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Relationship Reminder from Angel Realm

In your personal life (not professional life), choose people who bring you value, make you smile, feel good, supported and loved.

Professional relationships are different. This post applies to your personal, not professional, life.

We moved into a new phase of Human Spiritual-Emotional Evolution since June 18th.

Message from Angel Realm: "Don't make your personal life harder than it needs to be. Stop feeling unworthy of good. Start feeling worthy of good, positive relationships."

If you're 45 years old or older, you have learned your "personal life" relationship lessons and challenges. You don't have to repeat difficult or challenging relationship themes - unless you enjoy punishing yourself.

If you twist yourself into a pretzel to understand someone or why they are in your life. If you often wonder "what value does this person bring to me? Why is this person constantly hurting me? Why does this person constantly punish me for being me?" If any of those questions apply, that person is NOT meant to be in your life.

Some people believe Soulmates constantly challenge us. They do not. If they're true soulmates, they provide more good value and good feelings than bad. If you believe someone is your Soulmate, yet 50-80% of the time they make you feel bad - that is NOT a soulmate! He/she is a learning experience. Learning experiences make you feel bad 50-80% of the time. Soulmates make you feel GOOD 70-80% of the time.

Walk away from people who create drama or constant conflicts. Walk away from people who bring you no value, make you cry, constantly upset you or make you feel unworthy of love or anything positive.

The exception: your children or adult children. However - even with our children or adult children, if they create drama or constant conflict, we must draw a line in the sand, practice strong boundaries and tough love - if they continuously disrespect us or challenge us.

If your adult child consistently makes you feel bad or guilty - physically separate from him/her. If he/she has become a substance abuse addict, and your numerous attempts to "help" prove worthless, physically separate from him/her. He/she will "get their lesson" without you.

Oftentimes our children (adult or younger), learn faster when we as parents do NOT teach them. Has this ever happened to you? A neighbor or close friend says: "Your 10-year-old son Johnny was so easy and well-behaved at the slumber party last night." While Johnny might act like the Tazmanian Devil at home. Same concept applies. Let your kids and adult children be themselves, create their own identities and consequences, without hovering around them.

Back to personal "difficult" people. The lesson with difficult or "hard to understand" people: Showing you what you do NOT want. Knowing what you do NOT want is as equally important as knowing what you want.

Your Life Equation = What you want + What you don't want. It's different and unique for every person. Because we're all unique and different. To walk through life easier, face challenges in an easy way, choose good people in your Inner Circle.

Heaven, the Spirit-Angel Realm, Angels and God want us to live happy lives as often as possible. Not difficult, sad or conflicting lives.

Sometimes we keep difficult people in our lives because we feel we deserve it. We feel guilty about something from our past; we feel unworthy of love and goodness; we feel the need to be "punished" somehow.

Message from Angel Realm: "Don't make your personal life harder than it needs to be. Stop feeling unworthy of good. Start feeling worthy of good, positive relationships."

Evaluate and reassess your Inner Circle often: your group of friends, allies and family members. Surround yourself with good, honest, authentic people who enjoy being with you - and you enjoy being with them. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Know who to trust and who NOT to trust. Know who to keep close, who to distance from, and who to walk away from.

Cull your herd often. The herd of people who surround you. To navigate through life easier, with confidence and positivity - choose your allies well. It is your first adult responsibility.

While we walk this new Human Spiritual Evolution path, since June 18th, keeping "difficult people" in our lives - who make us feel bad - is just wasted time. Walk away from bad. Walk with good.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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