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Spirit Guides & Angels

The world is chaotic at the moment. Turmoil everywhere. There's one place that remains unchanged. The Spirit Realm-Heaven-God. Your unique Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones have not changed.

The Spirit Realm-Heaven is full of strong, positive energy. Angels live there who are NOT connected to human souls. Their job is to help humanity as a whole; not individuals. They are busy doing their jobs.

Meanwhile, your unique "Spirit Team": Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Angels; stand ready to assist you.

Whether you hire a psychic-medium or not. Your Spiritual Team exists all around you. Helping you when you need it. They are God's answer to your soul prayers. They are your unique soldiers sent from God to assist you on this planet.

If your intuition is keen, you will sense them around you. If you don't sense them, they are still there.

While the world or community around you seems bizarre, changeable and unpleasant - your Spiritual Team helps you "ground, balance" and remind you who are.

The energies in the Spirit Realm-Heaven and God's energy stay constant, positive, light and strong. When you need strength or hope, call upon them. When they give you messages, follow them.

You will know their messages. Their messages align with the Bible's Ten Commandments. Their messages align with love, patience, compassion. Their messages do NOT align with hate, anger, fear, violence or criminal acts.

When you feel fearful, unsettled, hopeless or disillusioned, pray or meditate. Your Spirit Guides and Angels will fly to you. They will surround you with their wings or arms. You will feel them. Your thoughts will relax. Your spirit will soar. Your heart will soften. They will help you balance and ground. When nothing else works.

You can access and call in your Spiritual Team or God - whenever you need them. They listen. They always listen to you. And provide feedback or just the Light of their presence to ground you. It's that simple.

If you're having trouble calling in your Spiritual Team or God, or sensing them around you, contact a psychic-medium. A psychic-medium who feels "right" for you. Every psychic-medium-channel is different. Find one that suits you.

Your Spiritual Team, The Spirit Realm-Heaven and God have not forgotten you. They still exist. And their energies are pure, stable and ready to assist you. Quiet your mind. Remove hi-tech devices around you. You will sense and hear them.

May Your Life Be Blessed with Angel Light, Love and Support. As you walk your Sacred Earth Path.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

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