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Rise Above.

It's hard to rise above all the rancor, division, censorship, bad economy, inflation and chaos, isn't it? How can you stay sane and spiritually connected in today's crazy world? Here are some tips.

First, you need to know a little about me. How I'm an expert at rising above.

During 2015-2018, my parents fell ill then died.

I left Sedona to help them. Still worked my practice as a psychic-channel-medium.

While waiting in hospitals during parents' emergency heart surgeries, chemo and other treatments, I often stepped outside to work with phone clients.

At first, I was afraid. Feared my personal stress would block my channel. Clients' sessions were important. Feared I couldn't channel in a different environment than my Sedona office. Feared I would fail: my clients and myself. Feared I couldn't work, while taking care of my parents. Wondered how long it would last. Six months? One year? Two years?

Since the psychic practice was my sole source of income, if my channel failed, what type of job would I seek out? Where and how would I find it? Could I balance the demands of a new job with caring for my parents? What if new job responsibilities interfered with my parents' needs? Taking care of them - my primary goal. Employers may see me as irresponsible, not committed to them. I wouldn't be. Stressed over parents' health and treatments: what if they die?

I stared directly at all those fears. Then flipped them.

Created a new mantra: "This tests my psychic abilities. If I clean and clear my channel under these conditions, I'm a good psychic-channel. Reinforcing self-confidence."

Changed the way I cleaned and cleared my channel. Without stress, I clean and clear within 30 seconds. With stress? Expanded "clear" time to 20 minutes. Used same techniques as in Sedona. Added more emphasis and focus on "clearing" channel.

I also limited my client calendar to three days a week, instead of six days. Upfront and honest with clients: "I'm helping my parents with health issues. If my channel doesn't connect for you, we can reschedule or I'll issue refund. Is that OK?"

Fear-busting modifications worked! During the first month, only 1% client sessions didn't go well. Three out of 30. Those clients were wonderful; rescheduled on a non-hospital day.

Main points of story. Stress and fear consumed almost every area of my life. I pushed past the fears and limitations. Flipped script from fear to faith. Committed to it. Then modified my normal pattern and behavior to rise above. Created a plan and stuck to it. After that first month, I was an expert at channeling clear for clients within 1 minute. No matter where I was or what challenges I faced - before or after a client session.

It also reinforced this: When working with clients, I'm not present. Your Spiritual Team is. Guidance you receive comes straight from your Angels-Spirit Guide Team and Departed Loved Ones. I put my consciousness on a shelf. They use my voice to communicate with you.

If I can move through fears, so can you!

Today's world is NUTS! You can actually make it LESS nutty. I promise you.

You make the world more sane by controlling your reactions to it. Buck the fears. Replace them with faith in your soul. Rising above the chaos, you raise your soul vibration. Your vibration affects the global pattern. That's the Butterfly Effect. Your soul energy transforms energies and people around you. That's proven through Emoto's Water Experiment.

Your soul energy is that powerful. Plus, when you rise above (heart, soul, mind), you work your soul as it's intended to work! On this planet. Your soul loves to work. So do your Angels and Spirit Guides. Work them! Use their tools and energy.

When you feel balanced, confident and calm, you change the energy around you. Your energy affects every living thing around you, including the Earth you walk on.

When you rise above and raise your vibration, you affect Earth, people, plants, animals, global frequency and the floor you walk on. And you sleep better too. If only 5% global population did this - every day - chaos and pending doom would disappear. I know this for a fact.

When you rise above, you can still stay informed. Watch news, check social media. You wont' be as affected by negativity. You may even transcend daily news and global patterns - stopping global chaos - by directing your energy around the world. Visualizing the globe calming down. You're that powerful.

Once you know how to rise above in your personal life, you can use same tactics to rebalance the world. I've done this. With hurricanes. Lessened their strength, changed their original direction or moved energies so they disappear within a few days. You can do the same thing. I'm no different than you. We carry similar DNA. What I do, you can do too. It just takes practice. The only difference between you and me: I practice more often.

Steps to Rise Above and Raise Your Vibration

Face your fears. Be completely objective about them. We're all afraid of something. It makes us human. Using your mind, heart and soul energies - flip the script from fear to faith. That's the reason we're all here on this planet. To transcend and push through limitations. That's your soul's greatest power.

Once you stare at your fears, create a mantra, or affirmation, that replaces those fears with Faith. I had all sorts of fears back then. My mantra: If I can clean and clear my channel under extreme stress, I'm good at what I do."

Your mantra or affirmation might be:

"My soul and heart are stronger than this. I naturally attract good. Every thought I have creates my reality. I want ____ reality. I want to prove to myself that I can do _________." That's not ego. It's your soul power and intention to rise above chaos, stress or negativity into a positive reality.

You can't rise above, if your heart, soul and mind are not aligned properly. Any positive change in your life starts with your heart, soul. Then moves into your mind. Once you attach your body to it (take action), it all falls into place. Remember to be patient with yourself. Your soul has no concept of time. Your soul energy moves fast, in a millisecond. Remember that Earth time moves much slower. So be patient.

Your natural gifts since birth - helping you rise above any obstacle and fear. Soul strength. Willpower. Faith over Fear. Remember that your soul loves exercise. Using your soul to transcend fears - it's happy! When you don't use your soul and heart to transcend and overcome fear, depression and anxiety grow. Your soul wants to work; not sit idle.

Other steps: Create a mantra you repeat - that replaces fear with faith. Create a Life Plan you love.

Stick to it. Be patient. Look for opportunities, windows or doors - that make you smile. Raise your vibration. Here are other ideas for you.

Ways to Raise Your Vibration - Rise Above

  1. Start your day in Gratitude. Think of 5 things you're grateful for - before you get out of bed in morning. They can be as simple as "I'm still breathing." And take a few deep breaths. Then say "Clean air feels good. My lungs feel good. God has something good for me to do."

  2. When you get down or upset during the day, remember your Gratitude list. Think of something positive - or something you love. For just 2 minutes, imagine it.

  3. Take a deep breath. Or several of them. Breathwork does wonders! I used it all the time. Before it was cool and I knew it was so effective.

  4. After your Gratitude morning ritual, eat or drink something that powers your body. It can be a cold glass of water, water with lemon, a warm cup of coffee, protein drink, Vitamin C tablet. Whatever feels good to you - and fuels or "sets" your body. Your body knows what it likes.

  5. After your Gratitude and "body fuel" rituals, set an intention for the day. Just one. i.e. "I feel good all day today." or "I will see a miracle today." or "I succeed today." or "Today I feel more joy than yesterday." It's best to set an intention in current tense (I am, I feel, I love, Today is ____).

  6. After you do those 3 steps (Gratitude, Body Fuel, Intention), move your body around to music. A song you really like. Dance or exercise to it. This stimulates your body's natural endorphins. Starting the day like this: You're dressed for success! Your heart, mind and body in sync. - Also, this is what wealth-creators and successful people do.

  7. Create a Life Plan you love. If you don't love your life. If you love your life, refuel it by waking up GRATEFUL for it! Life Plan: make it realistic. "Winning the lottery" isn't a plan. It's a dream. A plan is something you create and act on - that lasts a long time.

  8. Raise Your Vibration. All it takes is your intention. And your Faith that you CAN raise your vibration. Intend it. Then say it aloud or to yourself "My vibration is getting faster, rising higher." When you intend something, your Spiritual Team (Guides & Angels) help make it happen. Sometimes within seconds or a few days. We let our brains and fear stop it. Don't fear or doubt, just do it. INTEND that your vibration is getting higher. Through affirmation or visualizing your soul expanding and connecting with "all that is."

  9. You have a natural antenna in your soul. It runs on a high vibration and attaches to other dimensions while you're walking this Earth. Trust that. Know that. Intend it.

  10. Manage your Social Media time. It's 80% negative on there. I highly suggest that parents limit their kids' social media time to 1 hour per day. Young minds don't need negative fuel. For you, maybe 2 hours is best. Then - DON'T do it! Don't grab your phone every 20 minutes like it's a cigarette or crack pipe. Please stop Social Media and Smartphone addiction. Addictions are the Number One cause of low vibrations.

  11. Talk to someone you like - once a day.

  12. Food. Eat real whole food at least once/day. A no-sugar meal. Once a day. Sugar fuels depression, cancer, alzheimers, dementia, anxiety, diabetes, and inflammation. Eat at least one meal with no sugar (no carbs too).

  13. Do at least one thing every day - that makes you smile.

  14. Bedtime. Listen to soft music before bed. Read an inspiration book. Not an e-book or through your laptop or phone. Turn off electronics, especially Siri or Alexa, before bed. Smart-homes' wifi signals disturb sleep. If you live in a smart-home, turn off all devices before bed.

  15. Sleep. At least 6 hours straight each night. Take aspirin as a sleep-helper if you need to. Or take melatonin tablets or drink cherry juice.

  16. At any time during the day, take a 5-min break. Breathe. Meditate. Turn off your brain.

If you want to know specific steps to help YOU rise above today's chaotic world, contact me or book an appointment.

Thank you for reading! Like it? Please give it a rating or review.

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

Now in Texas

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