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This weekend marks the beginning of summer for most families. It's play time! Kids out of school, road trips, vacations, kids' camp, warm weather. Boating, biking, hiking, kayaking, river-rafting, swimming, zip-lining, exploring new places. Enjoying life! A perfect time to discuss risk.

Life is full of risks. Nothing is guaranteed. That's why our souls view Earth life as such a fun, exciting adventure! In other dimensions, risks don't exist. Why? Fear only exists on Earth. Without fear, there is no risk. Our souls do not fear. Our souls are infinite, intelligent, abundant, adaptable and powerful. Our souls never die.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines risk as "Exposure to the possibility of loss, injury, or other adverse or unwelcome circumstance; a chance (noun). Verb: To endanger. To expose to possibility of injury, death, or loss." Oxford created those definitions in 1600's. They still apply today; used in courtrooms across the globe.

Fear and risk: Primary reasons we have Free Will on Earth. We get to decide: let fear swallow you? Or risk it for the biscuit? What's the biscuit? Your soul empowerment. Stretching your soul muscles.

When I hike trails and pass mountain bikers wearing helmets or knee pads, I cringe and think "Fear Sells. Souls lose. Attorneys win." When I see people and kids wearing helmets while riding bikes on well-paved neighborhood streets, public town parks, and other benign areas, I cringe and think the same thing. When I see fellow horse-people wearing a helmet instead of a cowboy hat - I think the same thing. Where's their courage? Why are they so afraid? Don't they know how to fall? Why has fear won?

I remember the days when mountain bikers wore no helmets. They knew the risks of falling on a rock. They tested their abilities and agility. Part of the excitement and fun! Testing their soul, heart, body, mind. Knowing the risks and doing it anyway. Taking personal responsibility.

My Sedona vet still mountain-bikes without a helmet. I see him sometimes while hiking very rugged trails, before the sun fully rises. What a great way to start the day! Biking over big boulders, climbing up and down steep terrain balancing the bike, overcoming obstacles, fear. Knowing the risks. Feeling free, empowered, responsible.

Personal responsibility is a soul trait. Bucking fear: also a soul trait.

After hiking Sedona's rugged terrain for over 15 years, about 10,000 total hours, never saw a non-helmet biker who needed an ambulance. Never saw a non-helmet biker injured. Last four years, when I see an injured or stranded mountain-biker, they're always wearing a helmet. Why?

Helmets, masks, and other safety measures send a subliminal message to your heart, mind and soul: "I'm too afraid to use my inner intelligence, self-preservation and natural immunity muscles. I can't take care of myself. I'm consumed with fear of injury, death or loss."

You might not consciously think that, but your mind, heart and soul hear that message loud and clear. Your mind forgets nothing. It's a super-computer. Garbage in-Garbage Out.

We never wore helmets when we were kids: climbing trees, riding bikes, skate-boarding, water-skiing, ice-skating, snow-skiing, or while riding our pleasure horses. We learned how to fall without breaking anything.

Our parents said: "So what if you fall? Falling is inevitable. Until you master it. Important part: Learning how to get back up. Life will test you. You will fall. Know how to rise afterward. Dust yourself off. Get back on the horse. Life is 80% guts and determination. 20% smarts. The wealthiest people in the world have more guts than smarts. They take risks. Be like them.

"If you're afraid to fall, you will keep falling and scraping your knee until the fear exhausts you. Once you're too exhausted to be afraid, get back on the horse or bike. You won't fall again. If you do, you'll land on your feet. Knowing how to land and recover - your primary goal."

Why aren't kids taught that nowadays? This lesson would decrease younger generations' suicide rates, psychosis, drug abuse and violence. While strengthening their soul connection and confidence. Wouldn't that be great?

When I see these violent and passive-aggressive school protests, I think this. They live in fear. Protected by helmets their entire lives, they weren't taught how to exercise their soul muscles. They haven't learned true freedom, self-empowerment or soul-empowerment. They weren't given the chance to test their true abilities and limits. They don't know who they are. Soul Depravity creates their rage and bullying; disrupting society intentionally for attention. Bad attention is better than no attention.

Bullying and violence: soul-less traits.

Protesters and rioters only know how to follow and wear helmets. That's not a soul-fulfilling life. Our society suffers from their soul-disconnect. They're about to get much more serious and violent over the next few months. Taught that safety triumphs over soul liberty, living no-risk lives that restricted their freedom, they're uncontrollable now. Who is at risk? All of us.

Once you're 12 years old, you should know how your body works, gravity works, and how to fall without getting hurt. You should know how to take personal responsibility for your body. If you're over 12 years old and wearing a helmet while riding a bike - anywhere - you distrust yourself and live in fear.

It's OK to be afraid. Fear means you haven't exercised your soul muscles yet. Buck the fear. Take risks in life. If you don't "risk it for the biscuit", the biscuit grows stale and hard. Indigestible and unusable. What's the biscuit? Your soul.

Living in a fear-based, nanny-state is not what your soul wants. It's not what any adult soul wants. Your soul wants to feel free, excited, unencumbered. Your soul wants to stretch its muscles. Your soul bucks fear. Your soul wants to risk and test its limits! Your soul seeks liberty. Your soul IS liberty. Why keep your soul in a box?

Wear a helmet when you're zip-lining or bungee-jumping. You probably wouldn't survive a 12 foot fall. Maybe you could. You choose. Using your Free Will. If you're new to snow-skiing or have a handicap, wear a ski helmet. Photo on right: Me zipping in Kauai.

Stop wearing a helmet when riding a bike, horse or rafting whitewater waves. If the outfitter requires you wear a helmet, tell them you'll sign a liability waiver with statement: "Not wearing a helmet. I take full responsibility for my body." Take back your soul sovereignty. Feel free and empowered.

If your 12-year-old is afraid to fall, or still wears a helmet when doing any exercise, teach him/her about his/her soul courage. Train all of your kids "off" the silly safety measures. Train them to take personal responsibility for their bodies and lives.

Stretch your soul muscles. Stretch your kids' soul muscles.

We're about to hit major society tsunamis - this summer through Election Day. A helmet will not protect you. Only your soul courage can. This summer, learn to live without a helmet. Live smarter, braver, stronger - from your soul.

Namaste -

Your Sedona Spirit Psychic

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