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Soul Birth

Did you know? You choose your Earth life before you're born. You carefully choose your parents, family, friends you meet, experiences, soul destiny, gifts, talents, challenges, careers, best places to live.

Many clients ask "Why did I choose this lifetime? So much chaos and strife." The general answer: To show your soul courage and strength. To love, forgive and stand up for what your heart & soul feel is "right." To exercise your soul energy and wisdom on Earth.


Those born 1940-1985. You have soul similarities. Standing up for what's "right" in your heart and soul. Contributing to your community and society at large. Participating in your personal life and society. Giving back to others. Exercising strong moral values. Speaking up. Most people born during these years: you're an old soul. You have lived Earth lives many times before. That gives you more courage to speak up. You have no fear. You feel supported. You support others this lifetime.

Those born 1986-1998. Most of these souls are "teenage" or "new" souls. Your similarities: discovering your "sea legs" on Earth. Discovering where you "fit" in the vast world full of possibilities. Using your heart, soul, intuition at an early age: from 5-23. Learning how to be a kid. Without adult responsibilities. While also learning how to be self-efficient, taking care of your Earth needs. Many souls born during this time are latch-key kids. Both parents work. Or they are souls born to single working moms. The strength of this generation: you learn how Earth works early on. How to care for your needs: shelter, food, work, cooking, studying, surviving, friendships-relationships. These lessons help you the rest of your life. The challenge? Learning how to play and be a kid. Even if you have "helicopter" parents. Creating your own identity - separate from what your parents desire. Boundaries. Once you reach age 30, good chance your life takes flights and you get your Sea Legs. You find where you want to be, where you "fit". With careers, relationships, money, etc. Some souls won't blossom into "who they truly are" until their 40's. You need separation from your parents to exercise your "soul wings."

The downside to this generation. With absent parents, or helicopter parents, it may take you a while to discover who you are. On your own. In the 1990s, the term "Indigo Child" became popular. Broadcasting to working parents and mothers: "Your child is special. You don't need to teach them boundaries. Or give them responsibility. They will automatically develop on their own." When the opposite was true. Indigo concept helped working parents and working moms feel good! Majority of working Moms felt their kids were "Indigo". Special, talented kids that the rest of the world wasn't ready for. None of that was true. As a child born 1986-1996, you needed guidance, love, support. To help your soul and heart feel safe. Heart-Soul Safety: another common soul trait for this generation.

This generation wasn't born to be "coddled". Yet they were. That's why many are late-bloomers in life: knowing where they fit by age 30-45. ADHD phenomenon also surfaced during this generation. Blocking these kids' soul and heart even more. These kids, now grown adults, are probably anti-vaccine and anti-Rx. Giving children ADHD or mind-altering prescription drugs is 100% harmful.

This generation wants to speak from the heart and soul. That's their soft-spot; their safe zone. They want to learn how to "live" on Earth. Common sense tools for self-sufficiency, confidence; how to survive and thrive. This generation is also easy to manipulate. If you're a parent or role model for these souls, shoot them straight. Don't sugar-coat. These souls want and need straight-talk. To balance their heart-soul energies.

Those born 1999-2008. Well. This is a tough one. This generation was born under clouds of fear. 9/11 (2001) threw everyone on the planet into fear-mode, PTSD mode. Took 10 years for western society to wake-up from loss of trust and fear that gripped them that day: September 11, 2001.

Half this generation are old souls. The other half are brand new Earth souls. Not many soul similarities. Except life experiences.

Souls born during this time sensed all the fear, trauma, vulnerability swallowing Earth consciousness. Safety became #1 issue across globe. Safety over freedom-liberty.

These souls need to know what freedom and liberty truly mean. Most souls of this generation only know restrictions, rules and following orders. Covid hit this generation very hard.

They don't know how it feels to ride a bike without a helmet - hair blowing in the wind. They don't know the freedom of being self-sufficient and taking care of their needs. E.g. Have they climbed a tree barefoot? When they scrape a knee, do they know to use neosporin and a band-aid? Can they take care of themselves with small things like that?

They need straight, honest, authentic conversations. And learn value of face-to-face contact and real relationships. They don't need pharmaceutical drugs. It dulls their hearts and souls. Learning responsibility, taking personal responsibility, wins and losses - and value of that - very important. Learning true human and soul values: very important. Learning how to truly love and respect others' differences: hugely important. Whether an old soul or young soul. Speak truth to them. Old souls will love it. Young soul needs that reinforcement.

If you were born during this time, you might feel isolated, afraid, depressed. Normal. You watched or sensed adult role models at their most vulnerable. And you were powerless to do anything. So you may have hid deeper into isolated psyche.

You may also feel separate from your peers - those born same year as you. You might feel you don't belong. Or that your classmates are completely different than you. Normal. Only half this generation is like you; aligns with you.

It will take extra effort to build solid, intimate relationships. Limit your Social Media and cell phone-computer interactions. Seek relationships with people in person: face-to-face. Virtual Reality is easy. But it's not part of your Soul Journey on Earth. Your journey includes authenticity and being human. Not a robot or machine.

Exercise, move your body. Use your mind to solve problems; versus releasing angst. When you feel anxious or "off", speak to someone you respect and admire: a grandparent, parent, adult role model, therapist. They want to help you and have guidance for you. They will understand if you talk honestly with them.

This generation's risks: Addictions (drug, alcohol, Rx, sex, Virtual Reality), depression, suicide, self-sabotage, violence, compounded-consistent grief symptoms (anger, blame, isolation). Career confusion, identity crises.

This generation's best allies. Helping you become your "best soul self": Those born 1940-1985.

** Disclaimer ** These are general rules applying to each generation. Your soul is unique and individual. Some traits described above may not apply to you. Use your intuition and soul voice to sift which traits apply to you - and which do not.

Overall, we choose our lifetimes and life specifics. As souls before we're born. If you're reading this, you are relevant and vital in today's world. Your soul chose to be here, knowing these times would come. Takes immense courage to live during these interesting times. Discover where your heart and soul feel solid, secure, balanced. Do and be that. Stretch your soul muscles. Expand your heart. Exercise your body. Use your brain for mental things: career, money, self-sufficiency. Talk to someone if you don't feel good.

Your soul carefully chose this lifetime. Some souls spent several Earth years making Earth choices before birth. Being on Earth is a big deal! Respect your soul's choices. Stretch its muscles. That's your soul-job on Earth. You'll be surprised how much you can accomplish.


Robin Amanda - Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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