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It was hard finding a good photo for today's post. I'm not a Bible enthusiast but read the The Bible twice as a kid. To learn more about God. Also read the Torah, Egyptian-Sumerian texts and Book of Mormon as a kid. In my 20s and 30's, read the Qu'ran, before 9/11. For the last 55 years, I talk to God every day. Knew these days would come. Still painful to watch.

Wrote a blog last year: How To Dispel Hate. Read that one, then this one. In whichever order you'd like. Today's blog is more direct and hard-hitting. Your soul can't sit on sidelines anymore. You must show your soul courage on Earth. You must act on your spiritual beliefs: peaceful, non-violent, non-angry action.

Hate happens when God is absent - or deliberately erased.

These protests show you Hate first-hand. In case you missed the 2020 BLM riots. Anyone defending these students and paid agitators: are enemies of God. Yes, I said that.

Pro-Palestinian Protesters don't know the centuries-old history between Islam and Judaism. They don't know the recent 70-year history between Hamas, PLO and Israel. They don't know that Hamas is a terror organization. They only know how to protest and bully the police and disrupt society's order of things. These kids don't know God. God and prayer removed from schools when they started their education. They grew up in a post-911 world.

You're seeing the horrifying result of a complete absence of the soul, God, Faith, spirituality. Hate loves spiritual depravity. Feeds on it.

We're also seeing the total decay of today's western education system. Protesters don't know history. And some are from wealthy families with a "quality" education!

"If you forget history, you're doomed to repeat it."

What's that mean? Totalitarianism is coming. Either fight against it now - with your soul courage - or get ready. These protesters will come for you next. Sorry. It's true. It's what I "see".

God needs you. Bullies are running the playground now. This year is pivotal time to stand strong with your spiritual beliefs. Fight for what you spiritually believe. Know who you are - as a soul. Keep your God connection strong. Remember your strengths, talents and why you're on Earth. Enjoy Earth! And its many pleasures. While also showing your soul courage when it counts. Please don't bow down to bullies or appease them. Stand in your power. Stand in your God Power.

Some ways of bucking the hate and bullies. Tell them: "Be quiet. Grown-ups are talking now." A good punishment for these students: Give them Diversity, Equality and Inclusion training on the Jewish Faith and all faiths. A 6-month course on spirituality and global religions would be the best education for them.

These protesters' souls are from 1930's Hitler's Youth. Youth Armies herded the Jewish into ghettos and concentration camp trains. Want to quell their hate? And bring peace back? Face them. Tell them "no." God needs your courage and determination. Be resolute in your Faith.

When you stand strong in your Faith, Evil disappears. It falls when you whisper.

Violence and bullying: that's what cowards do. You're not a coward. Stand strong with your God connection. Speak your truth. Buck the Bullies. Rise to your soul courage. Stand resolute. Your calm strength is needed at this time.

Thank you.

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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