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Summer Equinox 2019

Today marks Summer Solstice, also known as Summer Equinox. What's the message behind it? It's a time of celebration, release and freedom. Summer is here. Play time has commenced: emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Summer Solstice brings us fresh air, new beginnings, another way to release any suppressed or conscious fears and just let the Sun, summer breezes and new adventures take us away. Optimism, freedom, relaxation.

Summer Solstice reminds us to be the free spirit we are: play, have fun, smile, laugh often, appreciate each day, release any worries or fears.

This year's Summer Equinox-Solstice is more special than last 10 years. We turned a page in our spiritual-human empowerment and consciousness. We realize today - more than years past - we are the creator of our human experience. We consciously and super-consciously decide what type of life we want. We're no longer victims of circumstances. We're victors of our human-Earth experiences. We choose whether to be happy or sad. We choose which experiences we want. When given choices in life, we use Free Will and Inner Courage plus Soul Knowledge to choose the right experiences for us that bring us balance, love, joy.

Over the last 20-40 years, we focused on experiences that brought us "lessons." As a species. We walked into "fire swamps" to test our soul and heart mettle. We bravely walked into "learning experiences" and "lessons" to test our individual "wings".

The new phase for our spiritual-human evolution: Use your wings. Fly. Reward yourself for the hard work.

If you find yourself in situations that "test your mettle" and you notice it's a repeat pattern, walk in a different direction; choose a different path. You don't need to take the same class because you "aced" it. Take the next step in your evolution with strength, courage. Use your wings. Soar above the previous lessons. Explore new options and experiences. This is your destiny. And the main message of today's Equinox-Solstice.

Today's Solstice Message: Don't re-learn the same lesson over and over. You're deciding that. No one else. People, experiences, events will happen. You choose whether to repeat the pattern. You can walk away from old lessons; never to repeat them again. You've already learned the lesson. Take risks and discover new experiences. Know that you're strong enough for the next step. Know that you're wiser, smarter, and will not make the same mistakes again.

Own your life experiences. Make them great. Create positive experiences, not negative ones. Fly. Use your wings.

You're not co-creating your life. You are creating it! What do you want? A life of sorrow, grief, pain, victim-hood? Or an expansive life of joy, balance, accomplishments, appreciation, gratitude, love and laughter? You decide. No one else decides that for you.

You're creating your life experiences. Make them great. Make them count. Soothe your soul. Follow your heart. Play. Have fun. Take risks. Enjoy your life. Create positive experiences. Take some chances. Feel the sun on your face and laughter, joy in your heart.

For today, don't focus on details. Imagine a happy life. Release or recognize your fears but do not wallow in those fears. Feel your heart and soul elevate past any negative. Only think and feel positive today. That's the best way to use today's Summer Equinox-Solstice energy. Focus on the positives. Focus on things that make you smile or excited. Put your worries on a shelf. Remember all the good, wonderful things, people and experiences in your life. Smile today. Alot.

Wishing you a pleasant, positive, expansive Summer Equinox 2019. Feel the positive vibes!


Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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