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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the new biggest thing in our society. Helping you streamline tasks in your personal and professional life. But how does it affect your soul and humanity?

Apple's Siri was the first personalized AI launched to the public in 2011. If you own a vehicle with Voice-Activated GPS or other voice-activated "tools", your vehicle has AI.

If you use Alexa or Google Assistant at home, you're using AI. Amazon uses AI to aid (or manipulate) your purchase decisions. Wikipedia information is now 80% AI-based. Your Google searches are AI-Based. Social Media "bots" are AI. Those "bots" affect elections and politics now - across the globe.

AI isn't really "new". It's more advanced now - than in previous years. And affects every facet of your personal and professional life.

For the last 20 years, the entertainment industry uses AI to create scripts, movies, digital graphics and action scenes. In case you're wondering "why does every movie, TV series or sitcom seem the same?" That's your answer. Authors use AI to crank out books: fiction and non-fiction. - for the last 20 years. Diluting or eliminating the creative process. The end result: boring, cookie-cutter entertainment and books. Dumbing you down; shrinking your soul.

AI dilutes or eliminates the creative process. As spiritual human souls, we're creative beings. We need to expand our consciousness and talents. Learning new things: part of our soul's creative process. AI eliminates that. You can "fake" it until you make it. AI shrinks your mental acuity and soul's desire for expansion.

AI has another major flaw. Factual errors. Historical errors and omissions. Garbage In-Garbage Out. Most students use Wikipedia as "source" for term papers and learning. It's easier than going to the library and reading fact-based books. Wikipedia information proven inaccurate or false 70% of the time. Even the websites for, Encyclopedia Britannica, and The Smithsonian have factual errors.

According to 10WebBlog: "Errors are the biggest fault with AI. Errors in algorithms, incorrect data, uninformed user input." In other words, AI's biggest fault: uneducated bias, unregulated garbage in-garbage out. Lies, omissions, manipulative, controlled "group think."

How do you know if you're getting the best, most accurate information? Use your intuition. Practice using your intuition daily. On small and big things. In your personal life. Your intuition is your soul's voice. If it's a quiet voice, make it louder - with practice and exercise.

Our world likes balance. The more prevalent AI becomes in society, the more important "authenticity" becomes in your life. Seek authenticity. Seek real truth. Reach inside your soul to get answers "is this true or false? Is this real or fake?"

The third major flaw with AI. You lose your privacy, individuality, freedoms and liberties. AI comes with a price. Your personal information. How you shop. What you ask for. Where you drive. What doctors you visit. If you use Alexa, Google Assistant, ChatGPT, Google search, Bixby or Siri - everything you do and say becomes the property of that AI company (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.). Your personal and professional life: no longer private. And those companies can/do sell your personal information - to advertisers, insurance companies, scammers, federal-government entities and other nations. Crazy. But true.

Social Media strips your privacy. Every photo you post on whatever platform - becomes their property. And they can sell your private information. Facebook, Instagram, your cell phone, Youtube, Google, etc. When you play cell-phone or computer games, those games track your web usage too. You sign away your rights and privacy each time you agree to Terms and Conditions. If we want an App, it's the price we pay.

Sub-Flaw of Social Media AI. Criminal activity. Threats to humanity and your children. There's a direct correlation between Social Media prominence and expansion of slave-trade. Direct correlation between Social Media and human-trafficking. Direct correlation with social media and child-abuse; child-trafficking; child-pornography, missing children, teenage suicides, etc.

Fix for that flaw? Don't use Social Media. When searching online, use non-tracking search engines like Firefox or Brave. Fortify your online and cell phone privacy with PCMatic or another security program. Don't use McAfee, Norton, AVG, Avast or Malwarebytes. They don't offer true protection. They store your personal information and sell it. Cell phone use: don't install games or apps that you don't trust. Switching to your laptop for social media posts is probably best. Using your cell phone allows app companies (even games apps) to track everything you do and where you go. Weird, right? 100% true though.

During Covid, social media and government agencies tracked most Americans' whereabouts and online activity. From that knowledge, they fine-tuned their messaging and restrictions. To manipulate and control over 200 Million Americans. And 3 Billion people globally. We learned our private lives were no longer private. Can they do it again? Absolutely.

Might seem strange for a psychic-channel-medium to discuss these matters. Protecting your privacy and spirituality is part of my job. Whether you're a client or not. Beware of things that seem "too good to be true." They probably are.

Certain generations (aged 7 to 35) don't feel the need for privacy - like older generations. They crave convenience and safety over freedom, liberty, privacy. It doesn't make them wrong. They're taught "safety and convenience more important." Wish we could re-teach them. They're most vulnerable to AI's non-spiritual effects: heart and soul. They were most affected during Covid. Reinforcing their soul connection: very important.

Seek and find authenticity. Know your truths. Know your soul. Embrace and protect your individuality and spirituality. Speak up when you sense something is wrong. When your intuition says "no way!", follow that and speak up. Speak up to people directly - who want to control you, your thoughts, actions and soul path. That's everyone's job now.

When you speak up for what is good, pure, authentic - that small (or big) action affects the whole (society). The Butterfly Effect. Defend your soul path. Only YOU can do that.

Sending you Love, Light and Inner Peace while you Walk Your Sacred Path -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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