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Your Soul: The New Currency

Are you wondering what's truly happening in today's world?

We're bombarded with imbalances, fear, and signs of global humanity distress. The 3-year Covid nonsense was stressful enough.

Now we have more global protests, wars, threats of WW3 or nuclear apocalypse, AI, political division, economies crumbling, food scarcity, digital currency, transgender nonsense, and illegal immigrants busting through every border in every Western World nation.

We're forced to accept anti-human theories and technologies (e.g. AI and Transgenderism) - or else we're called insensitive, lack empathy or compassion. If we speak up and fight back against obvious insanities, we're silenced, cancelled, or the government investigates us.

Something's got to give! What's going on?

The answer. We're in the middle of a spiritual humanity war. The prize? Your soul and human-ness. Every distraction, news broadcast, new technology, new belief or baseless "fact" you're forced to digest (e.g. manmade Climate Change) - or else you're demonized - is designed to instill fear and division. Intentionally separating you from your inner power: your soul and connection with God and "all that is".

Why do forces want to do that? They fear your soul power. They fear your soul memories of who you truly are. You're on the precipice of knowing your true soul essence: its power to heal your body, create new realities, and override the 4,000-year limited program that kept you and your soul "controlled". They need to harness, control and rule you. Fear and anxiety are their weapons.

Why? Tons of reasons. They want what you have. They're soul-less with no moral compass. They seek fulfillment by stripping you of yours. They're envious. Your soul strength and courage is growing. You have what they don't have. They fear you. Or they simply want to control everything and everyone. If you learn everything about you and your soul, they can't control you.

I talk about this in my book, A Psychic's Guide to Overcoming Bad Sh!#. Cults, religions, and authoritarian governments need you to need them. They deliberately strip you of your true source - your soul - to create a void that they fill.

Your soul power is today's currency.

How can you fight back? Keep your soul intact? Find fulfillment and joy in today's world, bucking the fear and spiritual war?

Change the channel. Dismiss today's false theories and fear popcorn.

Remember: you chose to be on Earth at this time - to exercise your soul muscles and essence. Other souls chose other "easier" lifetimes. This lifetime, you're one of the "big guns." You were born with the soul courage and intelligence to conquer this crap. You knew before birth, this would happen. You read headlines and think "I saw this coming." Your soul is ready for this fight. It's a fight for humanity's existence on Earth. What we're witnessing is a big-ass deal!

Some people, including me, call this the Good v. Evil War. It is. And even bigger than that. Click this video for Gregg Braden's intelligent and eloquent explanation of what today is about. He's absolutely correct. His calm, soothing voice bests my emotional passion about this. The video lasts 2 hours. Worth your time.

I've known about all this since 2011. You might remember that. Before, during and after Mayan Calendar's December 21, 2012 date, I told you it was bogus. It was. During Covid, I simply said "keep your immune system strong. It's just the flu. The cures are worse than the curse." I was correct.

Now I'm saying: WW3, nuclear war and Armageddon is not happening anytime soon. When you hear that stuff, turn off that channel. There might be an electric grid collapse in certain areas of US and UK. So stock up like it's hurricane season - for 2-3 months. Expect some power and internet outages. It won't be caused by war.

These are all distractions designed to scare the hell out of you! Are they working? This blog helps you stay calm. It's good to know what's going on. Even better to know how to deal with it - transcend past it. "Speak the truth and shame the Devil." Whether there's a Devil or not, you know what that means.

You're on the precipice of rediscovering the ultimate power within you. You're 60-70% there. Anti-human forces want to stop it. Stop them from erasing you. Stay true to your soul and God connection.

Your intuition is your soul's voice. You need strong intuition now during this complex time on Earth. Access and use your intuition often, like a muscle. Speak the truth that your intuition speaks. Speak your soul truth. Act on it.

Your soul and intuition see through falsehoods. Your mind does not.

Your soul is the most powerful force on the planet. Your soul does NOT fear. It's capable of amazing things, you haven't quite discovered yet. Your soul is connected to God, Great Mystery, all Universes, and "all that is". All that exists in this realm and others - your soul navigates perfectly. Your soul straddles multiple dimensions at the same time.

Your soul can heal your body. Your soul can heal cancer and create new real, realities. Your soul can light up the world and bring peace! In some ways, you can even bend time. There's so much your soul can do. You know this. You're learning step by step what your true powers are. Each one of us is learning or remembering. You can't let ego interfere. You must stay grounded in your soul energy to fully grasp your soul power.

Practice meditation or "grounding" to quiet, silence and block your mind and its errant, fear-based thoughts. Once your mind is quiet, no thoughts, you step inside your Soul-Intuition's abyss or gap. That's your ultimate Power Place.

Honor and respect your humanity, soul and human-ness. Honor and respect your connection to God and "all that is." Stay connected to who you are.

When you sense your beliefs and soul getting attacked, speak up. Stand up for your beliefs. Double-down on your primary life assets: your soul, its courage and your truths. Speak your truth. Live your truth. Live Life! Constantly.

Fear is sold like $1.00 popcorn buckets in a crowded movie theater. Don't buy the cheap popcorn!

Here is fear popcorn. Please don't buy these theories. Your soul knows better:

"Fear war. Fear for your safety. Fear your future without adequate food, water and shelter as Earth disintegrates under your feet. All caused by you, your soul and human-ness that damaged the planet, caused natural disasters and you sucked up all Earth's natural resources.

"Fear your neighbors and community - and anyone who believes differently than you - or us. Everyone should have the same beliefs, lifestyles, income, and success. That's true diversity and equality.

"Fear your innate human desire to be married, have children, create families. We'll make you so afraid of the future, you won't want children. Good. That's the wise thing to do. Earth will tip over if you have kids. Too many people on the planet already.

"Doubt your connection with God. He doesn't exist. In fact, you were probably born the wrong gender. We'll fix that. Plus prevent you from having children and enjoying sex later in life. After the the life-altering surgery, you will feel virtuous and pure. You're not a beautiful, bright, intelligent soul. But we'll help you be that. Trust us.

"Fear and control your emotions. Fear your humanity. It's destroying the planet. Take prescription drugs or marijuana to remove any illness, fear or stress. Dulling your senses is good and virtuous. Don't pay attention to your intuition or anxiety. Quiet those tendencies. Our drugs manipulate your mRNA and DNA so you'll feel better about your life. Your body can't heal itself. You need our drugs for that. (What a lie! Your body CAN completely HEAL ITSELF!)

"Your soul need for freedom and liberty violates others' freedoms and livelihoods. Your existence and beliefs violate others' existence and beliefs. Obey our beliefs and new rules, or you will be silenced, cancelled, controlled. We say these things to protect you. We know more than you do. Be afraid. Be very afraid. You're powerless. We're here to help you."

HOLY COW! Those are the subliminal messages you get every day. Tons of guilt and fear for you to carry. Why get out of bed every morning? Damn! Why wonder unemployment, suicide and depression rates skyrocket of the charts nowadays. Especially in younger generations (aged 3-40). They were taught these falsehoods and fears in school since age 4 or 5.

If the sky is falling, you're worthless, powerless and partly to blame, what's the point in living? That's the deliberate message to younger generations. Why? To reduce the human population of the Western World. By suicide, depression, soul-disconnect, stop procreation, stop productivity, creativity and courage. All those false theories created by soul-less, God-less people.

Your soul easily sees through false narratives and theories. Your soul knows they're wrong. Don't live in fear. Don't accept things that you know are wrong. When the system is full of lies and discontent, buck it. Speak your truth.

If you practiced that during Covid (acting on your soul beliefs), BRAVO! Do it again. It will be easier for you this time. Teach others to do the same.

If you didn't practice "acting on your soul beliefs" during Covid. Now is your chance. Stand up. Speak up. Tell the world "I'm here!" The best way to "right" the humanity ship and stop soul-less leaders and theories: Show Up. Speak Up. Participate. You're important.

Who are these people creating fear and this Anti-Human Movement? Do they know what they're doing? Either they don't know what they're doing, they're too immature to know the consequences of their actions, or they see you as powerful and want your power: your soul.

The real leaders of this Anti-Human Movement fall under the third category: They see you as powerful and want your power: your soul. WEF, WHO, CDC, Gates Foundation, social media owners and western governments. In fact, most of those people walked Earth during the Fall of Rome, Fall of Egypt, Fall of Mayan, Incan and Aztecan empires.

Is this starting to sound like The Matrix movie trilogy? Awesome. Earth life has prepared you for these days.

The "middle-managers" of the Anti-Human movement fall under category 2: They're too immature and disconnected from humanity - to know the consequences of their actions. They are today's scientists, teachers and geeks who do not believe in God.

Those who fall under Category 1: They don't know what they're doing - are today's teachers, school principals, school district board members, college and K-12 students, politicians, and your every day person who wears a mask outdoors, indoors, or each time a news report hints at another virus.

Your soul knows Covid was nonsense. The "cures" killed more people than the virus. The virus affected 0.001% population. Remember how your soul and intuition told you that. Remember the tone or cadence of that wisdom during Covid. Listen to your intuition again. Then follow it.

Most people leading the anti-humanity movement, or transhuman movement, across the globe, have no relationship with their own soul or God. That's the simple truth. I "see" it when I remote-view every day- since 2011. They're disconnected from their soul base. Don't try to help them "see." Focus on your life instead.

If you ask any surgeon performing transgender surgeries on children or teens "Do you believe in God?" They get stumped, speechless. Deer in the headlights. They don't know the concept. They're playing God, performing life-altering surgery on our children, to stop reproduction of Western World human population. Erasing humanity's intelligence, soul, power, courage, and connection. This topic makes me maddest. How can parents allow this?

Insecure leaders, disconnected from their souls, also manipulate the Western World into believing the Earth is in trouble from manmade Climate Change. What a farce. Earth is fine. What bothers me most about this, besides its blatant lack of scientific integrity and the wester world guilt it causes. What bothers me most is this:

Did you know that nation-states in Africa, people living in true poverty, are not allowed to use tractors or gas-powered machinery to farm their lands. The WEF, USAID, and UN forbid all African nations to use gas or fossil-fuel powered machinery to help them grow food. The poorest nations in our world! Why? The UN, USAID, WEF Climate Change initiative. According to these global mammoths, African nations can only use non-fossil fuel powered machinery and technology. They can only use or get loans or gifts for - wind or solar-powered equipment. That stuff is expensive! Gas, coal and oil are not. Can you believe people in Africa are starving because of these stupid rules?

Most African farm societies don't even have electricity! What's happening? Africans are starving. Who allowed these global organization to set rules in Africa? Those nations' Presidents. It's happening in every African nation, including Kenya. People are starving. Due to climate change edicts. Not climate change lack of water. Not climate change drought. Climate Change policies. If you're a private investor or benefactor, you cannot even ship tractors, combines and other farming equipment to African nations. They get seized! And you get fined! Unbelievable.

Most African farmers (not South Africa - that's an entirely different deal) say "why does India, China, US, UK use 70% oil, gas and coal - and we can't? To feed our people. We feel we're being deliberately erased." They are right. USAID. Ugh. Don't get me started on them! My ex-boyfriend worked for them. They're a horrible agency. They do the opposite as their mission states.

So what's the end game for these idiots deliberately producing fear and distracting you? They want you afraid, manipulated, distracted. To strip you from your soul; disconnect you from the essence that makes you "you", unique, beautiful and powerful.

They want you dead or zombie-like. That's the plain truth. If humanity dies during your lifetime, will you feel good about that? Absolutely not! Right? Unless you're brainwashed to believing you cause all bad things and don't deserve to live. That's certainly a belief spreading like wildfire across Western Nations last 10 years.

Sorry to be so blunt. It's true: the anti-human movement wants you dead or turned into a zombie. If souls die inside the human body - by lack of use, faith and disconnect - that's it for humanity. That's it for Earth. If humanity dies, Earth dies. Earth was created long before we landed here. However, Earth cannot survive without us. Another scientific truth. Earth needs us. Like we need Earth. It's a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

This anti-humanity, self-hate, anti-soul, fear-mongering, "you're unworthy" propaganda has been ruminating in our society since the 1990s. Don't take the bait.

God, your Spirit Guides, Angels and your intuition are tutors and helpers to keep you connected to your soul. While I help clients connect with their Departed Loved Ones, I'm a better expert at knowing your soul power and giving you messages from your soul.

I know how important it is - getting messages from Departed Loved Ones - since 1988 murders of my brother and sister. And losing everyone I loved - through death. At the same time, we take our individual souls for granted. We forget the power of our individual souls to move mountains.

Somehow, we can't conceive that our souls are all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing, all-energy and strong as diamonds. We forget our power. We assume that other people have more power than we do.

Please start remembering. Your real power lives inside you; not outside you. If you chose this lifetime to live on Earth, your soul is definitely stronger than your Departed Loved Ones. And you have a task, big or small, to fight for humanity. Give your soul a chance to prove its power. Without ego. Meditate. Breathe. Stay centered. You got this.

--- Robin Amanda,

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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