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Current Events: Respect.

Today's Blog isn't just about Trump and Thursday's court decision. It's also about Putin, Taiwan, China, World War, Western Media and Intelligence Agencies. Most importantly, this blog is about soul respect, self-respect and how they affect your life, opinions and view of the world.

Common knowledge in spiritual circles: Though Earth is 3rd or 4th dimensional energy, your soul can vibrate up to an 11th dimension frequency while living here. If your soul vibrates at a higher frequency than Earth, you still lower your vibration when it's appropriate. Balancing your checkbook, paying bills or driving requires 3-4th dimension vibration. Relationships work best when you vibrate at a higher frequency. Change your frequencies when appropriate. It's good soul exercise.

Most C-Level executives vibrate at a high frequency (5-9th dimension). That's how they see The Big Picture to strategically plan for their companies' success. Strategic thinking requires a higher vibration. When a C-Level executive uses his/her credit card to buy dinner, that's an Earth task, requiring 3-4th dimension vibration.

The best US Presidents (best for Americans) and other "good" global leaders vibrate at a higher frequency than Earth. So do you - when you practice it from your soul. Most political leaders - federal, state and local - and mainstream media vibrate at a lower Earth frequency. They hide the truth, lie or manipulate you: an obvious sign of low vibration. Your intuition senses it all. Your soul knows, sees, and sifts fact from fiction.

Soul Respect. Self-Respect. They go hand-in-hand. Self-respect comes from your soul. When you hear stories of people rising from poverty or trauma to financial success and happiness, they used their soul energy to do that. They reconnected with their souls where "all things are possible", negated nay-sayers, and just did it. Using their soul energy to raise their vibration then transcending past the pain into pleasure and ultimate fulfillment - soul, heart, mind and body. Combining their intuition with intention, they see fresh opportunities, stretch their soul muscles and rise above it. Living in victimhood is a low vibration. Your soul has all the answers and energy you need to traverse Earth and enjoy it.

When you respect yourself and your life, you respect and honor your soul. You vibrate at a higher frequency. You also respect and honor different opinions. You exude true empathy; seek true understanding.

Ultimately, self-respect is a sign of using your soul energy. Taking care of your body, mind, heart: also signs of using your soul energy. Your soul wants to learn everything, do everything, be everything, love everything (good or bad). A mother's love for her child is a perfect example of this. Expansion: heart, mind, body. Your soul's ultimate desire.

When you're attached to your soul, and vibrating at a high frequency, you see the Big Picture about everything. You hold no judgment, just unbiased facts. You see and know everything.

Current Events. Trump verdict. Anyone praising this decision vibrates at a very low frequency. That's not a judgment; it's a fact. Detached from their soul, they don't know the multi-dimensional repercussions attached to this case. They don't respect their soul energy. They don't know how this verdict affects them - nor laws preventing a case like this from being tried. This case and verdict opens a dirty can of nasty worms. A point of no return bastardizing true justice. People praising this verdict are not seeing the Big Picture. Nor the laws and reasons why no prosecutor originally wanted to try this case. This case and verdict erase integrity in the legal justice community.

I read laws. I read court cases, even Supreme Court decisions and opinions last 30 years. Learned how to do this since my crime victim advocate days in 1990s. Starting then, I also watch think-tank discussions and debates on C-Span about foreign and domestic policies. I love learning and expanding my consciousness, always testing my intuition. I don't watch TV shows. I'd rather watch global parliaments, the UN, NATO, WEF or US Congress debate and discuss things. Since 1980s, I seek to learn about the world we live in - in all its forms and dimensions. While testing my intuition.

Multi-dimensional waves surrounding Trump verdict. Starting with Earth's 3-4th dimension. Trump was innocent. Yet convicted of something that most politicians and leaders do. Convicted based on manipulation and pressure from political opponents and media, Over 65% Americans support President Trump. They will vote for him. The only way to stop that: throw Trump in jail. Attacking, jailing and erasing a political opponent: that's what soul-less bullies do. What we witnessed during this trial is what 3rd-world, non-democracy nations do (e.g. Iran, China, North Korea, Cuba, Argentina, Angola). The United States of America was founded on spiritual principles to prevent that. Yet, here we are: a point of no return. Our justice system severely damaged. We learned a judge is willing to bastardize the laws and integrity of the court. Laws no longer matter. You're no longer protected by legal precedent or laws. If someone doesn't like you, they can sue you with no cause and win. Chaos is underway.

Higher dimension results. The past, present, and future occur simultaneously all around us. Accepting low-vibration outcomes (e.g. Trump trial and Covid restrictions) affects our "field". A society constantly accepting low vibration outcomes stunts spiritual growth and reverses the universal energy "field" (or God) of "all good things possible". While the "field" adjusts, uncertainty and chaos fill that void. That's how I know horrible chaos is coming. I'm strongly connected to the universe "field" for more than 40 years.

When Covid chaos hit and lasted 2-3 years, the "field" took a big hit. Energy waves larger and deeper than Indonesia tsunamis and almost on par with Big Bang Theory. People accepting low-vibration outcomes and rules affects the field like that. Many people are still recovering from Covid chaos: heart, soul, mind, body. Recovery will take another 2 years. Meanwhile, more chaos coming this year.

Current Events. The US government is forcing Russia, Iran, China to start a war. Our active participation in Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan, South China Sea, Indonesia, NATO, EU and Hamas-Israel war, destabilize the globe. I don't know why our intel agencies, US Congress, and WH want war. I only know they do. We give more money to fund non-essential wars than to our police, the war on poverty and fentanyl tragedies killing over 150,000 Americans per year.

Russia doesn't want war with the US. The US started this fight in 2014 when we created a coup in Ukraine. If Ukraine becomes part of NATO, world war has begun. Putin said this in 2014. The US government provoked it. Not Russia. Russia has the support of China, Iran, Turkey, and several Central and South American countries. Plus Cuba and Haiti. We are 100% in debt as a nation - our tax dollars funded wars and illegal immigration instead of necessary infrastructure like bridges, roads, highways and our electric grid. Our grid is vulnerable. Our military strength is gone. Our governments are bankrupt, unless taxes rise to refill the coffers. We're ripe for a takeover.

Cold Civil War. We're in the middle of a US civil war. Battle lines: where you get your news. Whether you know truths or manipulated by fiction. Spinning at a higher vibration helps you: heart, soul, mind. Helps you see above the chaos, see the Big Picture and strategically navigate very rough waters ahead. Lowering your frequency when necessary - rescues you.

Irony. For last 30 years, I hear people say "I don't get involved in politics. It's low-frequency energy." Their lack of involvement got us where we are today.

If more high-vibration Americans got involved in politics, politics would exude a higher vibration. As US Founding Fathers intended. I was involved in politics since my family tragedy in 1988. Saw firsthand how high vibration energies transmute low energies in politics. We need more high-vibration folks in politics. In 1990s, politics vibrated higher than today. We're conditioned to stay away from politics. "It's bad energy." Today, politics is horrible - divides and offends.

If high-vibration Americans got involved in politics....Cold Civil War and possible Global War wouldn't exist. We would be a prosperous, diverse, stable, happy nation today. Covid chaos wouldn't happen. Depression, addictions, suicides, Big Pharma deaths would rarely exist. Our entertainment (Hollywood) would be as creative, light and inspirational as 1980s-1990s.

If high-vibration Americans got involved in politics, each of us would feel brave and courageous, speaking our truths without fear of persecution or offending people. Transgender, anti-humanity stuff would not exist. Fear of future that troubles every American now - wouldn't exist.

Politics affects you - whether you participate or not. It affects your daily life. Each time gas prices rise, that's politics. Usually the result of increased tax at the pump or politicians' insider trading. Each time you see a Tesla or EV vehicle, you partially paid for that. While your food and life costs rise. Your politicians used your tax dollars for EV subsidies, senseless wars and bioweapons. Without your knowledge or approval, your tax dollars pay for things that work against you. Including Trump trials. Politicians rule you.

Politics is a low vibration because you didn't bring your high vibration to politics. Absent your high vibration, energy and attention, the world spins at a lower frequency. That's what we're seeing today.

You affect more than just your daily life. Your energy and attention affects your home, your loved ones, your town, your nation, your Earth, and the universal field.

Respect yourself. Honor your soul. Raise your vibration. Spread your Light. Share your truth. There's only one YOU. What you do this lifetime, affects the "field" of past, present, future. What you do affects everything. Start with self-respect and soul-respect. They automatically raise your vibration. A win-win for you and everything else.

Namaste -

Robin, Your Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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