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Spirit Realm Rules: No Rules-Free Will

Recently worked with a client who wanted access to a grandfather who died 25 years ago. The grandfather was not available during the client session. Only one Spirit Guide to the grandfather was present. Grandfather already manifested into a new human body on Earth. Only time to access grandfather's soul energy or soul memory: while grandfather's new soul slept on Earth.

The client was shocked, bewildered and disappointed. Somehow, the client's expectations exceeded reality. The only questions that the client brought: questions for the grandfather.

This client's experience reminded me of one key element when wanting access to Lost Loved Ones through a psychic, medium or "channel": there are no hard & fast rules.

There is no guarantee that your Loved One will show up during your client session. No matter how much you want him/her to. Any authentic psychic-channel-medium worth their salt will tell you this. No guarantees.

There is one guarantee that psychic mediums can provide: 99% of the time, your Spirit Guides, Angels and your soul energy will show up in a psychic session. Giving you the information you need at that correct time in your life.

Only 8 times out of 40,000 - have my psychic sessions NOT produced results for clients. I remember each of those instances. Taking pride and ownership of my psychic skills, each of those 8 instances forced me to "check my equipment" after the client left my office. I didn't charge them for the reading because I couldn't access their unique channel to provide authentic information - after 10 minutes. No matter how many "channels" I switched to, I couldn't access that client's information nor their Spirit Guides or Lost Loved Ones.

In this most recent case with client and the grandfather, my channel was direct and clear: "grandfather not available". Grandfather soul living in a new human body, in a different part of the world, where his soul memories were unavailable unless he was asleep or taking a nap. The 1 Spirit Guide of grandfather had sketchy, at best, information for the client.

Many reasons why your Loved One may not appear during a session. Wrote about this 4-6 months ago and it's a good reminder.

Setting realistic expectations is important: whether you choose my psychic gifts or another psychic-medium. It's good to know what you can expect and why. TV "reality show" psychics only give you half the story. 80% of most reality shows are edited for content and to fit in allotted time. I've experienced that first-hand unrelated to my psychic profession.

Since communicating with your Loved One is not guaranteed with psychic-mediums, I always suggest clients bring a list of various questions, tons of questions, to ask in case that Loved One is not present. I tell the client ahead of time "no guarantees your Loved One will appear. Please bring list of various questions to get most from your session." In above client's case: they did not come prepared for the session. They felt they knew what would happen: they'd get answers. Unfortunately, it didn't happen as they expected.

I've worked as a psychic-medium for over 40,000 clients. Learned not to expect anything: expect the unexpected. Learned not to force information through - no matter how much a client wants certain information - whatever information the client needs, they will get. Even if it means they're disappointed by answers. I step out of the channeling process. Only my voice is used during sessions. My soul, mind and expectations are placed on a shelf while channeling for clients. Keeps my "channel" clear.

Spirit Realm Rules

Question? Can I Access a Loved One's soul & memory until the day I die?

Answer: 98% of the time, answer is NO. Only in very special circumstances will a Loved One hover around you, help you, guide you for decades after his/her death until the day you die.

They have things to do too. They still have Free Will - even in Heaven-Spirit Realm. They choose what they want to do. Unless there is still a lingering, strong karmic connection between you and the Loved One - unresolved karma - they are normally free of any obligation to you.

Exceptions do exist. When a spouse dies, he/she usually sticks around until his/her widow/widower finds love again. This happens 8 times out of 10. If a parent of an infant through 15 years old dies, that parent will stick around until their child "grows up." Sometimes that parent will still hover a decade later.

Every case is unique; unique circumstances exist. One hard-fast rule exists: if your karma with that Loved One is complete, you will not feel that person around you much or very often. And that's a good thing! Your obligations (both of your soul duties) complete!

If you're on the recovery path after their death, they will not hover or help you. As souls on the "other side", they see all the Angel and Spirit Guide help you're getting. Most times, loved ones don't want to interfere in your growth and recovery process.

If a Loved One does "stick around" to help you, it lasts 7 years or less. In most cases. Based on my professional experience, they stick around to make sure you're OK for about 3-5 years. After that time, if you're doing fine and all karma cleared: they leave. If your Loved One died from a tragic accident or crime, they may stick around longer. If they died by suicide, they may not be available at all for a very long time (years). Exceptions exist. These are the "normal" circumstances.

Sometimes Loved Ones will "come through" for a relative but not you. Please don't be dismayed or disappointed. There's a reason for everything. If you were very close to a Loved One, they die and don't visit you but visit your neighbor 4 doors down? Sure - that hurts! But it's not your fault nor your Loved One's fault. It just is. A bigger plan exists. Accept that plan. Know that bigger forces exist besides what we "see" or "sense" on Earth.

There's a bigger plan to our souls than just one lifetime. It's completely normal to feel slighted, disappointed, even angry at a Loved One who does not appear around you after their death, or does not appear during a psychic session. While you grieve, you're given 100% permission to be angry, mad, disappointed. That's part of the grief process. Let it out. Express your disappointment.

Each Loved One who crosses over, based on my vast experience, chooses a unique experience. No one soul repeats or follows same pattern as others. Just like we don't follow same patterns as others living on this Planet Earth! Free Will exists. Expect the unexpected.

Irony? Sometimes Loved Ones don't appear to the client because that client is not meant to hear the answers. Maybe the answers are meant for someone else not present during the psychic session. Or the information is private and too many people are listening. Or the client is stubborn, set in their ways, demanding - and answers meant to be "heard" by the client later, not delivered by a psychic professional.

In those cases, the Loved One will appear in the "channel" but will not speak. The client's Spirit Guides will speak, helping client with pressing issues and "next steps." Even though that client wrote down 3 questions for the Loved One, the Loved One stays silent. This has happened before. To me personally (being stubborn & Loved Ones staying silent) or during client sessions. One to two years later, those clients will email me:

"I was so mad that my dad (or brother, mother, husband, wife, etc) didn't show up during a session with you. Two years later, I finally realize why. He/she wanted me to find answers directly. He/she knew I wouldn't trust anything but my own gut. Once I walked through the hardest parts of grief, the answers I sought years ago - came to me immediately. Thank you."

Communicating with The Spirit Realm-Heaven last 30+ years, taught me THREE important rules:

(1) Expect The Unexpected.

(2) Set realistic client expectations.

(3) Don't force the information. Let it flow and don't judge it. The strangest answers are often the most authentic, best ones. It's not up to a psychic-medium to understand or decipher the answers. Up to the client to digest the information and see where/how the pieces fit.

Star Nebula

These 3 Basic Rules apply to clients and me ("channeling" with my Loved Ones). Over 30 years experience. Tried & true rules that haven't failed me nor clients. No matter how much we wish the opposite, sometimes the #1 Rule is: There are No Rules.


Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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