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The Rabbit Hole

Most of us living in "quarantine" for 30+ days now. Since March 20. Unbelievable, isn't it? As humans, we quickly adapt to most circumstances. Covid proves that. Unless you're a designated "essential worker", your routine has changed. Which changes your outlook.

Year 2020 Psychic Info since Jan 1: "Love More. Play More. Worry Less."

Last 30+ days give you ample opportunities for that. Since Covid made headlines, my psychic sense keeps saying: "Question Everything. Virus is nothing. Cure is worse than curse. Certain forces using this "scare" to manipulate, control, restrict people."

If you have a family or live with people, you might be playing board-games, card-games, cooking more, laughing more, and even arguing more. You're probably online a bunch too. Learning new things. Reading material that interests you. Reconnecting with friends. Maybe even reflecting on your life, life choices, your past, moving inward, meditating, rediscovering who you are. All excellent ways to expand your mind, heart, soul.

If you live alone, you might be doing some of those things plus reconnecting with people online, Skype, Facetime, etc. Finding ways to go outside and visit with people.

Also, you might be questioning everything. Maybe for the first time. Questioning your belief systems, where you get news, whom you trust in your Inner and Outside Circles, what you trust, and reconnecting to your intuition. Questioning if you can truly trust sources that provide you information. Questioning your existence. Seeking answers to your intuitive question "What is really going on?" That is good! Trick: Questioning everything without being hard on yourself. Self-doubt happens. Over-thinking happens. Remembering things you now regret happens. We're all going through that.

If your intuition screams out daily: "Something isn't right. Why lock down the entire world for a flu-type virus?", your intuition is right.

Growing up 1960s-1980s, my dad often told us three kids:"question everything". When reading history books and newspapers, he'd say: "Question everything. Consider the source. Use your mind. Critical thinking." When I attended Texas A&M (engineering program) and came home to visit, dad would always ask: "what did you learn? Let's see if you're learning or being programmed." From 1982-1988.

Being open, willing and curious enough to travel down the Rabbit Hole. Uncovering truths. That's what this Blog Article is about.

For decades, I get psychic-clairvoyant information every morning. About our world, society, economy, politics. Throughout the day, I would test that information, since mid 1990s. Reading international and economic newspapers; watching local news; national news; C-Span. Information proved 85%-90% accurate. Since Covid, the information is more in-depth - covering individuals' heart, mind, body, soul - local, national, global. What took 5 minutes in past, now takes 20 minutes: downloading information.

Learned to mistrust national media back in 1990s. I'd watch C-Span Senate and House proceedings, then listen to news and their reports were only half-truths. I'd watch C-Span think-tank discussions about infectious diseases, body health, mental health, economics, immigration, global warming, environment, energy resources. Then read newspaper or magazine articles about those topics. Constantly testing intuition and psychic information. 85-90% accurate. What I also learned? Our national media limits the information we receive.

During all that C-Span watching, saw Dr Fauci, WHO, CDC, NIAH speak. Learned not to trust them either. They want to control the global population. They don't believe individual rights to freedom, liberty and living how you choose.

Ready for psychic-channeled Rabbit Hole information? Here you go.


Dr. Fauci is driving US & Global "virus quarantine" bus. Dr. Birx is helping him. Fauci is a fraud and control-freak. He uses false facts from China, WHO to influence the CDC and NIAH. He's done this since mid-90s when I first saw him on C-Span during think-tank discussions on AIDS, virology, epidemiology, cancer, vaccines, rise in global population, Ebola, SARS, etc. He is bad news. He wants to control people. Plain and simple. He's connected to China labs, agencies and Foundations that want to control global populations (eg Gates Foundation). I know this. With every cell in my body. Plus proof is out there. Google it. He's very bad news with hidden agendas. And he loves the press! And they love him. Fauci perpetuates fear wherever he goes. His ego rules. If you've seen him talk pre-Covid, you'll know what I'm talking about. So - why are we listening to him? Good question. Answer: Because his body language exudes confidence. Although his writings & research do not. His articles on coronavirus reveal "no real threat." He hopes you don't research.


Media lying to you. Over the last 30 years, I watch a lot of C-Span. Rarely watch mainstream media since mid-90s. They don't report true news. When you watch congressional proceedings on C-Span, then check national news, you'll see how the media manipulates and censors the information you get. Media hopes you don't have time to check direct sources. They want to control what you know. For decades.

2011: I was reading a copy of the ACA bill (Obamacare) before it was voted on and passed. Got copy from (semi-defunct) and a member of ACA Congressional Committee. Both bills were same. I was on page 982 (1100+ pg bill) when news broadcast Rep Pelosi saying: "we have to pass the bill before you can read it." I was reading it! Already read 981 pages of it! She was lying. The media allowed it. Censorship.

Late '90s: I sat in on CNN Producer's morning briefing, where they determine what to broadcast. 20 different stories were mentioned. They chose only 10 to broadcast. I remember one of the producers telling a researcher "I don't believe in that. We're not going to broadcast that. We're not 60 Minutes." Limiting, censoring the information you get.

Google censors material in your search results. Controlling the information you receive. Mainstream media censors your news. Universities-colleges, Hollywood, Facebook, Youtube also censor. Information you receive is "white-washed". Mocked up by news producers and editors. They decide what they want you to "learn".

Google is your friend right now. Entirely uncensored during this quarantine period. You'll find more diverse information on all topics when Google-searching or using Google's Youtube. How did that happen? US Government "strongly suggested" Google do this. Back in March. So they did. I don't believe in government controlling businesses but this is a refreshing change!

Gates are open for you to explore Rabbit Holes as never before. Learning new things on whatever topics interests you. Just be cautious. Not everything is true. Some is. Some isn't. Read everything. Question everything. Test your intuition. Learn the art of Online Research. I learned it back in 2009.


If you watch or read news, you probably see protests against Covid quarantines and business lock-downs. National and global. These are NOT extremists. They are patriots, protecting their constitutional rights to liberty, freedom, travel, church services, etc. No matter what nation. National and international media want you to believe they are extremists or bad people. They are not. They're not harming anyone. They're exercising their right to Free Speech; and protecting your rights too.


Flattening the Curve. What curve? They were always estimates!

Since February, my psychic info: "It's not the Black Plague! They're cooking the books! We need "herd immunity", not isolation, to fight it." Personally spoke with 5 trusted physicians, whom I personally know, since "covid outbreak". Testing psychic info. Checked back with 3 physicians two weeks ago. They still stand with their original advice:

"We're reading all the reports. Simple. Treat like any flu season. Boost immune system, get sunshine, take supplements A,B,C,D, Zinc; daily exercise, warm liquids, water, good sleep. No need for masks or restricting your routine or movement. If you feel sick, stay home. If you feel good, keep your normal routine."

From very beginning, China didn't provide accurate information to WHO, CDC or global leaders. They rarely do. Watched China "cook the books" for their unique benefit on several issues - for decades. They also continuously manipulate their currency.

WHO, CDC, NIAH (Dr Fauci) often rely on China to provide infectious disease numbers. China's numbers wrong 80% of the time. Seen it since 2001. Ebola, regular flu, SARS: great examples. So why are we relying on them? Why allow China to influence our actions during this time? Good question. Eventually, WHO, CDC, NIAH always revise their estimates and numbers. No matter the disease. That's happening now. Truth: they don't really know effects of any infectious disease until it runs its course. Yet, state Departments of Health rely on CDC, WHO, NIAH numbers to prepare. States like AZ Dept of Health hype up a disease to stock up on supplies. Those supplies end up sitting on shelves. PPE equipment and hospital beds end up empty. This is not new.

Social Media makes the panic even worse. Mid-March, some local nurses and local residents were in panic-mode. They mentioned: "We don't have enough hospital beds and equipment to match the need! We're already running out of supplies with all the people coming in." I doubted that. So I drove by our local emergency hospital. Only 2 cars there. Walked inside, lots of nurses and doctors. No patients. Asked someone: "busy today?" Their answer: "Nope. No crisis. No panic." How many Sedona cases do we have from mid-Feb thru today April 20? 10. How many deaths? 0.

Fear leads to unnecessary panic. Which leads to people lying. Just to make themselves feel powerful. While it just makes them liars.

If you had the flu or pneumonia shot last 2 years, you have Covid-19 in your system. Covid-19 RNA present in flu and pneumonia shots for a few years now. Flu and pneumonia shots contain the viruses themselves. Common medical knowledge since 1990s. Still applies. Ask any doctor. With Covid in your system, will you spread it to others? No.

If you had a flu or pneumonia shot recently and choose to be tested, depending which Covid-19 test you use, you will likely test positive. But a positive result does NOT mean you will spread it to others. If you haven't gotten sick since your flu shot, you have nothing to worry about. Neither do the people around you. Besides, all you need to combat Covid-19: Keep your immune system strong. Check CDC flu articles since 2015. It's all there.

Best way to prevent spread of Covid or any virus? Strong Immune System & Herd Immunity. If you don't know what that is, Google it.


China deliberately sent Western world on a wild goose chase. China is #1 adversary to US and Western World. China began sending reports directly to western media while also sending to WHO. China rarely tells the truth. When media started reporting China numbers, people got scared. They were false numbers! Instead of giving you the real facts "we messed up. We used false information. No need to worry. Crisis contained", governments double-downed. Restricting your freedoms: financially, physically, emotionally.

December Global Estimates (CDC, WHO): Covid Cases: 10%. Death toll from Covid: 0.08%. Global population: 7.8 Billion. Estimated global deaths: 6.24 Million. Estimated global cases: 780 Million. US population: 330 Million. US estimates: 33 Million cases and 264,000 deaths.

February Estimates: CDC, WHO, China and Dr's Fauci and Birx raised death toll to 5%. Raised case estimate to 15%. That's when the world went on "lock-down". Global death toll: 390 Million people. Global cases: 1.17 Billion people. Estimated US cases & deaths: 16.5 Million cases; 49.5 Million cases.

Italy: They began reporting drastic Covid deaths (5-10%). Their numbers included anyone dying WITH Covid instead of reporting patients dying FROM Covid. Big Difference. Even when they had no COVID test to verify that case. Big difference. Example: a patient with chronic COPD last 4 years died at hospital in March. It was his 2nd bout of pneumonia last 2 years. COPD-related. Doctors did not have Covid test yet. Patient not tested for Covid.

What did doctors write as cause of death on Death Certificate? Death by Covid. Though patient never tested for it. This happens more often than you might know. Internationally, nationally and locally.

Wuhan cases.

January 31: Chinese infectious disease specialists estimated 75,815 Covid cases in Wuhan. Wuhan population: 11 million people. On that day 10,800 covid cases reported in entire country of China. 258 dead. China placed 60 Million people in lock-down, including all of Wuhan. As of today (April 20): Wuhan numbers: 50,000 cases and 2,500 deaths.

Italy and other nations' reports: Deaths by Covid for anyone dying during Covid crisis, regardless if they were tested. CDC instructed US hospitals and Departments of Health: If someone dies WITH Covid, count as "Covid death." If someone dies by unknown causes: list as "Covid Death." If someone has Covid symptoms, and you don't have Covid test yet, list them as a "Covid Case." Crazy right? All true. CDC and Departments of Health (eg AZ Dept of Health) list caveats with their numbers.

Today (April 20) Actual numbers:

US cases: 746,625; US deaths: 39,083. 55 jurisdictions reporting. Source Here.

Worldwide cases 2.42 Million. Worldwide deaths: 166,256. Source Here.

Arizona population is approx 7 Million. Dept of Health expected 10,000 cases and 3,000 deaths.

Actual AZ numbers (as of today): 4,929 cases. 184 deaths.

Oh! Our numbers are low because we all stayed home! Yay! - That is a lie. Each direct-source you fact-check will list a caveat: reports do not separate patients with chronic illnesses and those without chronic illnesses. Chronic illness like diabetes, heart issues, COPD, cancer for example - naturally deplete your immune system. With a low immune system, you will attract any flu, virus, common cold, etc. Cooking The Books happens.

We closed down our streets, globally. Fauci knew the China reports were false; he's worked with China for decades. WHO knew China reports false numbers. CDC often caught using false reports by China last 20 years. By the time a disease moves its course and CDC numbers proven wrong, the media switches subjects. Unless you check CDC, WHO, NIAH websites: you won't know how often they get it wrong. I check them. They get it wrong 80% time!

At beginning, Fauci and others said "covid no big deal." It really isn't a big deal. When China began sending Covid reports directly to press, and press broadcast them (vs fact-checking), everyone became afraid. Then Fauci changed his tune "Covid is a big deal! We must ALL quarantine!" It was all a lie.

Once governments discovered their "lockdowns" were based on false information - they needed to prevent riots, protests, revolts, civil unrest. People have been laid off, sent home without pay, while still required to pay their bills. Some have committed suicide - those facts will be released after quarantines over. People have been restricted of their physical, financial, emotional freedom to roam about, work, live their daily lives. In US and globally.

WHO, CDC, NIAH, Government Covid Task Forces across globe need to cover their butts. So they inflate numbers, magically. All true.Here are some facts backing up my claims. Check my sources. Direct sources. It's all there.

RABBIT HOLE #6: Suicides, Domestic Violence, Drug Overdoses

Suicides will increase 20% during this time. Maybe more. Living in isolation when you are completely healthy - is unhealthy: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. More deaths through suicides, domestic violence, drug overdoses - during this time - than actually caused by Covid.

Best fix for infectious diseases, virus and flus? Herd Immunity! Not Isolation.


While everyone is home, many of my friends send me links to information they've discovered. "Hey Robin. What do you think about this? What's your psychic-intuition say?" I love it! At same time, my Inbox gets flooded with info on so many topics. Hard to find time to research all of them.

However. There's a Youtube video called "Out Of The Shadows" or "Out of Shadows." Someone also mentioned it's available on Netflix. I don't use Netflix. I watched this video. It is 100% true. Link to video here.

"Shadows" talks about Evil. Real Evil. My dad told us kids about it back in 1970s-1980s. Before the internet. CIA-Nazi mind control. Hollywood Satanic practices. Media manipulation. And other things. Every detail in that documentary is true. I've known about it all since 1980s.

The documentary will scare you. It exposes evil. The evil is real. Not conspiracy. If you're not prepared for it, or energetically protected, please do not watch it.

I've known about it all since 1987. It still makes me physically sick, emotionally bereft and spiritually empty.

My father talked about the 1940s CIA-Nazi brainwashing, back in the 1970s. It was one reason he taught us to "question everything." He knew about it in 1970s. When the internet didn't exist. He learned it from former federal agents.

My father stumbled upon other things mentioned in the documentary - from 1981 thru 1987. He was a bail bondsman. A drug dealer jumped bail on $300,000 bond. Worth almost $1 Million in today's money. To prevent bankruptcy, my dad hired two bounty hunters to find the "bail jumper". They traveled as far south as South America. For three full years, they searched for the "jumper". During that time, bounty hunters reported back what they were uncovering as they dropped down in "drug cartel" Rabbit Hole. Government corruption at all levels, Satan worshipping, drug funnels & tunnels, child and human trafficking rings plus tunnels, human sacrifices, etc.

It was horrible. My brother was in the Army, I was in college, my sister was still in high school. Dad told Mom, Mark and me about it. My sister Kara was too young to know. Some of my Kelley cousins (still living) remember it.

When my siblings Mark & Kara were killed in 1988, our entire family felt it was a "hit job". Dad's colleagues felt same. Dad knew bad things about a bunch of high-profile bad people (local, state, federal). Some of those people are dead now. Some still alive. Most are household names: in Texas and nationally. I moved away from Houston after murders. "You're safer elsewhere."

When I say "bad people", I mean pure Evil people. If you're curious what Evil looks like, watch documentary "Out of Shadows." If Evil scares you, don't watch it.


Whether science, human history, or your belief systems: question everything. Compare your new knowledge against your intuition. Your intuition knows more than you realize. It accesses all your past lives and memories you may have forgotten in this life.

Your intuition knows what information you TRULY need for a balanced, happy life. And what information you do NOT need. So what resonates with you may not resonate with someone you know. That's because you don't NEED to know that information to have a balanced, fulfilling, happy life.


Love more. Play more. Worry less. Eat healthy at least once/day. Take your vitamin supplements (A,B,C,D, Zinc), sleep well, drink plenty of water, get daily exercise and sun. Surgical N95 masks are completely unnecessary and actually deplete your oxygen!

You can live in multi-dimensions while living on Earth. You can live on Earth with new knowledge, without feeling or being afraid. Fear is your #1 enemy. Your intuition is your #1 ally. Critical Thought is your #1 skill.

Evil exists. Bad people exist. You don't have to learn about them. We have been manipulated. But now we see it. US society is now experiencing: "I'm fed up and not going to take it anymore!" Quote from 1970s movie "Network." Lots of truth in that movie.

You're going to be a different "You" after this Quarantine experience. Feel with your heart. Pay attention with your soul. Practice self-care: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. You will be fine. Your soul is always fine.


The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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