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World War 3

If you believe WW3 is imminent, read this. If you believe nuclear holocaust will happen soon, or that we are living in the "Last Days", I channeled and wrote this for you.

Every day, I check-in with Spirit Realms and through Remote Viewing - about these topics. World leaders and media want you to believe "war is coming." Why? They need your emotional and spiritual "buy-in" to make it happen. They need YOUR energy, consciousness and fear to move it forward. Without you, their plans for global chaos will not happen. They need you: heart, mind, soul, body.

My daily check-ins show fluctuations. Some days, a 50% chance for global war, nuclear war, etc. Some days, a 1% chance. You're the reason it fluctuates.

If global population stops believing in these silly, stupid concepts, a consistent 0% probability will happen. You will make that happen. You're that powerful.

Those wanting wars and fear need your buy-in. Don't succumb and submit. Change the channel. Delete their messages. Block their nonsense. It's all nonsense. They know it. You need to know it, too. Your soul knows it.

If you want to change the world, block fear-based messages and beliefs. Fear disconnects you from your soul and inner knowing (intuition). I talk about this in my book "A Psychic's Guide to Overcoming Bad Sh&*". For next 3 months, re-assess your beliefs. Erase beliefs that hurt you. This gives room for new beliefs that help you.

Last Days. This is a myth. That might shock you. "The Last Days" as written in the Bible, Torah, Qu'ran and other religious texts: 200% wrong. No such thing as Last Days. Those spiritual tomes written to scare the hell out of you. Don't buy the bait. Ever again. We are living in New Days. Where your thoughts, beliefs, intention - and what occupies your time and consciousness - creates the world within you and around you.

Climate Change and global population growth - resulting in new mantras that we need to decrease human population on planet because Earth can't sustain us - also a myth. It's a fabricated lie.

Be good to yourself. Start practicing soul-calm. Your soul-calm transcends past lies and manipulation. Your soul-calm transcends dimensions, space, time. Into "all that is." All good possibilities.

The best you can do for your "spiritual enlightenment", trust your soul. Not the media.

Stop believing lies. Stop stressing. The main reason we stress-out: receiving information that contradicts our innate intuition and soul knowledge. Second reason we stress: bad food that provides no nutrients to nourish our bodies. This is also mentioned in my book.

I have known all this since 1970s. Many people agree with me. Here are some people you can trust. When deciding who to trust, understand and use your wisdom. If someone proves trustworthy 80-90% of the time, that's excellent. You don't need to trust 100% of what they say. And you must do your own research. People you can trust: Gregg Braden (GAIA), Billy Carson (4Bidden Knowledge). They know what I know. They speak about your soul power. Majority in my profession can't be trusted.

Here's what else I know. Chaos is coming. It's already here. It's your government, not an outside enemy. Whether you live in USA, Europe, Australia, or Africa. Your governments are leading the charge, not a foreign enemy.

Have 6 months of "hurricane provisions". If you want more information, read my book. Details listed there. I've given you enough free information with this blog - to help you along. I wrote that book to help you this year.

Reconnect with your soul. Through prayer or meditation. Be mindful of fear. If you're afraid of something, re-check your premise and ask "why am I afraid?". Remove the fear.

Biggest message today: If you believe in God, you should have NO fear. God and your soul are connected. Neither energy fears. If you believe in God, and you're afraid or live in fear, you don't really believe in God. Don't be a hypocrite to your soul. That's the ultimate self-sabotage.

Tough talk during strange days. Gloves off: strengthen with your soul connection. All the answers and wisdom you need: live there. Not "out there."

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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