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Rhythm, Timing & Intuition

This week, one of my friends finally found a beautiful house to purchase. After the first 24 hours of excitement and happiness, a storm of paperwork, contracts, and deadlines flooded her daily work schedule and clouded her intuition. She enjoys a life-long habit of excellent intuition, timing, and remaining calm under pressure. Still, these new tasks stressed her. It reminded me: we play a delicate dance on Earth with timing, soul rhythm and our intuition.

Have you sometimes felt that your timing is "off"? Or that Earth time battles against your soul timing and rhythm? Most of us have felt this way - at some point in our life. How can you fix it so that your soul flow and Earth time blend better? Use your intuition (soul voice), your soul rhythm, and tweak your "Earth time" belief.

People often describe Earth time as linear. While our souls are multi-dimensional, rhythmic, non-linear beings. This "Earth vs. Soul timing" belief makes Earth life harder. To feel more "in flow" and achieve better timing, change that belief. Here's how.

The original basis of Earth time, by Ancients and Moderns, is Earth movement. From Egyptian and Mayan calendars to the World Clock and expensive Swiss watches, true Earth time isn't linear. Digital clocks give the appearance of linear time, but time isn't linear - it moves and revolves like we do. The most accurate time-pieces in the world move according to Earth's "heartbeat" (Schumann Resonance). Our physical bodies resonate with Earth's "heartbeat" too. Non-digital Rolex, TAG and Swiss watches "tick" with Earth's resonance. Connecting us to Earth's heartbeat, and enhancing our Earth timing. That's why they're highly desired and expensive. Digital watches (eg. iWatch, Apple-Watch) and clocks are cheap because they don't.

Wearing an expensive Rolex or TAG isn't required to achieve better timing and soul rhythm on Earth. Simply understanding the beautiful symbiosis of Earth and Soul time will help you. Seeing how Earth time and your soul timing blend together - through Earth's heartbeat - is all you need. Earth time isn't linear. Neither is your soul's timing. They actually work together.

Watching my friend tackle the new-home deadlines and paperwork this week, I noticed her "bending" time. We're all capable of this. Our souls are expert "time-benders", especially old souls. First, you acknowledge Earth's timing (heartbeat resonance). Then you assess your preferred timing. If they don't blend, use your intuition and power of intention to blend them - based on your preferred soul timing and rhythm. This can take less than 10 seconds.

My friend probably didn't notice that she "bent" time. But she did. She used her multi-dimensional soul essence. Our souls act and react quicker than our conscious mind. Plus, the more often you practice your soul "magic", the less it seems like magic and the more it seems like an unconscious habit.

Wise people often say: "To succeed in life, you need good timing, good people, smart "expert" contacts or advice, and give back to your community often."

To achieve better timing, don't fight against Earth. Move with it. Assess your intuition and internal soul rhythm. If they blend, rejoice! If they don't blend, take a deep breath and pause for a moment. A 5-second deep-breath pause is better than a 2-hour delay. Assess, the "timing" you want. Intend it. Trust your soul power to make it happen.

The more you trust your soul voice (intuition), honor your soul rhythm and discover how Earth works FOR you - the easier your life journey.


Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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