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Good v. Evil War

The following is channeled information from High Level Angels & Light Beings. For the General Public. Received Thursday, Dec 12, 2019 after Full Moon rise.


The battle between Good & Evil in the Heavens "fully planted" on Earth in December, 2012. This isn't the first time you've experienced it. Most souls currently on the planet have gone through this war on Earth before: 90% of you. You're tough, gentle, naturally intuitive.

Belittling traditional Faiths and those who believe and practice those Faiths - a weapon of Evil. Unsubstantiated fears, bad information (lies), press propaganda, drug & other addictions, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, countries in chaos - across the globe: Evil weapons in this war.

Reincarnation rarely exists now. People/souls are not returning to Earth as in past. Including pets & animals.

Don't panic! It's not gloom and doom. You're fully capable of riding this huge spiritual wave. Battle of Good vs. Evil isn't physical. It's metaphysical. Knowing fact from fiction; Good from Evil; right from wrong; real fear from fake fear; living life "in the Light"; revealing your Inner Light; repelling Evil; strengthening your Faith in yourself and God (Higher Power): your main goals and defense during this "war."

Evil wants to control you and pack you into a generic fear-based herd like cattle, controlling every action you take, across the Globe. Stripping you of choices. Evil feeds on fear; uses unsubstantiated fear as a weapon to control you. Evil wants you afraid of yourself, the world around you, the Earth you live on, and people who believe differently than you. Evil uses fear to control souls.

Good wants you free to express yourself; "be you"; make your own choices, expand your self-empowerment which expands your happiness factor & soul connection. Test your talents. Respect your uniqueness; respect other people's uniqueness.

This is an "Unseen" battle for your hearts, souls and minds. Recognize and repel ideas, lies, fears and ideologies hellbent on controlling your soul & life on Earth. Rejoice in the individual. Not the collective (collective consciousness).

Judgment rules people's lives now - more than ever. People judge too much. Judgment is a product of fear; limiting thought and action. Tolerance and Acceptance heals that. Tolerate and accept a person's individualism, views, beliefs, talents, self-expression, soul-life plan. You can respect and accept someone for who they are - without believing everything they believe. Respect differences. Unite in mutual understanding, mutual respect, new knowledge, true facts and basic morals.

Light repels Darkness. Darkness shrinks under Light. Know the difference between Light and Darkness. Keep your boundaries strong. Filter out darkness from your life. Use your intuition to discern and choose actions to create a meaningful life. That's what this war is about.

The Angel Realm and other "Light" Realms are well-prepared for what is happening in the "heavens" and on Earth. We knew this day would come again: when Good v. Evil war would "plant" on Earth again.

The Earth battle divides every nation in the world - not just the United States. Battlefields include every city street; every local, state and/or national government; social media, regular media; individual hearts, minds and souls.

Jesus Christ returned to Earth a few years ago. Other ancient prophets also descended onto Earth. Christ is keeping a low profile at moment.

"Good" won the war before. Good will win again. Your souls remember, even if you intentionally black-out those memories. Past Good v. Evil wars were difficult. This one will be easier. Your soul will know what to do and "when" to do it.

Arch-Angel Michael is not available to individuals at this time. He's busy battling Good v. Evil War on a larger scale. When someone claims to channel "Arch-Angel Michael", they're not channeling him. They're channeling an Angel on Michael's "Earth Army". The person channeling "Michael" isn't wrong or bad. You're getting the help and protection you need. We guarantee it.

You don't need Michael's ultimate power unless you are possessed by true evil or fighting true evil. Summoning Arch-Angel Michael to help with personal life challenges: same as calling Seal Team Six to help extinguish a stove fire. Hierarchy of Angels exists for a reason. Michael, his Arch-Angel Lieutenants, and his blue flame protecting Earth from powerful negative entities 24/7 now.

Caution: Unfriendly, negative entities are attaching to innocent human souls. If you sense or encounter unfriendly spirits in your home or around you, find professionals with at least 15 years proven experience to extract or remove them. Please do not attempt to remove them on your own. It's too big a risk.

Do not lose faith in a benevolent, good "God", Higher Power or supreme spiritual being(s). Faith means "knowing" without physical evidence. Faith is part of your Intuition, your Soul Voice. When you strengthen, fine-tune your Intuition, Faith automatically follows. Faith makes your life easier.

Every time someone loses Faith in God or a Supreme Being, that person disconnects from his/her soul and "home." Result: feeling lost, abandoned and disillusioned. Opening the door for Evil to enter. When Faith is restored, your individual soul feels connected, balanced and expands again - attracting graceful, fulfilling, "Light" life experiences and people.

Listen and use your intuition (soul voice). It's your best defense and greatest muscle. It filters fact from fiction in half a millisecond. Know your true allies: friends, family, neighbors, colleagues.

This will not be a short war. We're slowing its progress. Please enjoy your lives. Make the most of every day. Create the life you want. Stay in positive "Light" without faking it. If you feel negative or sad, fully feel it without escaping from it. Negative will pass quicker that way. "Fake it until you make it" won't work. Be true and truthful. To yourself and others. One major "Good" weapon in this war: Honesty. Truth is your protection.

More help exists in this war than wars past. You're not alone. You have Divine help. Millions of Angels surround your planet, protecting geographic regions and individual souls. Arch-Angel Michael is one of millions Angels battling this war.

"Evil" screams louder and acts out more often when Light & Good is winning the war. Lies, deceit, fake people and ideas propagated as "true" or "fact". Signs of Evil. Even US Impeachment process: sign of Evil. Impeachment accusers using trial to hide their treasonous acts. Evil exists in every area of human life.

Know that God, Angelic Realm, other "Light" Realms, Jesus and other Ancient Prophets watch and protect you, the Truth and Light. They've been battling Evil all around you without your conscious awareness for a while now.

Evil tactic to control global population/masses: Man-made Climate Change. It doesn't exist. Tactic to control you, your behavior, create unsubstantiated fear, create new "collective consciousness" leading to One World Order. It's a lie. Do not fall for it. You're not destroying Mother Earth (mining, fracking, carbon emissions, plastics, waste disposal, wars, etc.). You aren't that powerful. Solar Cooling Period: reason for weather changes, huge storms, floods, fires, etc. Happens every 200-500 years. Earth is a living, breathing soul - just like you.

We're protecting you. Each one of you. We support the individual; not the collective. We're shining Light on Darkness. Shattering false paradigms. Question everything around you - except YOU. Your intuition and soul know what's true and false.

Train your brain: remove worry, self-doubt and unsubstantiated fears. Your brain is a muscle. You control it. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. That's your soul "base".

While your heart, soul and mind are being tested, wanting to "escape" is absolutely natural. This is a metaphysical war; an unseen war. You may want or act differently than before. Be careful using alcohol and drugs (prescription & other) to "escape". Dulling your senses dampens your awareness. Practice moderation. Current drugs (Rx & other) manipulate your brain, heart, body. Changing your DNA. Be careful.

Escape through exercise, laughter and fun will help you most. Be around people who make you laugh or smile. Practice gratitude. Imagine The Best! Imagine Light all around you. These practices naturally release fears and anxiety. Anxiety, fear and stress: symptoms of this soul war.

Heart-centered energy surrounds Earth now. Use it! Find things, people and life experiences that make your heart sing. Have fun! Feeling free and joyful: your best fuel during this war.


At least The Angels ended on a high note, right? One message repeatedly given to me last 15 years: "Stay Calm. Don't worry. This ain't your first rodeo. Nor anyone else's. Everyone is playing their roles perfectly."

Namaste -

The Sedona Spirit Psychic - Robin Amanda

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