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Taking Inventory

Many business laws also apply to our personal lives. Well - it's actually the reverse. Successful people use tools in their private lives that create success in business. One such tool: Taking Inventory. End of the year is an excellent time to take inventory of your personal talents, traits, natural abilities, best methods, poor methods, accomplishments and failures. Just like businesses, restaurants, retailers take inventory of their "stock" at the end of every month and especially end of every year. Do the same in your personal life.

You can also call "Your Inventory" your Balance Sheet, listing your assets and liabilities. Your assets are your positives. Your liabilities are your negatives.

Your positives: what you like about you; what your inner circle of family and friends like about you; what your colleagues like about you; what life skills/methods work for you that yield positive results.

Your negatives: fears, doubts, beliefs, addictions, challenges, habits that do not work or that restrict what you want. Anything YOU SEE about your life that limits your success or happiness; or doesn't expand your joyful life experiences.

Successful people and successful businesses use both a Balance Sheet and Inventory. You can use either one. Choose which method works best for you. Results are the same. Both tools measure positives and negatives. That's what you want to do this time of year. Step back and take personal inventory of your talents, traits, accomplishments AND your fears, doubts, failures.

Business Balance Sheets are tied to money to measure success. Your Personal Balance Sheet is tied to your life's "wow" factor as a measure of your success. What "wows" you about your life? What parts of you and/or your life do you feel excited or inspired about? What methods do you use that produce positive results? List those as "assets." What doesn't "wow" you about your life? What methods don't produce positive results for you? What habits restrict your life experiences? What beliefs restrict your life? List those as "liabilities."

Business Inventories measure stock-on-hand. What common items need replenishing, what items fly off the shelves (best-sellers) and need double-orders, what items sit on shelf and won't sell (dog items)?

Your Personal Inventory measures what's inside you (heart, mind, soul), around you (people, places, things) and what you've created so far (this year, last 10 years, or since birth).

What common items need replenishing or a "recharge" in your life? Write them down. These are personal responsibility items like your health, home, vehicle, finances, spouse, kids; renewing your faith in yourself/your soul or spirit connection; soothing or expanding your heart, challenging or quieting your mind.

What are your Best-Sellers? Your positives. What you love about you, the people around you, and your overall life. Write them down. What makes you special? What traits make you feel special? What do you like about you & your life? What talents do you possess that make you feel good? What parts of your life do you love? What methods for dealing with people and your external environment - work for you? What accomplishments have you made that jazz you and make you proud of yourself? Who surrounds you (inner circle or colleagues) that cheers you on - or motivates you to be or do YOUR BEST? Which relationships inspire you, make you laugh or reciprocate your love?

What are your Dog Items? Your negatives. Which traits do you possess that "won't sell?" What traits, beliefs, habits, methods and people limit your life experience or restrict your happiness/success? Write them down. What life experiences did you have (this year or past years) that felt like failures? How could you have changed them? What methods of dealing with people or your external environment - have NOT worked for you? Write those down with a note: "don't do this again."After writing down any limiting beliefs or traits you have, take a look at that list. What beliefs or traits can you change to be more effective or aligned with WHO YOU ARE and/or WHO YOU WANT to be?

There's a reason for New Year's Resolutions. Helps us start fresh with new goals or ideas for a new year. Before we create new, taking inventory - reviewing our positives and negatives - helps us know WHAT &/or HOW to create a better year in 2020.

Taking inventory of who you are and who you want to be - helps you see if you're aligned with your heart, mind, body and soul. If your Balance Sheet shows more positives than negatives - you ARE who you want to be! Why change it? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Accentuate your positives, double-up your "best-seller" orders for next year: feeling grateful every day that you're creating the life you want.

If your Inventory or Balance Sheet shows more "liabilities" than "assets" or more "dog items" than "best-sellers", review it again in a few days with fresh eyes. We can be our own worst enemy. Remember that experiences and events do not happen as quickly on Earth as in Heaven-Spirit Realm. What you want is within reach - with patience, love and understanding - for yourself. Besides, you probably missed some "assets" you take for granted.

While shopping and doing for others this Holiday-Christmas-Hanukkah Season, take some time to take stock in YOU. Write your Inventory or Balance Sheet. You don't need to accomplish the task in one day. Most successful businesses take 7-30 days to complete these vital reports. Why? They want to get it right; create accurate reports. Remember that while you take Inventory or create your Balance Sheet. Spend time to get it right.

Like in business, your Balance Sheet should be balanced! Equal parts assets & liabilities. If you're heavy on liabilities, check your assets again then re-check your liabilities. Your Inventory will not be "balanced". If you create a personal inventory, just make sure your common and best-selling items outweigh your dog-items.

A World War II Veteran turned 100 years old 3 days ago. His advice to living a long happy, healthy life is simple, time-tested & potent:

"Like Bing said 'Accentuate your positives. Eliminate your negatives. Don't mess with Mister In-Between'." Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Listen to Bing Crosby sing this #1 hit in 1945.

Don't forget to love yourself! As you share your love with others this Holiday Season.

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

NOW - back in Sedona!

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