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Everything "Channels"

Let's get back to basics. The Science & Spiritual Communities agree on many things.

  • Everything is energy.

  • Multiple Universes & galaxies exist - with life inside them.

  • Each living cell has a consciousness. On Earth & elsewhere.

  • From an amoeba to your vehicle to stars and planets.

  • Everything communicates: symbiotic relationships.

  • Water & Ice have a consciousness we can manipulate through thought

  • and feelings. (Dr. Masaru Emoto Water Consciousness).

  • Earth was created from chaos to bring order.

  • Other Planets & Universes exist that our equipment cannot detect.

  • Time Travel exists. Using a different frequency or "channel" of consciousness.

  • Worm Holes, String Therapy and Relativity co-exist with our 3rd-5th

  • dimensional plane of Earth.

  • To fully understand the world we live in, we need better tools & theories

  • to identify and detect things we cannot see, touch or smell.

    • You consciously use 15-20% of brain power. The other 80-85% keeps working. Click Here.

In other words, everything around you - from the air you breathe, clothes you wear, chair you sit on; to your dog, cat, outdoor plants and mountains in Colorado - communicates with you and other species through certain channels of consciousness. Using parts of your complex brain, you can communicate (talk & listen) to anything around you.

Everything around you communicates. And you can communicate with it. Using areas of your brain you rarely (if ever) consciously use. ESP, telepathy, and psychic-medium channeling use frequencies that open your mind to other beings' consciousness.

When I channel for clients, I use different areas of the brain than most people. Does that make me different? No. You have the same ability I do. You simply need faith, belief that you have them.

If you own pets or animals, you witness and participate in this "other consciousness" communication. We often think our dogs, cats, horses can read our minds - or even speak our language! They read our energies (aura), intention and consciousness. And we read theirs.

Pets provide a great example of "Everything channels". Some of you may remember my Border Collie "Zoe The Black Coyote." We communicated by telepathy most of the time. When working with office clients, hiking Red Rocks of Sedona or traveling in/out of hotels. She loved riding up/down elevators.

When we traveled, I rarely spoke to her. We communicated with our minds - telepathy. When I worked with clients providing Reiki-Energy work or psychic-medium services, Zoe provided her energy and consciousness to clients. She was my "work partner."

I owned horses since age 4. Could ride them using telepathy, with no rein pressure and eyes closed. When my consciousness was focused, it was pure pleasure and bliss. My horse and I were "one." Through my thoughts, my horse & I communicated beautifully. Without a sound or rein/leg pressure - turning right, left or speed up, slow down, etc. It was pure bliss. That type of unity and intimate connection with another living being. When my mind wondered off to a non-horse thought, my horse would get startled and go a different direction. Why? Because I stopped our "channel" of consciousness. Just one thought "off line" would change everything.

That's not just a horse or animal thing - it probably happens to you in everyday life. Horse and pet telepathy is just an example of how we "leave the reservation" when our thoughts or focus change. Usually instantly.

I often say & believe: "Our faiths & beliefs dictate our life." When you have beliefs and faiths that expand and adapt to your inner and outer environments, they are solid beliefs. You're able to see the world in a broader way. When you see the world in a broader, more expansive way, you understand that everything channels. And you use your Soul Power to control your life experiences and external environment.

With proper practice and techniques, you can move energies around you. By speaking to anything around you on their unique "channel" or frequencies. You can even change the weather. It's all about frequency, barometric pressure and your faith, belief in YOU!

Everything around you channels. You can communicate with anything in your environment. Simply be still and listen from your soul. Have faith. Test it. Every one of us was born with the tools to modify, manipulate or control our physical environment. You can also change your circumstances. Stick to using telepathy with your pets. That's the easiest way to re-learn your skills.

When learning anything new, start slow. Choose "low-hanging fruit". You can't learn calculus until you know basic math and algebra. Remember everything around you channels. Talk to trees, clouds, etc. Use your magic. You were born with this magic. You simply forgot.

In the Bible, it says you were created in God's image. Understanding how your consciousness can communicate with other species: another example of how you are an image or instrument of God. You have so many powers and gifts within you. You know this. This is a great time to develop them, if you haven't already.

Happy Channeling!

Robin - The Sedona Spirit Psychic-Medium

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