose to accept BOTH positive and negative. Live your life fully, happily. Enjoy and breathe in every binary second and every challenge plus victory. You have a choice. Free Will. Choose well.

After your life is over, the main critics reviewing your life: your soul and your unique Angels who want you to feel happiness, balance, and create many huge accomplishments during this lifetime of yours.

While walking your Sacred Path on this planet, remember you will grade yourself later, after death. Strive for a 4.0 GPA. Not a 1.5 GPA. Your soul will love you for it. And you'll have a wonderful time on Earth. Accept both positive and negative. That's the Earth experience.

Over 4 decades, I've trained dogs and worked with horses. When they misbehave or act out, flatly saying "no" without anger, creating gentle resistance (a soft nudge) or distracting them - creates the "redirect" they need to return to their best behavior and best selves.

With people, the method works the same. Except you use words. A good friend once taught me this trick when disagreements happen with a grown adult - especially someone we love and respect:

"Wait. Time-out. Did you really want to say that? You're obviously upset. Let's not escalate the situation. Let's both take a breath for a minute, regroup. (pause for a while) What do you really want to say? What are you feeling right now? Talk to me." Then sit back and listen while they speak. Be ready to "agree to disagree" without emotion. Pick your battles.

When someone behaves badly or escalates the situation into rage or drama, that tactic works every time. Tried and true. It's similar to tactics used by Hostage Negotiators. It's the best way to redirect the person without using negative words. That method takes practice. But it's well worth it.

Wishing you a robust, joyful life. Today, tomorrow and many tomorrows to come.

Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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