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Your Intuition

It's a voice in your mind or third-eye. It's a sensation that you physically feel in your heart. It's a signal from your soul. You "know" but cannot explain how or why you "know." That's Intuition.

Some people "hear" their intuition speak when they feel aches, pains or physical body signals. Some hear a voice. Some feel chills run up their spine. Some sense it from their heart.

Your intuition speaks to you in your individual, unique way. There's no generic cookie-cutter pattern. Because you're not cookie dough!

When we don't listen and act on our intuition, other people around us send same signals or messages. Others who probably don't know each other.

Accessing your intuition is a powerful tool to use in your daily life. Following it: the key to a fulfilling life.

Angel Message: "This year 2020: listening and following your intuition is your primary goal. No matter who you are. Follow your intuition. Love deeply. Play often."

What separates successful businessmen/women from mediocre ones? Successful people follow their intuition - often. No matter what statistics or other factors reveal. What separates successful artists from unsuccessful ones? Successful artists follow their intuition.

Your intuition is your soul's voice. While "women's intuition" is strong, men also have that "gift". In fact, when I'm unable to "hear" my intuition, I consult with two male friends versus my female friends. Those two male friends know me on a deep soul level. When my father was still alive, he could access my soul voice when I could not. Better than my mother could.

Intuition is gender-neutral. Soul family members are gender-neutral.

Following and acting upon your intuition is paramount this year. And the remaining years of your life.

Sometimes following your intuition requires courage and conviction. In areas you fear the most. In areas of your life where fear has rooted deeply. That's intentional. Your soul knows no fear. When fear roots and expands, tangling up your soul and heart energy, your intuition will scream at you: "Do this! Don't do that! Speak your truth. Speak your mind." Even if you're afraid of the consequences.

Your soul wants to drive your "life bus." Your intuition is your soul's voice. Learn to listen. Learn to use it. Learn to follow it. Learn to act on it. In so doing, you will live a fearless, fulfilling and courageous life. Do not stifle who you are. Do not let fear entangle or strangle you. Live freely, joyously. That is your soul's ultimate purpose. To live a free, loving, joyous life. With no regrets. No fear.

The more you act on your intuition, the sooner you meet your soul family. The more you act on your intuition, the sooner you achieve success in every area of your life. The more you act on your intuition, the deeper connection you will have to your soul and spiritual enlightenment. The stronger your connection to the Universe and "all things possible."

Intuition erases fear. Intuition is your biggest ally. Know how to listen. Know how to follow it.

During the Covid scare, those who listened and followed their intuition were never afraid. They are still not afraid. They do not wear masks in public. They do not social-distance. Their intuition slashes through fears and fiction. They stayed happy, healthy and balanced during last 2 months. Business owners, families, retirees, etc. Their routines did not change much. They fought for their rights to live as they pleased. Illness did not beset them or others around them.

They lived their lives based on their soul energy. The highest form of living on the planet. They know truth from lies. They do not live in fear: the lowest form of energy on the planet. They acted on their intuition; living free, loving, joyous lives. Role models for every human soul on the planet.


The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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