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Religion vs. Spirituality

Meant to post this 2 weeks ago, before Easter and Passover. Sorry for the delay. Concept still applies even if the timing is "off."

Spirituality exists in most religions. Religion exists in the Spiritual Movement.

According to Webster's Dictionary, religion is "The Service and Worship of God or the Supernatural. A devotion to a religious faith. A personal set or institutionalized system of religious beliefs, attitudes and practices."

Over the last 20+ years, including today, many people claim "I'm more spiritual than religious". I've proclaimed that too, as a non-practicing Catholic. Why do we say that? We don't want to be cornered into strict practices or rules of a specific religion. Or we believe the theory: "religion created to calm the masses. I'm a free-thinker. Don't need religion to calm or lobotomize me."

What I've learned these last few years? While proclaiming to be "more spiritual than religious", I still practice a religion. I still pray to God. Believe in God. Have faith in Angels, Spirit Guides and Lost Loved Ones. I connect to God's presence before every psychic session for the last 30 years. And when I feel spiritually bereft or disconnected, I use rosary beads, meditation, prayer or find a Catholic Church. What's all that mean? According to Webster's, I still practice a religion while claiming I don't. What a hypocrite, right? That changes today.

Many people in my profession stay away from the word "religion". In my psychic practice, I work with clients from all types of religions and spiritual backgrounds. To the Spirit Realm-God-Heaven, it's all the same. Whether the client believes in Ufology (ET "Giants" or Aliens), Spirituality only, Catholicism, Christianity, Book of Mormon, Judaism, Paganism, Taoism, Buddhism, or Native American tribal religions or practices - to God, the Angels and Spirit Guides, a person's faith carries the same positive "belief" energy. It's all the same to them, no matter your religious faith.

It is my job to convey messages from The Spirit Realm-God-Heaven. These past 2 weeks, The Spirit Realm wanted this topic discussed: spirituality vs religion. To help us all understand: there is no real difference in the two concepts.

Belief in God or a Supreme Being stabilizes our spiritual energy; our soul energy. Believing in something greater than yourself is spiritually and emotionally healthy. Your specific beliefs &/or practices of your "faith" is personal to you. It's your personal connection to God (or Supreme Being), your soul, and your soul's potential.

If you claim to be "spiritual only", you still use practices that reinforce your faith. Whether it's meditation, clearing your house with a Sage Smudge Stick, using a pendulum, crystals, conscious breathing or bells and crystal bowls. You reinforce your spirituality, your soul connection to something, with certain practices, beliefs and attitudes. Just as Catholics, Christians, Jewish, Mormons and Buddhists do. All of it is considered "religion."

Our individual spiritual or religious practices might differ but our overall intention is the same: connection to God and our soul.

When we feel connected to something bigger than us (God), we don't sweat the small stuff much. Walking our Sacred Path is easier. We feel guided and assisted. That grounds us; empowers us; motivates us. We also feel more compassionate and tolerant toward others.

Two days ago, a friend quoted Malcolm X: “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” We weren't talking about politics, religion nor spirituality. But it reminded me to write this. A strong belief in God holds you up when you're falling. Especially when you're most vulnerable: during grief.

Wishing you limitless spiritual blessings.

Namaste - The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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