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Zoe The Black Coyote (2004-2019)

Many of you have met my border collie Zoe. She greeted clients at my Sedona office, sat near them or at their feet during Reiki or Psychic Sessions, then walked them out to their cars.

She partnered with me during client Vortex Tours, hopping in the car or jeep, happily introducing tourists to the beauty of Sedona.

She was a "rescue" border collie. Came into my life at 4 months old, after a Rescue Organization saved her from being euthanized 2 days prior.

She's been my "familiar" and I was hers - 24/7 - for 14-1/2 years. We communicated well together - telepathically and through hand and voice commands. She knew every corner and crevass of Sedona's many Red Rock trails. Red dirt flowed through her veins! She knew every corner and crevass of my heart, soul and mind. And I knew hers.

Two weeks ago, she had dental surgery to remove an abscessed tooth. She never fully recovered. Starting on Day 4 post-surgery, she stopped eating. Bought and made all types of food; she wouldn't eat anything. Not even her favorite treats. She became weak, unable to walk much.

On Day 10 post-surgery, after listening to her say (for 3 straight days): "Robin, I need to go now. My body won't recover. I'm not strong enough anymore. Take me to the rocks, then let me go." I had to let her go. It was such a difficult decision. Used all my healing abilities to "rescue" her. Nothing worked. She'd lost the will to live. You cannot argue with that.

Zoe's last morning: She laid in the backyard for a long time, waiting for the sunrise to shine on her face. I sat w/her in 20° cold. She didn't want to go back in house; kept looking East for the sun. When sun rose to her face, she really enjoyed it. Soaked it up. Face pointed to bright sunrise, eyes closed. Happy, content. Beautiful moment we shared. Then she walked to backdoor. Ready. Clouds covered sun until later that day.

We took one last short stroll on a red rock trail. She could barely walk after 10 minutes. Just two weeks prior, we'd hiked two miles! On her last day, she could barely walk 1/4 mile without tiring. On way to car, before taking her to the vet, she laid down on the red dirt entrance to the trail. She was exhausted. I had to pick her up and place her in car. Then we went to the vet for her final visit.

Sunrise has a more profound meaning for me now. From 2009-2011, almost daily, I'd grab coffee, backpack, Zoe food, water, protein bar & we hiked up Bell Rock to watch sunrise. When Sun began to rise, I'd stare at it, admiring its beauty as it rose behind Courthouse Butte, close my eyes, breathe in new energy, then meditate as she wandered around sniffing for coyote & watching rabbits run in field below.

She did her "Black Coyote" thing, then laid down few feet away from me while I meditated with eyes closed, face pointed East to Sun. I never worried about her wandering about.

Her last morning, she "meditated" at sunrise. What an amazing girl. We were a perfect fit. Her message that morning: "find your peace again after I'm gone. I loved being on the planet with you. My body giving out."

We had extraordinary times together. Missed her very much the next day. Cried, wailed until my heart almost flew out of my body. So honored she chose me to be her "familiar" while she walked this planet. Loved her so much. We were "in sync" 90% of time. She was an Angel on Earth - like most of our pets are.

Every office client, every friend of mine, most of my family and all my neighbors knew Zoe. Some neighbors and friends cried when I called with the news. She was a special soul. She touched everyone she met.

She was the happiest dog soul during her 14+ years. She traveled across the US with me. She swam in the ocean; played in the mountains; ran through fields of tall green grass; sat "shotgun" in the car or jeep with me; never met a stranger (dog, cat or person). We rarely lived apart on this planet - for 14+ wonderful years. She loved riding in elevators at hotels when we traveled.

During first 5 days after she "passed", could still hear her footsteps on the tile floor when I opened the front and back door. She was always ready to "go, go, go!" At night, I felt her presence on the rug near my bed, where she slept.

Our pets are family to us. In most cases, they know us better than humans do! They sense our fears, our happiness, our moods. They smile, react perfectly to our emotions - to make us feel better. All Dogs are Angels. All pets are Angels. We love them. They love us. That deep, connected soul love and our memories of them - keep their spirit alive; keep our love alive. Pets remind us "you're not alone."

Zoe had a special gift: she was a psychic-medium dog to her psychic-medium human. She could sense clients' spirits in the office. She could sense the healing she brought to others. She could sense when clients' "Loved Ones" or "Guardian Angels" entered the room. She could see spirits, Angels, entities from other dimensions. While working with me, she also could tell time. Often moving around when a client session was over - before I looked at the clock!

She will be sorely missed. Miss her every day. Some pets change you; make you a better person or help you with life-work balance. Zoe did that for me. She reminded me to have fun, play, laugh.

Zoe The Black Coyote. Princess of the Red Rocks. She had a wonderful, happy life. My life was richer, happier, lighter by her presence. May she find peace, happiness and even more joy - while living next to Angels in Heaven.

Thank you for reading this tribute to her.

Robin Amanda - The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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