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Politics & President Trump

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Spent last 14 days editing this before posting. Feel compelled to write it; broadcast what I know. Politics is such a hot potato topic; our nation so divided. This post might ignite more anger or division - or heal it. Who knows. Compelled to express what The Angels say.

We live in interesting times. A nation divided. A nation of anger, violence, intolerance, media propaganda (both sides), political lies, politicians inciting riots and chaos; individuals or groups committing violent crimes (eg recent mail bombs).

We can fix it. If we start listening & talking to each other again. A polarized, fractured America is a weak, powerless America. Our strength comes from respecting different views; not silencing them.

I've been a psychic-clairvoyant since age 5. In 1976, at age 11, the Angels showed me future pictures of an America divided. I didn't believe it back then. Remember asking them "how can this be? No way will our nation be filled with such hate, division, chaos, rioting, violence. No way will my United States become splintered, full of rage, unsafe, led by people who hate our nation and ultimately our nation is invaded? Our Freedoms destroyed? That is horrible." Their answer: "These things will not happen for another 40 years. Enjoy life. Choose fun life paths, careers, people, new friends that make you happy. Enjoy life next few decades. Chaos will happen later - 40 years or so. Create fond memories now. Choose spouse wisely. Someone who will protect you later. We will alert you when it's time. We'll tell you when it's time to protect yourself and those you love. Until then, enjoy your life."

So that's what I did - most of the time. At age 11, I trusted my Angels. Images they showed of "America's future" was the first time and only time they revealed negative, scary things. In 2011, those images from 1976 came rushing back - every morning and every night. Our country is in jeopardy. We're living in dark days. We must talk with each other more - about politics. That's the best way to unite again. We must talk to people who believe same as we do - and those who believe differently. Only through practicing tolerance, acceptance, expanding our awareness - can our nation survive what is happening now. And that can only happen we when talk & listen more.

I remember the days when a person's political opinion was respected - even if their opinion differed from ours. When people listened to different points of view to expand their knowledge and understanding. When you could debate topics in a civil, respectful manner without the other person immediately attacking you - in personal ways. Nowadays, you speak your mind and others want to change it or argue with you. Or they disagree with you and go straight to personal attacks versus honest, respectful debate on issues. Groups like Anti-Fa and Black Lives Matter destroy property and physically harm people. They're angry and resort to violence instead of civility. Hollywood actors, directors, producers, singers, songwriters, Free Press attack current US President Trump and his supporters. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter censor conservative or pro-Trump political views. When you watch the news, most of it is opinion and not fact. Finding objective, honest investigative reporting takes effort and time - in this Information Age. Only two sources I've found that report straight news now: OANN and C-Span. We've devolved to the days of Abraham Lincoln. People argue now - just for the sake of arguing. Tensions are high. Especially on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

The media manipulates our ideas and beliefs, like the days of Lincoln. If we're not careful, we will repeat history: Civil War. But there is a fix.

Watch and listen to news carefully. Use your intuition not your emotions. Research what the media tells you. Fact-check the media. One reason our nation is divided: we don't have the same facts. In fact, many times political arguments begin when individuals face-off with different facts or quote political opinions instead of actual issues, policies, federal and state actions and bills. Read bills. I do.

When channeling information from the Spirit Realm-God-The Universe daily, they always say: "There's a fix to division. Tell the public how you and your friends with different political views talk about politics. The fix happens when people start talking to each other again - respecting each other's views. If it's not fixed, Civil War is imminent."

I'm a conservative libertarian. I support President Trump. Recently attended his Mesa Rally. I've followed politics last 30 years and don't listen to media (except One America News sometimes). I watch C-Span last 25 years. I listen to complete speeches. I check bills on Capitol Hill. I check what my state is doing too. It's easy to do. Internet provides a wealth of accurate information - if you know the best trusted sources. C-Span is a great source. You get direct viewings of Congress, Federal Agencies, Think-Tanks, real threats to our nation, etc. Have very close friends who are Democrats or Liberals. We talk about issues and policies; not the latest media opinion. We talk about issues that affect our United States. We discovered a few years ago that we want the same things: prosperity, unity, clean air, clean water, healthy Earth, healthy & happy Americans. We may disagree on the details, but we want the same things. Unity does exist. Respectful debate does exist.

One of the issues my Democrat friends & I agree on: Illegal Immigration. We're a compassionate nation but also a nation of laws. I personally know 10 people who worked hard, spent money and time on immigration fees, attorneys, taking Citizenship test to become a US citizen. They're proud of being an American now. They admire, respect our nation and love being here. I know other people personally whose parents or grandparents went through rigorous legal channels to become a US citizen. Before they were born. All of them are outraged when they see images of migrants preying on our compassion to enter our country, receive benefits of our nation - without working hard and obeying laws to get here. "It nullifies us for obeying the law! We respect the law and get penalized. They disrespect the law and become honored? That is not fair! They must go through process we did." Some people I know who gained US citizenship spent years saving their money before they could start the process. The Illegal Immigration Debate is personal to them. For good reason.

The United States has always been a Melting Pot of different cultures and views. We're a nation of immigrants - legal immigrants. United under one flag, one nation, with various philosophies, backgrounds, skills, cultures, history, etc. Our differences expand our individual and collective awareness. When we listen to each other, we expand our personal awareness and spiritual awareness.

Lately, we're on fire! Not melting: exploding. From within. Like any relationship, when communication stops, the relationship stops. When we refuse to find common ground or respect our differences, like in any relationship, the trust disappears and the relationship dissolves. We can stop this tide from building.

Free Will and Personal Responsibility are highly valued in the Spirit Realm. Taking control of your life, choosing your path, your actions, behaviors, beliefs - empowers you. And it's the foundation of our country: self-empowerment. In essence - the Constitutional, Representative Republic we call the United States of America is the best nation in the world because we're allowed to choose our fate. Thousands of immigrants from across the globe want what we have. They migrate here, legally, to achieve their individual greatness, use their Free Will, choose their path and live the life they desire.

When my close friends (Democrats) and I talk politics, we don't argue with each other. We respect each others' views. We learn from each other. Our heart-soul bond is strong. Sometimes they send me links to their information; sometimes I send them links to my information. We discuss what we learn. We all want the same thing: a unified, prosperous, strong, diverse nation. One of my close Democrat friends recently said: "What's the point in talking to people who have same beliefs? I learn nothing when I talk to my Democrat friends. I learn so much when you & I talk about politics. We learn about each other. Our brain cells and awareness expand. We learn more from each other than the press can teach us. That's a good thing!" She is right. We both learn when we talk politics with each other.

The United States of America is a wonderful human spiritual experiment. We are free to choose. We are free to behave as we choose. We are surrounded by people with different views, allowing us to expand our awareness, consciousness and stimulate our brain cells. The more we talk to people with different views, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we appreciate others, the less we judge and more unified we become. The more we talk with each other, the less angry and violent we become too. The Angels often say: "When people read, hear or sense something that makes them angry - it's because that information creates fear. Or the information is false. Anger surfaces from fear. Fear of unknown. Fear of success or failure. Fear of safety. Fear of survival. Fear or feeling powerless. The best way to conquer fear from information: Research. And research often. Dig to find true answers. Use intuition as your guide."

While my Angels guide my daily research & political topics list last 30 years, they do not tell me what to think. They simply lead or suggest certain directions. I walk it, research, learn on my own. Something we all should do. Mid-term Elections happening now. No matter if you're a Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Republican or Independent: VOTE. Let your voice be heard. We live in a country where participation in politics is crucial to our freedoms. Activate your self-empowerment: vote. Be involved in the government that governs you. One reason our nation is great: We control the government. It doesn't control us.

Mesa AZ Rally October 19, 2018

President Trump: I didn't like him when I voted for him. He was crass, tweeted like a crazy baboon (no offense to baboons), had nicknames for primary opponents, was not polished at all and seemed "off." He didn't know our US Constitution; how our government worked; nor the constitutional role of US President. The second after I voted for him, I felt an amazing sense of peace. The images of 1976 disappeared. I couldn't understand it.

Now? He obviously refreshed his knowledge about our Representative Republic and US Constitution. He respects the 10th Amendment, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment - all amendments. He's leading our nation well: booming economy, signed Clean Water & Air Act, negotiated better foreign trade agreements, we have lowest unemployment in decades, diverted potential Korean war. Most importantly, he stands up for all Americans. And he delegates. His tweets and nicknames? I just laugh. He says what some of us are privately thinking or joking about. He is "linked in" to majority Americans like the Mind Meld of Spock. It's spooky when I think of something funny, then later that day, he actually says it. It's about time we laugh, have a sense of humor about politics. Time for us to lighten up. I don't care what he says really. I care what he does, how he leads, how he's leading our nation, if he's sincere and loves these United States. I went to AZ Mesa Rally last week to "read him". Will post about that another day. Result: He loves our country and every American living in it. His Secret Service detail feel that from him too. He wants to do the right things. He wants every American to succeed. That's what is in his heart and soul. Hadn't seen a US President like that since Ronald Reagan. Before that? John F Kennedy. Before that? Abraham Lincoln. Before that? Teddy Roosevelt maybe? I don't watch national news. I don't let others decide for me. Been that way since the mid-80s. Once I found C-Span in 1990s, never needed CNN again. I'm certain the press have a field day with President Trump. He's easy pickings if you don't like him nor his leadership skills nor policies. But he works for us. Many of his accomplishments since taking office are actions We The People wanted a President to take. What's that mean? He listens to us - We The People. If you haven't been to a rally nor listened-watched a Rally on Youtube, please do so. Get your information from direct source. Numerous media & post complete rally coverage on YouTube - unfiltered. Enough about President Trump. Will leave you with this comment from Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin, two of my Angels since 1968: "Mass Consciousness leads to Mob Rule. Humans are individuals, not mob herds. Think for yourself. Respect others' views. Research what makes no sense. Understand how your government works. Learn what politicians are doing; if they deserve your trust. In these United States, Americans still hold the power over their government. Not the other way around. USA is the only Representative (Constitutional) Republic in the world where citizens control how much power the government has in their lives. The real power of America lives inside every individual American. We're a nation of immigrants. Want something? Work for it. Work toward what you want. Nothing in life is free. Everything costs. Freedom isn't free. Hard work or taking action is the path to Self-Empowerment. Self-Empowerment is the key to Spiritual Enlightenment." -- Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin

May the Freedoms bestowed upon you by These United States bring you self-empowerment not victimhood; bring you courage not cowardice; and shower you with tolerance not hate.

---Robin Amanda, The Sedona Spirit Psychic Email:

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