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Remember Who You Are

This month marks 34 years since the deaths of my brother Mark (26) and sister Kara (20). Part of my soul family. Within minutes after their deaths, they visited. And almost every day since. Boundless love for them. Boundless love from them. Love never dies. During dark moments after their deaths, they'd visit and say: "Remember Who You Are. Your strengths and magic. Use it. Don't waste it". They suggested today's topic. "People forgetting who they are. Their strengths and power. Remind them."

If you feel the world spinning around you, or darkness overcoming you, this article created to bring you some wisdom, solace or peace. Restore your spirit. Remind you Who You Are. Anchor you. Protect you. Empower you. Grab your favorite beverage. This is a long one.

Hopi: Remember Who You Are

Last week, I ran into a local guide who just returned from the annual Hopi "Coming Home" ceremony in Arizona. Serendipity, synchronicity.

He spoke of the ceremony. How The Hopi, after years of division into 3 subgroups, reunited into one force again. During those lost years, they couldn't make rain. One of Hopi's several gifts passed from Anasazi. Being One with Earth Mother; moving Earth and Sky elements. They let prophecy, fear or doubt disconnect them from their true identity and essence.

"They finally remembered Who They Are," he said. "A visiting tribe reminded them. That night, they made rain. Elusive task for years. Happened within minutes - effortlessly."

Since their ceremony, almost 3 weeks ago, it rains every day in Arizona. Strongest monsoon in years. Drenched our endless forest fires. Stopped new ones. Arizona crop farms, ranches and water-table get daily rain. Wildlife, livestock, plants, produce and people cool off, relax and grow. Hopi regained their confidence.

Hopi know more about the workings of Heaven and Earth than most scientists. When they forgot who they were, it created imbalances. Within their tribe and spreading outside their tribe.

One subgroup was "New Age Hopi". I balked at that. "What? That's Hopi Blasphemy! They truly lost their way." My friend agreed.

What caused the Hopi "lost years"? They stuck to prophecies like The White Buffalo. Allowed fear to take hold. They forgot: Prophecies are warnings - not Divine Destiny. Now awake again, they can relax. Be themselves. Use their magic and Free Will to buck the prophecies. Do life differently. Create a new reality.

Remember Who You Are

Each of us is part of a tribe. Physical and Soul tribe. Each of us holds unique magic, strengths and gifts - passed to us from our specific tribe. Within our tribes, we are still unique. Know your gifts. Remember them. Use them.

While we are all One, our gifts and personalities are purposely diverse. Creating a magical tapestry we call Life. If Life's tapestry was one color, it would be bland, boring, undesirable. Our souls wouldn't stretch and play.

Sedona's Red Rocks are most beautiful against the contrasting clear blue sky. As you are most beautiful from your unique, diverse gifts, talents, perceptions and personality.

You have the same gift I do. I simply practice it more often. Remember you have same gift and can access it anytime, anywhere. Truly believe it. Then you will do it.

There is more magic living inside you than you realize. You can "channel" your Loved Ones. You can manifest what your heart or soul desires. The keys live inside you. Remember who you are. Remember what makes you smile. Remember the people you love. Even if you lost them. Remember your soul power.

You can stop the spinning world. You can slow it down. One of your gifts. You just forgot. If you feel the world spinning, stop or slow it down. With your mind and soul intention. First step: knowing you can. Remembering you can. Next step: Practice. Often.

Scientists say the average person uses 12-15% of his/her brain on a daily basis. In my profession, the average person uses about 20% of his/her soul on a daily basis.

One thing we fear most: not realizing our true potential.

Forgetting who you are naturally disconnects you from your soul's true potential. Like Hopi, you disconnect from your magic and live in fear or weakness. Not living with love, faith and confidence. You can change that. With the power of your soul, mind, heart and body.

Affirmations, reinforcing your beauty within, prayer, meditation, or having a buddy who reminds you "who you are" will pop you back into place. The Hopi popped back into place through the wisdom of another tribe. Find someone like that. Who encourages you. Reminds you of your beauty and strengths.

Society dumb-downs the masses. For control. Diluting your individual magic-strengths - to the lowest common denominator. There is nothing common or low about you. You're much more powerful than you realize. You really are. Test your strengths, magic and gifts. Often. Stretch your soul.

We often believe we live in the Information Age and Age of Technology - like never before on Earth. Not true. Ancient civilizations like Hellenic, Mesopotamia, Mayan, Inca and others created same tools and technology - over 2,000-7,000 years ago. We just forgot. Or society hid the evidence. Last 15-20 years, archaeologists discovering new artifacts substantiating this.

The human race hasn't created anything new in eons. Society we live in today - rinse and repeat over thousands of years. We forgot. Even End Times prophecies are "rinse and repeat". Until we push out of the cycle of social conditioning and realize our soul's potential and power. Amazing, isn't it.

You are a product of your family. Good, bad, indifferent. They helped mold you. Whether you had idyllic childhood, like we did. (Thank God for that! Great memories.). Or your childhood was disjointed or dysfunctional. Your family molded you. You either learned what TO BE; or what NOT to be. Family molds you - even if they're not your Soul Family.

Mark, Kara, Mom and I: we're soul family. That's rare. Whether soul-family or not, your Earth family still helped mold you into the magnificent person you are today.

Remember Who You Are. Don't force it. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Stay calm. The answers will come.

In loving memory of my Mark and Kara. They still visit, reminding me Who I Am. Blessed and Grateful.

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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