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Soul Mates

Viewed from top of Schnebly Hill, Sedona
Native Tribe Rock, Sedona AZ

Thirty years ago, we didn't talk about "soul mates" as often as we do now. We progressed these last few decades. That's a wonderful thing. We're learning more about our individual soul journeys on Earth.

While many books exist about Soul Mates, this article might change your opinion or perception about this topic. This is channeled information from The Spirit Realm-Heaven-God. Some ideas here might align with books, but not taken from them.

Soul mates are people that belong to your "soul tribe". Your soul is pure energy. That pure energy has an individual DNA thumbprint or character, much like your family blood DNA. Your soul energy "DNA" is shared with others on this planet and in The Spirit Realm-Heaven. Much like our human family DNA.

Souls that share your soul energy "DNA" create your "soul tribe." These individuals (and individual souls) might act completely different than you - but you feel connected to them. Like blood connects you to your family members, soul energy DNA connects you to your "soul tribe." Like family members, members of your soul tribe may be polar-opposite to you. Or they might feel like your twin. The "twin" theme (twin flame) comes from this concept. However, the "twin flame" concept is too limiting - for romantic or non-romantic partners. Our souls exist in multiple dimensions in a circular 4D or 6D pattern. Twin Flame concept is linear: limiting. You share soul DNA with many people walking this planet. and have several choices of soulmate romantic relationships. Infinite possibilities.

Soul mates, in most cases, do not share same traits or backgrounds as you do. Their behaviors, personality, spiritual gifts, earth talents, life-path may be polar-opposite to yours. In some cases, they do have a similar background or personality. So you can't judge a book by its cover.

What type of relationships can be "soul mate" relationships? All of them. From family members you were born into; children you create; true and bonded friends you find along your life path; romantic partners; bosses; colleagues; neighbors; complete strangers you meet for 1 hour then never see again. Also pets, animals and birds can be your soulmates.

Your Soul mates (soul tribe) exist everywhere. That's on purpose. You're not meant to walk this Earth alone. You always have help.

How can you tell if someone is a soul mate? Several ways. They say the perfect thing at the perfect time. They support you and your life choices. You do the same with them. You share good and bad feelings and experiences and feel loved and supported. You laugh together - alot.

Soulmates often know you better than you know yourself. They say things you're thinking BEFORE you say them. They make your life easy - not hard. You feel in-sync with them; it's easy to communicate with them. They're honest and true. Speaking your truth is easy with them. They accept your truth easily. When they speak their truth, you 100% understand them without extra explanations. In other words, you speak "shorthand." When you first meet, you can read their face and they can read yours automatically with little effort. They know what you're thinking and feeling - from 50 feet away. You can do the same with them. They fully respect you.

Soul Mates are easy to communicate with. You can be 100% "you" and 100% honest with them. They don't judge nor ridicule nor manipulate you. They automatically care about you. Whether you just met or known them 40 years. They will always care about you. You will always care about them.

Some people confuse "soulmates" with "learning experiences." Especially with friendships and romance. Learning experiences are short-term 90% of the time. Learning experiences stick around until you learn the lesson. Then they leave. Learning experiences often feel wonderful and amazing at first - then turn painful, conflicting, negative and create self-doubt. People who enter your life as "learning experiences" lack good communication skills. You can't reveal all of you to them. You learn you cannot trust them. Soulmates can always be trusted.

Soulmate Identifier. Fail-safe Rule. If they're a soulmate, you can speak your heart, soul, mind and FEEL heard, accepted, honored. Without over-thinking it or feeling defensive. Talking and communicating comes easy. No etiquette rule-book required. They might use different words but you still 100% understand them. They understand you. You feel safe around them. Trust is already there and it never goes away. They often say what you're thinking before you say it. They can "read your mind" &/or mention something troubling you. You do the same with them. When you want to discuss a difficult topic and don't know how to approach it, your soulmate will initiate the conversation without you saying a word.

Soulmate relationships are magical. In a world that appears overcome with chaos and conflict, soulmates make it easy and simple. They're your cheerleader. You're their cheerleader. You laugh, play, have fun together most of the time. Soulmates make us smile, laugh and enjoy life. If someone is in your life who makes you feel less happy or joyful, they are not your soulmate. Soulmates make us feel good, happy, peaceful, safe 90% of the time.

Soulmate conflicts. If a soulmate betrays you or loses your trust, you work it out together. That doesn't mean you immediately forgive them. Absolutely not! As soulmates, if we betray the other, we strive to make it right and don't force or manipulate the other to immediately forgive. It's not their fault. It's ours!

If they're your soulmate and betray you, you naturally step back and let them do the work. It's their job to restore your trust. Not yours. If they're your soulmate and betray you - they will fight and improve their behavior to restore your trust. They will ask you "what can I do to remedy this?" And you will openly tell them. If you betray a soulmate, you will automatically do the same.

While our soul tribe and soulmates exist everywhere, it's up to us, as individual souls, to identify them. Sometimes our soul &/or heart is so broken or bruised by life experiences, it's hard for us to identify soulmates when they appear (friendships, romance, family). When we feel that way, we meet soulmates who don't give up! They make us feel good, safe. They remind us: "you might feel broken now, but there's another side to life. A beautiful happy side. Once your fog clears, you'll see it. Part of my job to show you." And it's true. The soulmate relationship is extra special. Our agreement with soulmates: "show them good when they feel bad. Remind them how wonderful and precious they are - especially when they're at their lowest point. Be authentic, genuine, honest, true. Don't lie. Be you. No filter. Accept them. They will accept you. Protect each other. Laugh together. Make life easy. Read their mind or face often. Help them along."

They help us. We help them. It's easy, smooth, honest, true. Sometimes soulmates enter our lives for a short time until we feel better and soar with our wings again. Sometimes they stay in our life forever. Sometimes they pop in and out of our lives for decades.

The most important facet of soulmates: We love them. They love us. We help them. They help us. They share our soul energy. We feel connected. We know it's a true connection. We appreciate every moment we spend with them.

Miles and death do not separate us from our soulmates. They live in our soul and heart. They're angels in disguise. It doesn't matter what type of relationship we have with a "soulmate", it always feels good. They remind us that good exists. They give us hope. We give them hope. It's easy to reciprocate and communicate. The soulmate relationship is magical, awesome and one of the best gifts we receive on the planet. We can have 2 soulmates or 200. It's up to us to identify them, appreciate them, enjoy them and honor them. Whether they enter our lives for 30 minutes or 300 years. They honor our soul liberty, heart, soul, life choices and personalities. They enhance our life; they don't restrict nor control it. They make us feel happy, independent and empowered.


Namaste --

The Sedona Spirit Psychic -- Robin Amanda

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