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The holiday season has begun. Next week, we gather with loved ones, family, friends, neighbors around the table, giving thanks, expressing gratitude and love for the good things in our lives. Feeling grateful and thankful - attracts more people and things to be thankful for. When we appreciate, we live in the "awe and miracle of life". Expressing gratitude creates an energetic field of positivity around us. A positive "aura" that brings more positive experiences into our lives.

Life is about people and the relationships we have. The holiday season reminds us to slow down and enjoy the people in our lives. TV and online commercials show happy, smiling families enjoying the holiday season. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Good food, football, laughter, slowing down, visiting with family, friends or neighbors.

Thanksgiving is a true communion of our souls: a time when we reunite with those we love and strengthen those bonds - without expectations. If you burn the green bean casserole, no one really cares. Plenty of other food to eat. If you bring a new friend to dinner, and they make a good or bad impression that day - your family has something to talk about for the next 5 years or longer! And it bonds you closer to that friend &/or your family. Thanksgiving creates relaxed, fun memories that you cherish forever.

Thanksgiving can also create stressful memories. Arguing over politics, being scolded by family about your life choices, feeling disconnected from your family "do these people really know me?", flight delays you cannot control that force you to miss hours of visiting with people who you love being around but only see two or three times a year.

Thanksgiving and the holiday season can create stress - and anger - if you let it. A good rule during this season: don't over-extend yourself. Love yourself first. Set strong boundaries so you don't disappoint yourself &/or others. Book an early flight that gives you a day or 10 hours before Thanksgiving dinner. Don't promise more than you can do.

Why bake two pies when one is sufficient? Why promise to be at 2 or 3 homes on Thanksgiving day when it's geographically impossible? Spreading yourself thin diminishes time spent with others. Spreading yourself too thin on Thanksgiving Day or any day during holidays - reduces your joy and erases the "goodwill" of the holidays. Fluttering about on Thanksgiving day - spending 2 hours at each house and 2 hours of commuting - is not time well-spent. You're not appreciating you or the people you love.

Don't over-spend on gifts that will stress you out for next 12 months as you pay down that debt. Don't over-promise and under-deliver. You will disappoint yourself and those you love who also love you. Don't create circumstances that make you angry. Disappointing ourselves and others: creates anger. Disappointments (and resulting anger & stress) can be avoided by making better choices and setting strong boundaries.

The holidays are about love. Loving others, feeling loved by others, loving yourself, loving the gift of life you have, loving God-The Universe. Appreciating all the good things you have. Appreciating what makes life special: your relationships with others. Why spoil this precious time by over-extending yourself?

Holiday expectations. If you have a big family or extended friends-family, pace your time with each group. Be thankful for all the relationships you have. By spending quality time with each group. Set boundaries so you fully enjoy the communion of each house.

Thanksgiving happens on one day - but it doesn't NEED to be that way. Most people enjoy a full 4-day weekend on Thanksgiving: Thursday-Sunday. Plan your time so you have quality time with each group. Quality time: 4-5 hours at each house. Can't make it to house #2 or house #3? Sharing Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday or Saturday: just as special. Planning a Thanksgiving dinner on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon: just as special.

Don't spread yourself too thin this holiday season. There's plenty of "you" to go around. Plenty of days to experience Thanksgiving - your opportunity to love and appreciate others. There's plenty of love to share, give and receive. Take advantage of the days, spread your obligations over the course of days - not just ONE day.

A new energy surrounds the planet this year: it is heart-centered energy. Be kind to your heart. Be kind to others who love and care about you. Our hearts feel both positive and negative emotions. Know that both sides of your heart will open up. Love, appreciation, giving-receiving, nurturing others and yourself - positive heart emotions. Anger, rage, disappointments, fighting, stress - negative heart emotions.

Heart-centered energy brings both positive and negative feelings. Setting boundaries and not spreading yourself too thin - the kindest thing you can do for your heart. Eliminate stress, anger, disappointments. Stress happens for a reason and it can be avoided.

We create stress by the choices we make. Make good choices that help you enjoy this heart-centered holiday season. The holidays remind us to appreciate our heart-love and the heart-love of and for others. Double heart-centered energy this year: the planet is surrounded by heart-centered energy this year while we move through the most heart-centered season of the year.

Feel grateful. Feel love. Feel loved. Spread your love. Accept others' love. Be present. Best way to do all that? Don't spread yourself or your time too thin. Allow time to relax and enjoy your relationships. Rome wasn't built in a day. Earth wasn't created in one day. Don't attach too much significance-importance in one day (Thanksgiving Thursday or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day).

If you want to spend quality time with each person you care about and create happy, cherished memories: spread your time, attention, love over multiple days - not just one. If your family balks at that idea - set a new family tradition. "Every other year, let's have Thanksgiving on Saturday (or Sunday). That way we experience Thanksgiving with everyone we care about and we're "present", enjoying each other, without looking at the clock". Be a trend-setter, problem-solver - everyone will be grateful for it.

Sending you Love & Light -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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