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Hundreds of studies exist about importance of sleep for our physical & mental bodies.

Did you know a good night's sleep is also important to your soul?

When you sleep, your mind quiets and body relaxes. A perfect opportunity for your soul to reach its "zen" state; your natural state. People who practice meditation and yoga understand this concept. Imagine 6-8 hours of it!

Our souls need good rest. Even more than our bodies & minds do.

When you relax and sleep well, getting 6-8 hours uninterrupted rest, this is what your soul does.

It wanders around the universe, visiting with your Angel Team, your soul family and soulmates. Those on Earth and not on Earth. It's "play time" for your soul like a 3-year-old child playing with friends on a playground.

It also revisits your soul destiny plan. Making necessary adjustments or feeling incredibly happy if you're living "your destiny."

When you're living your true destiny on Earth, your soul is congratulated and rewarded by your Angels and Spirit Guides while you sleep. It's a party! While you're sleeping. Refueling and recharging to provide you more inner strength and motivation to keep going - when you wake up.

If you're not living your "true destiny" yet, a good night's sleep allows your soul to visit with your Angel team in a "group huddle". Consider it a "soul mentoring" session. Where your mentors know everything about you and want to help you succeed. During the group huddle, your soul receives guidance, suggestions to move you forward and reconnect your mind and heart with your soul plans. Your Angel team also promises to clear the way so your success is easier to reach. All this happens while you're sleeping.

The third thing your soul does while you're sleeping: It travels to other universes. Broadening your insight and understanding of how everything works. When your soul travels, you wake up feeling emboldened and "changed." Experiences on Earth seem less challenging.

The fourth thing your soul does while you're sleeping: it readjusts your body and/or mind. Your soul controls every physical cell in you. To live your soul destiny on Earth, your mind and body are important conduits to make it happen. If something is out of whack, your soul readjusts it. If your soul cannot do it alone, while sleeping, it travels to your Angel team or other ethereal experts to help readjust those parts of you. All while you're sleeping.

The fifth thing your soul does while you're sleeping. It sees your future based on what you're doing now. And makes adjustments.

Bottom line: Your Higher Self (or soul) is busy while you sleep! It needs 6-8 hours uninterrupted rest. So that you live life fully while awake.

You'll hear stories of successful people who seldom sleep. They're the exception, not the rule. Majority of successful people get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. They allow their souls to travel and work while their bodies rest.

"Work smart, not hard." 80-90% successful people live by that rule. The best way to "work smart"? Let your soul take care of your destiny details - while you're sleeping.

Best ways to sleep well:

(1) Drink organic 100% cherry juice 30 mins before bedtime. Dark or Tart. Naturally boosts your melatonin.

(2) Stop using cell phone and/or TV 30-45 mins before bedtime. It will delay your REM sleep. REM is your soul's best "fuel."

(3) Place cell phones, TVs, modems and clocks at least 5 feet from your head. EMFs will disturb your sleep, especially cell phones. Best practice: remove all devices in your bedroom except a clock and lamps.

(4) Take a hot bath before bedtime.

(5) Don't use sleep-enhancing drugs. Your soul will be "knocked out" while sleeping. Your mind will travel, not your soul. That's why those pharmaceuticals cause drowsiness when you wake up. They're not good for your soul.

(6) INTEND 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Tell your mind "shut off."

(7) Drink chamomile tea, an herbal melatonin tea or organic melatonin pill/supplement.

(8) If all those fail, drink a glass of red wine 30 mins to 1 hour before bed. Please don't combine wine or liquor with supplements or drugs before bed. Combining substances produces non-restful sleep. Not good for your body, mind or soul.

Wishing you the best, most effortless path toward Spiritual, Emotional, Physical health and happiness this year. Happy 2020!

-- The Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

Office: (928) 963-6977

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