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The Meaning of Life

We all search for it: A Meaningful Life. But what does it truly mean? Very simple. Doing things that create meaning in your life. What does that mean?

Ask yourself these questions. What experiences make me smile? What experiences make me feel purposeful, necessary and motivated? What makes me feel good? What experiences, things, or people make me feel solid with "who I am?" When was the last time I felt fulfilled, like how I feel physically full after a meal - but on a heart and soul level? When was the last time I felt at peace? One with God-Universe?

When you answer those questions, you'll answer the big question: What's the meaning of life? The Meaning of Life is quite simple. The Meaning of Life is creating and living a life with meaning. Word "meaning" has different definitions for each person.

Experiences create your "meaning of life." Day-dreaming is fun but it doesn't create a meaningful life. Day-dreaming, meditation and brainstorming are wonderful "base" tools to create your meaningful life. A meaningful life, or creating meaning in your life, requires action.

A priest, monk or nun's "meaning of life" may be: Sit in silence, connect with God, create peace in my inner and outer world. Share that peace with others.

A mother's "meaning of life" may be: protect my children, show them the world, create balanced, strong, smart kids with good work ethic, strong moral values, strong sense of self, compassionate, caring, motivated and driven.

A husband's "meaning of life" may be: provide financial and personal security for my wife and family. Help them feel happy and carefree. Protect them from harm.

What experiences in your life create meaning? That's your meaning of life. Meaning of your life: creating a life that matters to you. If you feel ecstatic every time you're around certain people or doing certain things - do that more! Those people or things bring meaning to your life. If you feel at peace when and after you meditate, do that more! That adds meaning to your life. As long as it's legal and doesn't hurt anyone - anything that feels good, right and leaves you feeling "full of life" and "zest for life", those experiences are part of your life's meaning. Those experiences, people, things create your meaningful life.

While writing the book about my family and the tragic double-homicide that knocked us down for years, what we lost: The Meaning of Life. You can't lose something you didn't have. We knew the meaning of life - for each of us. Until that tragic day. Family of five - whittled down to three.

Reviewing what helped us bring meaning back to our lives: What was it? Remembering what made us smile before that tragic day split us apart. Social time. Family time. Volunteering to help the community. Being around people who made us laugh. Strengthening our human bonds with other people.

Cooking, camping, being outdoors, working, sense of accomplishment. All these things brought meaning to our lives before that day. Taking risks, stretching our mind-soul-heart muscles. Those things brought meaning to our lives.

Some people spend thousands of dollars in therapy to understand or create "meaning" in their lives. The answer is really simple. Experiences that make you feel powerful, ecstatic, happy, genuinely "one with all that is" or you feel complete (eg Jerry McGuire quote "you complete me"), bring meaning in your life - make up your "meaningful" life. If your heart feels good doing something, keep doing it. Whatever "it" is - creates meaning in your life.

New, younger generations seek meaning of life - just as we all did. Younger generations are less connected to their hearts-souls. Especially if they're near their phones and laptops too long and often. New generations born 1998 or since - they live in post-911 age. 9/11 created fear in global society. That fear hasn't gone away. Raising kids post-911: be especially careful not to propagate fear. Fear is a mind-trick. It disconnects individuals from the heart and soul. Which disconnects an individual from their "fun-play" odometer.

Post-Covid and post-Columbine added even more fear atop the 9/11 fear. If you're raising kids today - retrain their brain NOT to fear. Let them ride their bicycles without a helmet. You did! We all did! You only need a helmet if you're riding through Red Rock Country where you could fall and land on a big, hard rock.

Certain "safety measures" today subliminally create and propagate fear. You can't live in fear AND create a meaningful life. You can't create a meaningful life while living in fear. Impossible. Fear is mental. Meaning is heart-soul felt. Opposing forces.

What's a good trick to remove fear? Be around people who aren't afraid. Be around people who still take risks, have fun and genuinely live from the heart. Be around people who you know ARE living their best life. Or at least heart-soul connected. Get outdoors more. Pick up an outdoor hobby.

The true meaning of life is relationships: real ones; not social media ones. The true meaning of life is living it - without fear. The true meaning of life: experiencing all you can with all your heart. Living in the moment. Being the best "you" that you are. Taking risks. Doing things that make you smile. Our souls aren't made for unhappiness. Unhappiness and feeling unnecessary or "un"-purposeful: that comes from our minds. Our minds help us with simple tasks like taking out the trash, walking, healing our bodies. Our minds aren't built to "create" meaning in our lives. That comes from your heart and soul.

When raising kids in today's society, show them the value of relationships. Do not allow them to isolate. Show them a life without fear. Let them ride bikes without a helmet. Or walk home from school instead of waiting for you to pick them up. Kids are resilient. They're also information-sponges their first 10 years. Crucial time.

Let them buck "safety measures" that other kids follow. Create kids with leadership skills - not following skills. When they get physically hurt, show them how to fix that hurt. So they become responsible for their own well-being. If they scrape a knee, don't make a big deal about it. Show them where the neosporin and band-aids are. Show them how to apply both. Show them what self-sufficiency and self-empowerment are all about.

Your kids deliberately chose to be born to YOU and in this chaotic world. They need to learn how to be self-sufficient, unafraid, and emotionally grounded. Like your grandparents learned. Show them "actions have consequences". Show them fun. Show them all the beauty of this world. Don't force them to do things your mother or grandmother wouldn't do. Keep them in their heart and soul. Show them everything. Find out what excites them and makes them smile. Tell them: "this is part of your meaning of life." Help them feel excited about life. Find what makes them happy. By giving them all types of activities.

Kids are our future. But we build who they are. We create our future - based on how we raise and train our children. Like us. If we haven't been exposed to "meaning of life" by age 12, or understand what brings our lives meaning, it's hard to find it later in life.

Words from Angels today. Whatever brings you joy or meaning, that's your "meaning of life." To live it without restraint. To live fully with a zest for life - smiling as often as possible along the way.

Namaste -

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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