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An Easy Pushover

I watched the news last few days. Showing senseless acts of violence cutting through our society in every big city and now small towns like Kenosha, WI.

Criminals burning down businesses, vehicles, cars at a car dealership, shooting people in the streets, burning books, destroying statues and monuments: aggressive murder, violence and mayhem. While police officers stand down or don't show up at all.

These nightly news images of chaos are same I envisioned since Covid flu virus spread fear across our nation and the world. Visions from March and April. Local, county and state Covid restrictions imprison lives of the innocent while releasing violent offenders from jails and prisons. All done out of fear for a virus with a 99.3-99.7% recovery rate.

When law enforcement officials are not allowed to do their job, protecting communities, this is what happens. Murder, mayhem, chaos and anarchy. Our cities and towns lose protection. And become an "Easy Pushover".

An Easy Pushover. That's how the killer of my brother and sister answered, when asked in court "why did you choose that shop? Why commit murder?" His answer: "It was an easy pushover. We cased three shops that day, looking to score money for drugs. The workers at that shop were unarmed. People at other shops were either armed or had workers fixing roofs and stuff. We went after the easy hit. Nobody was around. We walked in shooting. We didn't care."

That's how I see our nation, cities and towns today. An Easy Pushover.

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of my brother and sister's murders in 1988. They were shot and killed at my father's pawn shop in Houston. In cold blood. A senseless act of extreme violence committed by two convicted felon drug addicts looking for money to get high again. They were recently released from Harris County jail due to "overcrowding". Their "rap sheet" didn't show extreme violence: Robbery, theft and credit card fraud.

A few weeks before the murders, I had a dream that my sister was shot and killed at a 7-11 convenience store. It scared me and I talked to the family about it. Around the same time, we were having a family discussion about my brother Mark holstering a weapon. My brother and mom: "It scares the customers. Don't want to wear it." My dad: "It protects the customers. And you. Keep it concealed. But wear it. For your protection and customers."

Well. They took a vote: 2 against 1. Mom and my brother won. Mark wasn't wearing his pistol that day. It was on the wall behind the counter. Not on his body. When the killers walked into the shop that final time, they shot my sister point-blank in the head. Pow. And shot up my brother 5-8 times (pow-pow-pow-pow-pow) while he tried reaching for that pistol on the wall. Our shop and our family: forever destroyed. We were an easy pushover.

Back in the 1990s, I was a crime victim advocate. So was my mother. I attended national meetings about the criminal justice system, gun control, law enforcement's role; how to best serve survivors of homicide and other victims of violent crime. My mom lobbied state of Texas to create new laws and protections for violent crime victims, including homicide survivors. I covered the national scene. My mother covered the state.

In 1990s, I sat on a national panel (NOVA for VOCA), alongside John F Kennedy Jr, his sister Caroline, Jim Brady and his wife. Before the Brady Bill was passed in 1992-93. Graciously disagreed with Brady and his wife. I told my story (part of public criminal court record). My unarmed brother was an easy pushover for criminals to take what they wanted. My stance fell on deaf ears. People are afraid of guns.

1988 and 1989 were the most violent years in our nation's history until this year - 2020. You won't know the extent, breadth of violent crimes spreading across our nation until the all the numbers come in next year. I read local headlines weekly. Whether it's Chicago, New York City, Portland OR, Seattle WA, or Texas - violent crime in our streets and neighborhoods has increased since the "Defund Police" movement.

People are afraid of guns. People are afraid of Covid. People are afraid of losing their liberties, livelihoods, wealth and family members. It's time to prioritize your fear. What's the worst fear imaginable? Losing loved ones to murder and violence. What's the second worst fear? Losing your freedoms, liberties, livelihoods and wealth.

Defund The Police. The most dangerous and stupid "protest" for humanity. Black Lives Matter? Every life matters. Taking to the streets and committing violence is not how Martin Luther King, Jr did it. It's not how the original Civil Rights Leaders in the 1960s did it. Original Civil Rights leaders were peaceful. Not violent.

Violence begets more violence. Contact your local officials to stop the madness. You can fight back against the chaos, anarchy and violence spreading through our nation today. You are not immune. You need to protect yourself. Start with local, city, county officials first. Your life depends on it.

Don't be an Easy Pushover. It increases your chances of becoming a crime victim. And your loved ones. The chances of becoming a violent crime victim today - are FIVE TIMES higher than contracting Covid. And TEN TIMES higher than dying of Covid. Reset your priorities. Your life depends on it.

I receive clairvoyant visions of our nation every day. If people do not learn to defend themselves and speak up to their local officials, returning to law and order - our nation will burn. And it will affect you.

-- Psychic Robin Amanda

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