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Beauty, Peace & Spirit: The Gap


The Gap: Sedona Chicken Point & Gibraltar Rock

The other day I couldn't sleep, couldn't relax, no focus, slow memory. My Spirit Guides-Angels came through to remind me: "You've been on the phone & computer too much. Too much TV, news, technology & "noise". Remove hi-tech devices and access The Gap!"

"The Gap is the window, the corridor, the transformational vortex through which the personal psyche communicates with the cosmic psyche," Deepak Chopra from his book "The A to Z Steps to a Richer Life" (1993).

The Gap is where every authentic psychic-medium goes to retrieve messages for you. It is the space between thought and spirit. It is the invisible link to all things possible. It is where your Inner Peace lives. It is where your true essence lives. It is the space of pure potentiality. Whatever you need: The Gap has it.

The Gap is where your soul speaks. The Gap is where you connect with your soul intentions. The Gap is where you create your next steps in life: manifest. It is where your motivation and your Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones speak to you.

In today's world with constant noise and information from our cell phones, texting, social media, etc., accessing your silent "Gap" of pure potentiality and spiritual connection might feel distant and unachievable. It is not. But it does require focus and discipline. Back in 1993, when Chopra discussed "the gap", it was easier for us to access.

If you're stressed, losing direction, focus, discipline or want to manifest new things in your life: Access Your Gap. "One of the easiest and most effortless ways of slipping into the gap is through the process of meditation. There are many forms of meditation and prayer than can help us to manifest desires from the level of the gap," Deepak Chopra.

Silencing your mind, separating your body from hi-tech devices, turning off the phone, TV, tablet, computer: helps you access Your Gap. Walking in nature, breathing fresh air, looking at a magazine of interesting new things: helps you access Your Gap.

Even Snowflakes & Water Molecules Have The Gap

The Gap is the place where your human consciousness connects with your spiritual consciousness. Being completely still (no thought, no movement) helps you access your pure potentiality; helps you see the beauty in the world, helps you remember who you are.

The cells in our body have a "gap": space of nothingness between the structure. If you've ever seen cells through a microscope, you'll see "the gap." Our DNA strands also have "a gap." In the cosmos, you'll see "the gap" in dark matter and light matter. The Gap is where Albert Einstein "saw" his theory of relativity.

Today we're bombarded by thousands of outside stimulu per second. Our brains constantly soak up information. Our emotions try to keep up with all of it. Our soul gets "numb" from it all. Recharge your soul: Access The Gap. Your soul can redirect your brain and heart. Your soul energy dictates every part of your body! In today's confusing world, access your Gap. Daily. "Reconnect with Your Beautiful Spirit" as often as necessary. That tagline isn't just my business tag, it's a necessity for everyone on the planet at this time.

Want Inner Peace, Beauty, Creativity, improve your relationships with others and strengthen your connection to your Soul, Angels, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones? Access your Gap.

Practice "stillness" of mind and body once a day. You only need about 15-20 mins per day for this ritual. Spending longer than 30 minutes on meditation or accessing your gap - law of diminishing returns. You can access your soul energy, reconnect with your Beautiful Spirit - within milliseconds. You can attain Inner Peace in a split second. 15-20 minutes daily is all you need to stay balanced in this chaotic world.

Reconnect With Your Beautiful Spirit -- stay centered and rooted through the chaos.

Namaste -

Robin Amanda - The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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