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Integrity defined by Webster's: "adherence to a code of values."

What do you value? What are your code of values? Honesty, compassion, being civil, understanding, knowing right from wrong? These are just a few values you could have. Many exist.

Some folks don't adhere to the values they set for themselves. This separates them from their soul and decreases their "aura" energy frequency.  

Practicing integrity in our daily lives - aligning our actions with what we value - raises our frequency and keeps us connected to our soul energy easier. Integrity helps us access our Intuition easier too.

Since like attracts like, when we act based on our values, we attract & manifest more of what we value. We attract what fits in the "my values" box.

Integrity and values translate to "Walk Your Talk." That translates into a higher energy frequency you "walk" in. Using physics, when you vibrate at a higher frequency, you attract only those atoms/molecules/people/things/experiences that vibrate at your new high frequency. You attract what your frequency resonates. Opposite applies too. If you vibrate at a lower rate, you will attract what vibrates at that low frequency. Exception: If you attract a "lesson" that is a low vibration. If this occurs, swat it quickly with your high frequency! When we vibrate with a high frequency (walking with our integrity and our truth), low vibration experiences or people last very very briefly.

Ultimately our personal integrity actions create a frequency that reaches the external world around us. Live by example. Set an example for you and others. Walk your Talk; act on your values. Lead by example.

What do you value? What are your values? Are you aligning your actions with your values? Small, solid baby steps will take you there. If you already "walk your talk", fabulous! Keep it up!

---This message brought to you by Angels who hover & protect us all on Earth.--

--Robin, The Sedona Spirit Psychic

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