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Today's Nature Message

Today's Spiritual Message from Mother Nature.

Hummingbirds are my main "totem" last 6-8 months. They fly backward, forward, in same position, play a lot.

This morning, found a baby Hummer in my backyard. Broken wing. Didn't get close to it.

For 30 mins, watched its parents help it, feed it. While I shooed away other birds. Prayed to God that its wing would heal & the baby would fly again.

Then I left to walk Hank (my broken-wing baby; neutered 5 days ago). Hoped for best outcome for baby Hummer. Asked God to protect it from ravens, snakes, other birds.

Came back from Hank walk - 30 minutes later. The baby Hummer was gone. At first, thanked God that its broken wing healed and it flew away. No. Its parents still looking for it. Even as I write this.

I couldn't help the sweet baby Hummer. My "magic", protection & prayers didn't work. A predator took it. Raven, snake or other bird or predator.

Moral of Story-Lesson: Sometimes a broken wing cannot be repaired or restored. Sometimes miracles do not happen. We must trust in "the bigger plan" & God. And just let it go. Accept the things you cannot change. Change the things you can. Have the wisdom to know the difference.

Powerful message for me. Maybe for you too. Meanwhile, Sedona is still beautiful. I will miss it.

Wishing you peace, balance and wisdom today.

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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