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What is Spirituality?

It's an awareness. A conscious awareness of how your super-conscious (soul) works for you on Earth. How it aligns with your conscious mind, your emotional heart and your physical body - to help you live an easier and more fulfilling life. Spiritual awareness also answers the question: "How does my soul align with 'all that is' in the Universe and God? What's its job for me, personally?"

Spirituality is an awareness of how your soul drives your life and how connected your soul is to "all possibilities" and God-The Universe-Spirit Realm and Angels.

Religions were created from this desire or quest: "how does my life and soul work? Is there a bigger plan?"

Last 30 years, Spirituality replaced Religion as a "bigger, better option." Many people began believing "organized religion restricts my understanding. I still feel lost. Is there a better, bigger way?"

What were they missing? They started "overthinking" their Earth experience; moving out of their time-tested soul energy into "doubtful mind" energy. They forgot that any spiritual practice (religious practice) creates a habit and space ("rites" and rules) where your soul can "sit still", refresh, recharge and reconnect your life and Earth experience with "all that is".

Spiritual and religious practices produce the same results: aligning your heart, mind, body with your soul. Whether it's meditation, American Indian ceremonies, Eastern Indian ceremonies, Catholic Mass, Protestant practices, Judaism, Buddhism, yoga, etc. Every "spiritual" practice that quiets your mind, religious or non-religious, reconnects your soul.

Quick answers about how your soul works.

Your soul's energy powers your Earth experience. Whether you're aware or not. Our souls naturally live in "expansion mode." Our souls' base energy: freedom, expansion, self-expression, love and charity.

Our souls are forever connected to "all good things possible": God, Angels, The Universe, etc. That never changes.

To unleash its unlimited power and possibilities for an empowered and fulfilling life, you don't need to understand it or be constantly aware of it. Most times, it's best you DON'T know! Why? A doubtful mind or broken heart (including grief) interferes with your soul's ability to create a fulfilling, joyful life.

What stops or impedes your soul? Your doubtful mind and heartache, sorrow, grief. Your mind and heart must be aligned with your soul to "manifest" and create great things.

Over-thinking and over-analyzing your Earth experiences interferes with your soul's natural ability to "let it go and move on." Your soul naturally "gets the lesson" within a millisecond and will remember it always - for eons of your soul existence. Your conscious and sub-conscious don't need to "process it." Your soul's got it. That's part of your soul's job! If you forget your soul's job, or consciously start doubting (mind energy), there's a backup plan. What's that? Your Spirit Team: Angels, Spirit Guides, even Lost Loved Ones who swirl around you, specifically chosen by you - to help you remember who you are - as a soul and person. They remind you what you want, don't want and "the life plan" you created before returning to a human body. With that said - sometimes we pop off and away from our soul's life plan. Guess what? That is OK! Free Will.

Our minds and hearts are as powerful as our soul. When combined together - watch out! When we're grieving or feel discouraged, angry, heartbroken or betrayed - our minds start working hard to "fix the pain". Much like a male spouse wants to "fix" what's bothering his wife. Our minds either create new beliefs "I'm unlovable" or "People are untrustworthy"; or our minds shut down our heart completely. Our minds are powerful! Our minds create self-doubt when our hearts feel pain. It's a defense mechanism. How can you align your brain back with your soul? Even if your heart is breaking? Positive Affirmations, learning new positive information, doing different things in your life that make you feel good. Retraining your brain to realign with your soul's "wealth consciousness" and "all good things possible."

Each of you have manifesting skills to create the world & life you desire. That power lives in your soul! And your soul powers your life. Every soul on Earth has unlimited power to manifest. The trick: don't let your mind or heart interfere with it.

Your heart and soul. They live close to each other in your energy field. They work together perfectly. Sometimes heartache, loss and grief rattles your heart which dulls your soul senses. When that happens, your soul goes on "autopilot" for a while healing your heart and asking for Angel assistance to help your heart heal. This is why most grief therapists advise the grieving to wait at least one year before making major life changes. Let your heart heal first. Let your soul work its magic. Making life-altering decisions requires brain power. When you're grieving, you have limited brain and heart power. Wait at least one year before "moving forward" in life.

Our souls naturally exude "wealth consciousness." It's our pure soul state. Our soul is constantly, consistently connected to "All Things Possible"; expansive, infinite and limitless possibilities. Our souls believe in an endless supply of love, freedom, charity, possibilities, luxury and comfort. Your soul is never "empty". It is always full and happy. No matter if your heart is breaking, your mind swirls with self-doubt or your physical health is poor. Your soul is undeterred and unafraid: of anything that happens to you during your life. That is wealth consciousness.

Someone recently asked "why am I so lucky? I've done some really bad things in life, yet good things happen. Why do I deserve such good fortune?" Answer? He uses his soul energy wisely and often. He exercises his soul energy 24/7. He believes and trusts in his soul more than any other part of him or his life experiences, including people. That strengthens his "all that is" soul connection. Which empowers his manifesting skills and paves way for good things to come. His soul controls his mind-heart-body when he feels most discouraged or depressed. He believes in his soul energy more than his mind energy. When he shares his heart, he shares his soul energy. That's living a spiritual life. Whether he's consciously aware or not. Doesn't matter.

Hope this article helps you understand your soul better and how it works!

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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