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Full Moon Manifesting & Winter Solstice

Manifesting changes in & around your life is a natural human ability. You truly have the ability to create events or experiences you want to have. Believing you can: that's the 1st hurdle. The 2nd hurdle: choosing what you want to attract or remove in your life. Choosing carefully. The 3rd hurdle: Having faith that it will happen. Having faith that God or your Angels heard you. The 4th hurdle: Being patient and letting the Universe or God fill in the details.

Great manifesting power belongs to you now through January 6, 2022. Especially during Winter Solstice (Tuesday, Dec 21). Now is a wonderful time to build on your dreams - no matter how improbable or impossible they seem.

Caveat - be careful what you wish for. Manifesting embraces both attracting AND removing something in your life. To the Spirit Realm (God/Your Angels/The Universe or Multiverse): removing and attracting are the same energies. Negative and positive hold the same weight and energy. Unlike our Earth-bound limitations of good vs bad. This is why HOW you think - good or bad - dictates your life path.

Before cementing your desire(s), sit in the silence of your Being. Block out any distractions. Listen to the rhythm of your heart beat. Lower the volume. Dig deep within your soul & heart. Pull out the golden morsels that resonate with your Higher Self - those ideas or events that ignite your heart's passion, your soul's purpose, and flood you with inner peace & fulfillment. Those golden morsels belong to you. They've always been yours for the asking.

How do you know if your desires are "golden morsels" from your soul? Your heart sings when you think of them. When you imagine your life with those "golden morsels", you feel happy and excited about your life. You feel positive emotions attached to that event or experience or person.

Take those golden morsels that you feel most excited about, and put them on a plate. Write them down! Make it simple. Ask the Universe (God) to assist in attracting (or removing) them into your reality. The Universe (God, your Angels, The Multiverse or your Higher Power) will take care of the details. The motto "The Devil is in the details" rings true for manifesting. Stick to the bigger picture: the morsels you want. Let your Angels and God handle the details.

Promise yourself that you'll remain open to receive those morsels and say "yes" when they appear in your life. No matter how impossible or improbable they may be. Detach from how you SEE they will appear in your life. Attach faith that they will appear, no matter HOW they appear. This part is as crucial as the other "manifesting" parts. You will succeed at attracting what you want. Don't fail by saying "no" when "what you want" appears; just because it appears in a different way or appears later or sooner than you imagined.

This last step: Promising you'll receive the morsel no matter how or when it appears - extremely important. Example. I'm a very good manifestor. Sometimes I fail that last step. Because the "golden morsel" appears later than I wanted; or differently than I imagined; or I lost faith that it would appear at all! So when the morsel appears, I say "no". Later - in a few days, weeks or months - I see it! And regret it. Because the timing is gone. The opportunity has passed. The window closed. And I must start all over again. Then I doubt myself; which restricts my ability to re-manifest it!

So - staying open to receive the morsel no matter how, what or when it appears. VERY IMPORTANT! Stay open. Let God and your Angels take care of the details. All you must do: Have Faith and pay attention every day. So you don't miss it!

Miracles will happen.

Here's an example: How to Manifest. This example covers the "attracting/attraction" side of manifesting. Let's say you want to attract true romantic love in your life. Maybe you're single, divorced, or married - to God and your Angels it doesn't matter which. You use the same "love" energy to attract love no matter if you're in a relationship or not. Time doesn't matter in the Spirit Realm either. So it doesn't matter how long you've been married or single or divorced. Time is irrelevant.

First. Believe you can manifest this in your life. Believe your Angels/God will help you. Don't doubt your ability to manifest love in your life. Don't doubt your Angels' ability to bring love in. Don't doubt your ability to attract, keep and sustain love in your life. Know you want it. Know you deserve it. Know what you bring to a relationship. Know that you're worthy of love. Know you can love. Know why you want love. Remove all doubts. Be very honest about who you are: the good parts.

You're attracting. Attracting is a positive force. When attracting, think positive. Feel positive.

Second. You've chosen what you want to create. True, romantic love. Ask yourself what that means to you? What does it feel like? How does it look? What feelings surface when you think about it? Imagine it. How does it feel? True means an honest, monogamous love. Is it also reciprocal? Since you're manifesting something that involves another person - how do they feel? How do you feel about each other? How do you want them to feel? How do you want to feel? Why is love important to you? What does love mean to you? Why do you want it? Do you also want the other person to feel true, romantic love? Feel it. Dissect it. Chew on the entire concept until you FEEL LOVE. This could take a few days or just 15 minutes.

Write it down. "I want true romantic love." Simple. The simpler your "morsel" the better. God or your Angels will fill in the details. Stick to the main essence. They'll take care of the rest.

Third. Have faith. Have faith that you chose properly. Have faith that God &/or your Angels heard you. Have faith that you deserve it and it will come to you. Have faith that your heart and soul will feel wonderful. Have faith that love will appear in your life.

Take small steps toward it. Sow the seeds. Know your efforts will reap the desired results. If you're single, go out in public more. Join dating sites, get noticed, date people. If you're married or in a relationship, do nice things for your spouse that you know he/she will appreciate. Practice "love" as if you already have it.

Fourth. Be patient and open. Let the Universe or God fill in the details. Release your attachment to "how, when, what". Stay open to receive the morsel no matter how, what or when it appears.

Fifth. Pay attention. Live in the moment. Say "yes" when it happens. Be aware - it may not happen EXACTLY how you imagined. It may happen even better! No matter what you're manifesting. Detach from how you imagine it. Stay open to receiving it and saying "yes" - when it appears.

That's it! Simple, right? So often our Angels and Spirit Guides say: "Why over-complicate things? Tell us what you want. And we'll bring them to you! Make your life simple."

Look at your "Manifesting" List often. Once or twice a week. To remind you what you wished for. Until that morsel appears.


If you're single, maybe love happens slowly over time. You start spending more time with one person. The immediate physical attraction may not be there, but you really like him/her. The more time you spend together, the more bonded you feel. Then suddenly, you wake up one morning and say "I'm in love!"

If you're in a relationship or married, and there hasn't been a spark in a while, or you have trust issues or other "deal-breaker" issues. You love him/her. But you don't feel "true romantic love" anymore. Maybe you rarely speak except to say "what time do you want dinner?" Or "when are you picking up the kids?"

Give it time. Let your Angels/God take care of the details. They heard your request. They know what you want. Stay open. True, romantic love: Maybe your spouse starts doing nice things for you - out of the ordinary. Or your spouse remembers something you wanted 2 years ago and gets it for you. Without you saying a word. Or you're both at your favorite restaurant and your spouse sits next to you instead of across from you - or holds your hand in public. Your spouse starts acting in loving ways that you haven't seen for a long while. Since you were first together. No nagging was necessary. You manifested it. With the help of your Angels/God.

During this time of year, miracles abound and anything is possible.

Happy Solstice Manifesting! And Merry Christmas!

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Your Sedona Spirit Psychic, Robin Amanda

Sedona, AZ

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